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212 Responses

  1. Please beware of they are a scam!! I have already reported them to the FTC & BBB! They scammed me out of $500, the website looks legit and I was convinced I was getting my daughter a new puppy, however after I asked for additional pictures of the pup with my daughters name written on it before sending the rest of the money the emails stopped. My daughter is devastated and so am I.


    I didn't lose any money or send them any data – I was suspicious from the get-go. They were far too cheap for MAS. Also, MAS have a higher demand than supply, so how could this breeder have a bunch of show-quality dogs? Usually they all spoken for before they are even born. (Also, I realised later, docked? No!)

    The temperament described also didn't make sense. And sometimes they said the dogs played with their child, other times their children.)

    I did message them and they said they were all still available and provided shipping, but they claimed the same rate regardless of the location – even overseas. That simply is impossible. They didn't even acknowledge whether they'd avoid measures to stop the dog from being quarantined.

    Couldn't find them on the AKC database. To be fair, I couldn't find previous reports that they were a scam, but when I asked what they did to ensure a dog wasn't put through quarantine they never responded, so, I think they realised they were caught out, or the information was so based on automated responses their software couldn't cope with that!

    • Oh, also, I forgot to mention: I also started doing a reverse-lookup on the images, and I didn't see any absolute results but I did find one or two where the images were associated with other breeders, and one had been removed entirely.

      I've been mulling over getting a dog for about two years now – my own retrievers died nearly ten years ago, and if I don't find a compatible rescue MAS are my top choice because I exercise much more than I used to, but I also want a dog that I can pick up if it becomes necessary, say it hurts its paw on the trail. As much as I love big dogs, I decided a smaller build would be a wiser decision.

      Anyway, I'm in no hurry, I'll find the right dog when I find the right dog – more time, more supplies. But I can't imagine how horrible it would be to think you were getting a companion and instead be out hundreds or thousands of dollars that could have been spent on your best friend.

      • Ah, so they moved from German Shepherds to Australian Shepherds and changed their email, but otherwise, it's the same game. It's so hard to be sure you're finding a genuine breeder during a pandemic – can hardly go anywhere without a 14-day isolation period. Definitely need to set up video chats with people if you don't know them previously.

  3. is complete scam! It’s based in Oklahoma City Ok # 409-339-0851. Beware! They are only accepting payments from Zelle, cash app, Walmart and rite aid. All untracked. I called and asked for their vets number since they kept stating their puppies were vet checked and health guaranteed. The man said his wife was a vet. Then he got angry when I asked for references and hung up on me. We were about ready to send the money, when I got this horrible feeling about it. Trust your gut and don’t let a cute puppy face deter your inner feeling. If the website doesn’t have past puppies, or pics of mom and dad, and if they don’t accept PayPal. It’s a scam!

  4. Unfortunately my husband was scammed for the purchase of a doberman puppy. I tried to tell him it did not seem right. The puppy was 6 hours away and the seller said they could ship to my door for additional $70. I sent the money. The next morning I was contacted by the shipping company and was told I need to send $1500 or $1800 for a air conditioned crate. I refused and told the buyer we would come and pick up the pup and she said we could not do that.

    • I reached out to buy a Chow chow from Andy's chow chow. I got suspicious when they said they could fly puppy to me same day and to pay $500 for flight/puppy etc. They asked me to pay via zelle which I did, but luckily my bank had cancelled the transaction and flagged the account as fraudulent. He asked me to go to a cvs/Walgreens and buy a $500 amex gift card and send him a picture of it with reciept. By this pint I was very suspicious. I asked him to take a picture of pup with my name on a piece of paper next to him. He said he couldn't as dog was at the 'restroom', I asked what same day flights he was thinking of shipping the puppy on and he said 'he couldn't disclose that information without payment.' Again very suspicious as that isn't really critical information. He then harassed me for amex information for a few hours and I said I would give it to him as doom as hot the picture. He got very angry and told me to trust him and said he needed it immediately to book flight and transfer ownership. He never did produce any proof that the puppy existed and was on his custody, the address he provided was bogus, and they say registered with AKC which I could not verify. Someone needs to shut down this site. When I said I can wait a few days until he could provide info, he said he found new person within 5minutes to purchase puppy. This is obvious puppy scam and hope you can do something about it. Thanks Vanessa

