Why you should report a scam to the Better Business Bureau

Who else should you report a pet scam to?

September 30, 2017
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Why should you report a scam to the Better Business Bureau?

report-a-scam-to-the-Better-Business-BureauThe BBB – Better Business Bureau is a private organization whose stated vision is to provide: “An ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other” and its mission is “To be the leader in advancing marketplace trust”.  The intent is for consumers to have an unbiased source to guide them.

To file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau click here:


To be convinced of why you should file a complaint, continue reading……

Complaint investigations.

The BBB investigates and compiles evidence of every type of scam and is an authority on the subject.
It works with the information that you, the consumer, reports to it.
Pet scams have been around for years (I came across them over 10 years ago) but have never been as prevalent as they are today. If 90% of the people who have been scammed by these scams do not report  them then they will never get the attentions they deserve.
Until this scam is exposed for what it is it will continue to defraud consumers.
By reporting a scam to the Better Business Bureau you help to create a better picture of who this scam targets, how much money the scammers steal and what resources the scammers are using to scam.

You may have been targeted, you may have lost money but by reporting these scams you are making a positive step towards  stopping these criminals.

How to report a scam to the Better Business Bureau

  1. Go to https://www.bbb.org/scamtracker/us/reportscam
  2. Complete all the information as fully and accurately as possible.
    Take your time on this and read the instructions.
    For “Type of Scam” use “Online Purchase” or “Other”.
  3. Click the “Report Scam to BBB” button.

Other places you should report Pet Scams to:

File an investigation with us

Your local Law Enforcment

Your bank or money transfer company


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What to do next?

As well as reporting this to the Registrar it is very important to report this crime to your local Law Enforcment. We have compiled a list of Law Enforcement agencies worldwide.You can find a link (here) as well as reporting wire fraud using money transfer agencies (here).

If you live in the US it is important to report this scam to the BBB. Click here to see why. As well as the Better Business Bureau you should report this crime to the Federal Trade Commission. See Here

26 Responses

  1. https://maltesemode.online/puppies-for-sale/
    Beware of Maltesemode online. $820 for a maltipoo puppy including shipping via plane from Texas to CA. I thought it was too good to be true so I did some research and found reviews saying they’re scamming people for $820. I was emailed and text by a guy called Paul 432-426-6190 pdeloach83@gmail.com Claiming puppies are crate and potty trained, great condition with microchip vaccinations, dewormed, socialized.

  2. Do not use https://www.purebredakita.com/. This Mr. Frank has claimed that we would receive a refund of $699. We also ran into the suppose shipping of the crate and was told we would need more money to ship the supposed puppy. We declined and demanded a refund. No refund 3 days later. The same number is being used as I see on others comments.

  3. Do not use https://www.purebredakita.com/. This Mr. Frank has claimed that we would receive a refund of $699. We also ran into the suppose shipping of the grate and was told we would need more money to ship the supposed puppy. We declined and demanded a refund. No refund 3 days later. The same number is being used as I see on others comments.

  4. I was solicted for a Samoyed for $699 from “Frank” at Snowwater Samoyeds
    same address and phone number as Elisa Mulvey (above) mentioned
    sounded fishy so I Googled the number and address, found this website.
    Real breeders are FAR more concerned about who’s buying their precious baby than about what payment service you must use. ???

  5. A person named Haris Kum is using my physical location as the place where puppies are supposedly being picked up. His email is okiscol28@gmail.com and his number is 434-879-1962. People are driving over 4-5 hours to get here only to be devastated when I tell them there are no puppies here. They already have paid for them or at least put money down. I am unsure of the website because Im just going by what the people have told me. He said he had pure bred Pomeranians for $450.
    THIS IS A COMPLETE SCAM. I have filed a police report.

  6. I was scammed by Robert Aristide.
    10136 Ballantine street
    Houston, TX 77075

    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS GUY. He claims he can ship samoyed puppies for free and then will try to gouge more for crate deposits. Then when asking for a refund, he drops off the face of the earth and blocked our number.
    He works with another fraudulent “transport company ” called unitedexpressshippers.com.

