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Our Mission was created with the purpose of cataloguing the latest websites built by scammers. We aim to cause as much disruption to their activities as possible. deal only with "paid for" domains like ".com", ".net", etc etc. Scammers can spend a considerable time and effort to create and publicize these websites. We find that many people do not know how or who to complain to in order to shut them down.

For this reason, we do not deal with Facebook pages or Craigslist adverts as there are already well documented methods of shutting down these pages.

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Report a Pet Scam!

Someone" is responsible for reporting fraud websites.
That someone is you!
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Email the Registrar

Each article has a button to send an abuse report. 
This is sent to the Registrar of the domain.
If a Registrar receives enough abuse reports they will shut down the offending website

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Share it!

Why should you share information about a scam website? 
Scammers try to keep their websites secret but publicising them can save your friends from being scammed

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Search Our Database

Our entire database of scam websites can be searched using the  search form below.

If we have information on the website that scammed you please file an abuse report to the registrar by clicking the green button at the bottom of each article.

If the website you are searching for is not in our database and you think they may be part of a scam network, please contact us to investigate.


Most Commented Scams
Pet Scam
24 shares519 views12
Pet Scam
24 shares519 views12

paulb - Jul 02, 2017

Scam Alert. If you're searching for a pet online, then you could fall victim to pet scammers like
Pet Scam
7 shares404 views11
Pet Scam
7 shares404 views11

paulb - Jul 10, 2017 are criminals. Their aim is to steal your cash. They will lie, they will tell you sob stories, they will send you pictures of adorable animals - anything to get your money!

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