  5. in Australia have just scammed us in New Zealand. They seemed really legitimate and we even signed a contract. We paid the money over and he said he never received it. We checked with the Bank who said if there was a problem the other bank would have been in touch. Then we found he had taken photos from other breeders in the US and Australia.
    We we sent an email saying the photos didn't had up and he better pay up all emails stopped. I have not emailed him again. The bank is taking steps to get the money back. We just don't want anyone else to be scammed.

  6. is a scam! I reported it this morning so hopefully it makes the list here shortly. They scammed me out of $630 this week for a Boxer puppy. I started feeling uneasy as soon as I sent the money and should have known better! They claim they're out of North Carolina, their phone number even is a NC number but nobody ever answered the phone when I called. They'd only communicate via email and text message. The emails they sent sounded so professional until they slipped and sent me a text telling me to email a certain address for the Saint Bernard Puppies, and I KNEW. This website is also associated to them. Man I wish I would have found this website sooner.

      • Please add the domain myminiPomeranian.Com to the spams list. His name is Dave Miller and he reports to live in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He scammed me in. I paid $600 for a mini Pomeranian everything included delivery. The day of puppy delivery to my home, I got a mail from a shipping company name- global shipping company asking me to pay $1500-$1800 for puppy’s electronic crate, food and water? I called him back and I have no response.
        Trying to get my puppy or refund back..hopefully someone can do something to stop these kind of fraud

    • is a total scam!! They cheated me out of $400 "deposit" for a yorkie pup in California. I was in communication with them via Instagram as I came across the same website: and Was looking to adopt a Yorkie. I was nervous but felt comfortable as their website seemed real until I came across the first comment. I brought it to their attention and within 20min of me bringing this website up and seeking clarification of the negative comment, the other 2 users posted their “positive” reviews. They claimed the original person tried to scam them by not funding the app, yet presented a receipt. Although they were respondent, they insisted on only accepting CashApp Which does not guarantee the purchase. They claimed Zelle had been maxed out on limit and would not accept to meet in person. I repeatedly asked for other pictures or videos of the pups, none were sent. When asked to make a smaller but reasonable “Deposit” To hold the puppy then pay full upon Yorkie pick up they agreed to 50% and given a residential address. This made me feel better and I erroneously agreed to proceed. I sent them the money, then immediately they prepped me to add more money to app and would contact again. I felt uneasy about the transaction the moment i sent the money and really should've known better. I took a closer look at their website and none was listed. Reviews are copies from other breeder website like Hopefuldreamsfamilypuppies in NY! I filed a fraudulent claim with my bank. Will report them to BBB, IG, and any other places I can warn people. Don’t fall for the same mistake I made. Fake info given was (559) 856-1442 Address: 13680 White Sail Dr. Victorville, CA. 92395. CA: $frenchi0012 Name: Shavonne King

  7. is a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not go here to get a puppy! They will steal your money and you will not receive the puppy that you wanted. They will send you a ton of videos and pictures of the puppies but do not be fooled, THEY ARE A SCAM!!!

    • Were you able to get your money back?
      How you noticed it was a scam? Did they mentioned problems with the shipment?

  8. We got scammed by

    My friends and I wanted to get three puppies from them – we paid a total of $2695. It turns out to be a scam.

    Now we are wondering what should we do NOW? Feel so hurt! There people are so bad! NO words can describe them!