  7. Theschnauzers.com

    It is a complete scam, same story here, they offered the pet for $500, which I paid under the agreement that the pet was going to be delivered to my house for free,
    I got an email from the shipping company saying that the dog was ready, and that I needed to pay $1000 to get the right crate for the dog, they said it is totally refundable, then I contacted the seller via email, and told him I have no such money in my account and that he needed to be responsible for it, guess what, they never answered back, since I asked for my money back, never got anything back,
    Now I am filling a dispute in my bank and also contacting the police department,

  8. I saw the person on Instgram selling micro teacup puppy with their info and website. I went to checked out the website and leave my contact info. They message me and told me that they have the puppy that I’m looking for and sent me the picture of the puppy. they told me that they are a small family owned breeder and sold the puppy to me for $500 plus $120 for shipping. He told me that I have to do western union so he can get the money. I was a little scared about wiring money to western union so I kept telling him is not working cause I did it online so he finally told me to paypal him so I did paypal him and his advised for me to pick “friend/family” that way you don’t get charge from paypal. He told me that once I do that he will ship the puppy out to me right away. so I did that and guess what? No puppy were shipped out. He even sent me an email with a tracking number from Transvel Express. so the next day I got the email from “PET DELIVERY” telling me that I had to pay $450 through western union and I will get my money back up received the puppy. The seller didn’t pay for the insurance therefore in order to ship the puppy I have to make the payment. I contacted the seller and told him that’s not my responsibility to pay that insurance to ship the puppy because it was never told up front that I needed to do that. so he said he will take care of it. Supposedly the puppy supposed to be shipped and on it ways to me on that same day. Then guess what??? I received another email from the “Airport Pet department” saying that I have to pay $1,111 because the puppy didn’t past the check point and it needs it shots etc…. and if I don’t pay I will get in trouble with the law and their will be a lawsuit file against me for abandonment of the puppy and I will have to pay a lot more money. once I paid it will be fully refunded back to me once the puppy delivered to me. I contacted the seller and asked him what’s going one he said that I have to pay otherwise there’s a lawsuit that he’s going to file against me for neglecting his puppy supposed to be in KS right now. So I decided not to pay and it has been about a week now and still no puppy. Then this Saturday a Shipping company called me up and told me that I have to make the payment he has the puppy and if I don’t pay the puppy will be ship to the animal carnitine and I will get in trouble and there will be a lawsuit against me because the puppy are under my name. He make me do western union, TIA, etc… all the agencies that wire money there is out there to wire the money supposedly to their head courter. Then he said that I had to pay 375 for the pet hotel cause the puppy was there for a week. He said once paid the money will be fully refunded back to me once I received the puppy and the puppy will be ship out right away. so I paid and he sent me and email with the airline info of when the puppy going to be land and deliver to my house. I waited all night and nothing so I contacted the shipping guy and he said the puppy is in transit in Taxas and it will get to me the next day at 12pm and I need to be home if I’m not home when they deliver the puppy they will ship the puppy back and I will get in trouble and will be fine with a lot of money by the law. So I took a day off from work and waited all day. Our house even have camras to see who comes in and out. so after 1pm I contacted the guy from shipping department and he said that they delivered the puppy to me and I was not home. I told him that I was home all day and I took a day off to wait for the puppy. Now he said that I had to make another $455 in order to get the puppy because the puppy is still in Texas. now I know that I have been scammed. it just really crazy that they would send you email and call you and act like they are from the shipping.

  9. stay away form USBESTCORGIPUPS(.com). they claim their dogs have all the health checkups, AKC papers, crate/potty trained, vaccinations, dewormed and are socialized frequently. also claimed that they can get the dog to me by plane and home delivery.
    I sent an email asking for more info on one of the puppies and when they got back to me i felt like i was reading their ‘about us’ page. they also included pics of the dog as well as questions about me and where i live.
    from the way the email was typed and the questions they asked, it put me on edge. so i decided to call and see if talking to a person would put my mind at ease.
    it did not.
    the guy didn’t know why i was calling until i said one of the dogs name.
    i was told that once payment went through(zelle) i would be contacted by a shipper company and the dog would be delivered by any means.
    by that point i was sure they were not a legit breeder. They called me a second time asking if they payment went though. I told the guy i was no longer interested and he immediately got defense and tried to guilt trip me into believing i had ignored his calls and texts and wasted his time.

    site : usbestcorgupups.com
    email : info@usbestcorgipups@gmail.com
    phone : (804) 719-3619

  10. I got scammed by the by Binda Sama. Naxwelghcorgihome.com. Phone # 484-604-0732
    Binda Sama
    428 Taylor Rd, Exton, PA 19341
    Email eveynemoorl@gmail.com
    Email belong to Cyrille Ngong
    The account is Bank of America
    600 Peachtree St NE Atlanta. GA
    Do not send money to this person.