    This is the address they posted on their website –
    1419 Westwood Blvd
    1419 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024, USA

  9. DACHSHUND PUPPY AVE / DACHSHUND PUPPIES GROUP on Facebook. Found the perfect little dachshund puppies for sale. Chatted with someone through Facebook messaging. Worked out a deal on price of puppies including delivery. We had offered to come pick up the puppies for a lower price, but they didn’t go for that. We were chatting from about 10pm until 1am. We’d agreed on terms, but it had gotten so late and we wanted to complete the zelle transaction in the morning. They tried to hurry us up last night, “oh, but it won’t take long and we’ll walk you through it!”, but they finally agreed to wait. Contacted them this morning, again on FB messenger, and asked if we could call them to ask a few more questions. Suddenly their friendly demeanor took a turn…they were upset that we wanted to call them on the phone…said he didn’t have his phone with him and they were at the park…I asked if he could call me when he got back to the office, but he accused me of wasting his time, saying they weren’t “slaves” and they could’ve sold the puppies for more money and not wasted time, that the dogs needed to all “leave together” to be delivered. His tone got so ugly, I said we no longer wanted to do business with him. He called us incompetent and broke. LOL. Well, we’re not as “broke” as he is…we still have our money! Anyway, AVOID them. SCAMMERS.

  10. Stay away from, located somewhere in Oklahoma. I purchased a puppy from them and used Zelle to transfer the money to him. I sent to him a confirmation of payment as instructed. According to my bank he completed the transaction the very next day. He was supposed to get back to me with the delivery information of the puppy – that did not happen. I emailed and called him several times, but he never replied to me. When he did answer the phone, he was very rude, and tried to tell me I didn’t reply to him, and I did not pay him. He is a liar! I have documentation proving he was trying to contact him. Today he answered the phone, and when he realized who I was, he hung up on me. Then somehow he immediately had his phone number disconnected. Now all I want is my money back! Again, stay away from this website!

    • Do you still have the phone number he gave you? I'm currently looking for a min pin and really don't want to lose any money. I want to research everything

      • Hi Kerry, I can answer that to you without you need their phone number as there are simply too many pet scams out there to note down. The best advice is – "will they have a live videochat with you where they show you the puppy before you put down a deposit?" If the answer is no, then chances are it is a scam.

  11. I just bought a puppy and I searched up the name and a bunch of scams had his name “Ivan Cooper” I texted him to FaceTime and we are in an hour. Hopefully this isn’t a scam but I have a feeling it is website:

      • Hi Maya, the best way to make sure is to organise a Facetime or similar video call. If they refuse to do that then there is a high chance he's not legit and you would be better off buying somewhere else.

      • Hi is it any way you can check I emailed about a puppy a few months ago and was told they’re not old enough to sell. Someone texts me today and said I can buy today and it will be shipped today. I told my aunt the good price and she said she wanted one and seller gave better price. My aunt said make sure it’s legit find out about payment transaction. She requested a zelle and I contacted zell who said it should not be used for purchase. I explained this and asked if she would be willing to send an invoice through PayPal and the crone changed in the message. She doesn’t use PayPal and offered to take a deposit instead of $900 upfront . She said she was a God fearing woman who would not do anything to jeopardize her business and that maybe true, but after a past experience and reading this thread not satisfied. I’m so upset over this , and that’s how I found this site. I decided to get the zelle and say my aunt doesn’t feel comfortable with the transaction just to make sure I’m able to report it if I’m able to confirm it is a scam. [email protected]

        Name: Shon Burke This is the email sent to me for the zelle and the phone number is 559-601-0188

        • Hi Shazzadi, yes from what you have said its a scam, Zelle+”god fearing woman” are typical things I see in petscams. Couple that with advance-fee payments. The website was also made last month too which is very typical of pet scams. The very easy way to prove it is ask for a videochat with them where they can show you the puppy. Of course there will be an excuse.

      • Hi is it any way you can check I emailed about a puppy a few months ago and was told they’re not old enough to sell. Someone texts me today and said I can buy today and it will be shipped today. I told my aunt the good price and she said she wanted one and seller gave better price. My aunt said make sure it’s legit find out about payment transaction. She requested a zelle and I contacted zell who said it should not be used for purchase. I explained this and asked if she would be willing to send an invoice through PayPal and the crone changed in the message. She doesn’t use PayPal and offered to take a deposit instead of $900 upfront . She said she was a God fearing woman who would not do anything to jeopardize her business and that maybe true, but after a past experience and reading this thread not satisfied. I’m so upset over this , and that’s how I found this site. I decided to get the zelle and say my aunt doesn’t feel comfortable with the transaction just to make sure I’m able to report it if I’m able to confirm it is a scam. [email protected]

        Name: Shon Burke This is the email sent to me for the zelle and the phone number is 559-601-0188

  12. Stay away from found a pup. Texted them. Sent 309 for down payment and then 400 to have him shipped. He never came. They have several names…Kelvin Myers and a supposed wife Katherine. Brodrick Cook was also a name in the mix. Numbers..18136703655 and 16122042170. Please dont fall for this.

    • I wish I would have seen this before I was scammed out of $1000.00 I am pissed off to the max.

  13. Stay away from Eva Mini and Giant Schnauzer website
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: +1 (405) 562-6129

    They are crimes. I lost $3400 and never get a mini schnauzer that they were advertising. Initially they asked $700 (including shipping.) They were accepted only American Express Gift cards. Then they told me that I need to pay them $1500 for Thermal Electronic Crate urgently needed for the puppy safety. The email stated that 90% of this amount will be refunded after the puppy arrival. In addition, they told me that the puppy needs to be insured, otherwise the shipping company, Trans Pet Ways, will not be able to deliver it. They requested to pay $1200 which will be refunded upon arrival. Unfortunately, only after that I realized that I became a vicim of a pet delivery scam. The “sellers” had a heavy Indian or African accent. Their website is still on and they continue their criminal business.

    • Stay away from Email: [email protected]. Supposedly in Oklahoma but once they get in contact with you, they say they ship from Charlotte, NC. Puppies are suppose to be reduced to $600, plus $250 for shipping with nanny flight. Way, way too cheap or teacup and miniature schnauzers. It’s all a big scam!!!! Thank goodness that I came to this site before sending money!!!!!

  14. The scammers advertised a puppy on I liked a cavapoo and called the seller Harris. His email is [email protected] and phone number is 9177910354. I paid $350 (50% )of the fee as a part of advance payment via venmo. He said he will ship it and that the delivery agent will contact me. The delivery agent texted me using a fake company website the tracking information. After I confirmed my shipping address and gave the go-ahead, the agent called me saying I should rent a dog crate before they process the transport. They sent me a list of dog crates to choose from. They said the rental fee for dog crates are 100% refundable. When I checked the link to select the dog crate I was surprised to find the rental fee as a high as $2800. When I refused to pay the crate rental fee they refused to transport the puppy. It was then that I got in touch with the seller and questioned him about the dog crate and he also insisted on renting a crate. I refuse and said I am cancelling the order and asked my money back but the seller said he already spent the money on paper registration and transportation. When I insisted further he hung up the phone and now doesn’t answer my calls. I am thankful I got scammed only once for $350.

  15. Contacted Lina Karllson from her post for a puppy ad. I texted (213) 275-4464 2132754464.She sent emails through [email protected]. All seemed well we came upon an agreement to pay $450 via Zelle (to email [email protected] Name:Gray Mark) to ship a puppy to us. I was going to pick it up at the address: 5110 Lundblade Dr, Eureka, CA 95503. But decided to have it shipped. They said it would go through Petsafe which looked like a real valid pet shipping program. After we paid their shipper sent us a an email ([email protected] ) that asked for us to pay for a ventilated crate and vaccinations which would cost $1050 they also gave tracking info and a website (fake) . This raised the warning. I had searched for information before on the details I provided but could not find anything. When I Searched for I found a website that listed exactly the scam they were running on me. I then confronted the scammer and they got defensive. I have stopped all communications with them. Filed on and Zelle report.

  16. Please avoid and another one probably owned by the same people;
    Dog for Homes scammed us out of $750 for Denali (who is still listed on their web site)
    On the day she was suppose to be shipped they demanded another $500 for a special carrier (that is bogus)
    Please do not fall for their scam like we did, we are so mad, disappointed and heartbroken at what they have done!