  11. I was trying to find a Shih Tzu puppy. Following sites are scams: lovelyshihtzupuppieshome.com, purebreedshihtzus.com
    Asked for money in advance, did not accept to pick up the puppy myself. I did a search on google and found both sites reported as scams several times.

  12. Do not buy a puppy from trusted Labradors it is a scam, very bad one. Do not trust United Petsafe Shippers they are also a very bad scam.

  13. Be wary of Classy Poodles. I thought their puppies were priced too low but inquired. I got an e mail to continue the process but I e mailed back that I wanted to visit and see the puppy. They refused to provide location and said it was none of my business. Almost certainly a scammer.

  14. I also got scammed my name is Paul or Amazon bird the company they were using was Avian Farms the person’s name was Alexander email Alexander 335 @gmail.com phone number +19144884319-+19372474729 was reported reference numero 94239516 -94340195 reported to the Federal Trade Commission FTC would also want them to shut them down thank you and if you can post all this so people can see it would be great and also post that nobody should be buying pets in other states I know it’s posted on some of the websites but they need to bring them out some way so they can get our attention thanks so much have a great day.

    • Hi Paul,
      Could you let us know the domain (as in somedomain.com) for “Avian Farms” that was used by the scammer?

  15. Fantasticyorkiehomes.com
    I reached out to this website to buy a puppy by filling out the form. They wanted me to pay for the puppy upfront with amazon gift cards. I said this is sounding fishy. They said okay pay two hundred of it and then pay the rest when you get your dog. They told me I should be more trusting. I sent them the amazon gift card back which had to be opened up with a receipt from the store. I took pictures of four of them. Then on the day that the puppy was supposed to arrive they sent me a picture of a ticket from the carrier. But when it came to shopping they said I needed to pay another 600 or the animal could not be released. That was for pet insurance. I told them it was not my problem and they needed to pay that. They said they didn’t have the money and to just send them 150 more I wouldn’t do it. What tipped me off was that they sent me an email from United pet carrier service which had threats in it that said if I didn’t pay it was considered animal abandonment and it was a federal offense. He said to call United pet carriers to release the animal and when I called there was someone with a thick accent. I looked at the phone number and realized that there was a plus sign before it. I was not dealing with someone from Virginia they were from Central America. I told them that I would not pay more and to show me a picture of them with the pet. I told them I don’t think you even have the animal. They said that it was being held at the desk. Once they realized that they weren’t going to get money out of me they said sorry we can’t give you the pet if you won’t pay and therefore there is nothing more to say.
    After all of this I looked up the company who owned the website and found they owned two pages of websites that were all kinds of porn sites all over the world. Danesco trading Ltd. is the main company name and you can find the listing of other companies they own and websites samesites.com. That is where you see how obvious it is that these people are scamming people in a lot of different industries. If I can help in any way shut this company down online I would because this is not just about 200 this is about millions when spread out all over the world. I am wondering if the hosting company is contacted if the main website could be taken down because they are being malicious.

    I still have their number and saved the whole text message just in case I needed to turn it into authorities. +571 336 6912
    Let me know if there is anything else I can do.
    Sent from my iPhone

  16. Do NOT use Jeris Maltese Puppies. Clams to sell an AKC registered puppy for $500 that has been micro-chipped, vaccinated and comes with a months worth of food and toys. Only to have the shipping company contact later and say the dog needed travel insurance of $1120 and then also the crate was not up to code and needed to rent one for $1250 all of which will be refunded when the dog is delivered. BULL. Every bit of this was a scam that he used to take advantage of my mother.

    • Hi Lori,
      I would VERY much like to know the website (domain) used by “Jeris Maltese Puppies” as well as the website used by the “shipping company”. It would be great if you could help with that.

  17. Do NOT get sucked in by a website named GOLDEN PUPPIES HOME out of Columbus, OH. Say they’re selling Golden Retrievers at a discounted $600.00 plus an extra $100.00 shipping fee. Claim to have all the bells and whistles, i.e. Health clearence, AKC papers, crate, kibble, vaccinations, dewormed, socialized with everything from dogs, cats, birds, kids, etc. They also claim that you can have your dog withing hours or a day or two from payment. Goes by the name of Michael Olivieri.


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