  17. is a scam. Once they get your initial payment and give you a bogus contract with what turned out to be a bogus address, on the day the dog is supposed to be shipped, they ask for $1500 more for “refundable insurance” and climate controlled crate. Completely insane. Can’t believe we fell for it, but the initial email conversations and detailed many pictures of the dog were rather convincing. Our 10 yr. old daughter is emotionally devastated and we curse the scammers to burn in eternal flame. The name on the contract was Stefan Colden (probably fictitious, too). The payment was made electronically to [email protected]. But that may not be real name, neither. Just wanted to list these in case someone googles the keywords.

  18. Stay away from They also have a FB Page – African Grey Parrots home. If you communicate with them via Messenger, they will work with you to select a pet. We lost $650 for a parrot. They also tried to scam us for an additional $485 via a courier Service Fidelity Express.

  19. is a scam website. They reported had sphynx kittens at 50% this week. They asked for payments through cash app or Zelle. Their Cash app account name is Berg Marie. 859-888-3189. They said they were from Lexington, KY and the address provided on the shipping information was:
    Berg Marie, 160 Old Georgetown St. Lexington, KY 40508. I paid an extra $150 in order to have the kitten shipped to me. I had never used anything like that and was really nervous about it, but second guessed myself. I knew for sure the issue was a scam when I received an email from the shipping company stating I would need to purchase pet insurance for $850 through bank to back transfer or through Zelle, Cash App. When I asked for them to send me the account names, they were not business accounts. As I looked closer at the email, I could see grammatical mistakes and I knew it was weird that no other professional form of payment was accepted for this.
    ZELLE: [email protected]
    Darien Nunnally

    CASH APP: $priestoo
    Ojo Emmanuel

    I am sad we didnt get the pet we wanted and we were scammed. Such a double whammy!

  20. My daughter was scammed out of $560 from alluring yorkies .com the young lady by the name of [email protected] claim to work there and promised to ship a yorkie from Texas to Chicago through the airport we report her through her bank and other websites to dispute the money back but they have to do a investigation people out here is desperate for money

  21. I’ve found some pet scams on…I’m trying to get them blocked from advertising on

    Please beware of

    The one I almost got scammed by is claiming to be in Tatamy PA, but there’s no listing of them in the Tatamy PA Business listings, nor in BBB, nor in the Mainecoon Breeders listing by state. I have turned them in to but still don’t see them listed as scammers.
    They are offering to sell a full blooded kitten for $400 USD + $200 USD for shipping.
    They only accept payment by Zelle or Cash App, which are known to be used by scammers to receive payment for non-delivery fraud, specifically pet scams.

    Additionally, I have found other advertisers on that are listed here on PETSCAMS website (trying to get them blocked from advertising on Kijiji as well). and

  22. I got scammed for $300 from Super Shih-Tzu
    The guy goes by Rodgers Darryl says he’s in Raleigh NC
    Talks a good story
    He emailed me after I asked for information about a puppy
    It makes me very Leary of who is a genuine breeder

  23. is a scam. They scammed me out of $500 via Western Union and wanted additional $650 for insurance on the puppy. I told them that I have no additional money wanted a refund of $500 which they promise within 24 hours but never happened. Called and text many times but no return calls/text. The web site needs to be blocked with criminal charges. I have reported to FTC. Please help in closing this web so no more victims.

  24. hello i think i got scam bec facebook said Pet Available for adoption and i found out number is 237 is scam and i look up for global pet service said its scam pay though by world remit i paid fee etc 1900 dollar and i suoppse to get puppy in jan 19 but we in march never get it … so it’s scam and see email for [email protected] or from pet travel agency specialists Mrs claudin moore and email is [email protected] name is fonjack fotabong smac and other email is [email protected]

  25. is a scam site. I inquired about a kitten on their site and their answers seemed odd and cold in the emails. I was doing some research and found the actual breeder site that they took the information from (ex: their story on how they come to breed Russian Blues was almost identical except for a few information like the husband’s name and how big their land was-6 acres instead of 13..). I contacted the real site owners just in case and she said she was aware of these kind of sites. They copy and paste her story and pose as a legitimate site to scam people. It’s so sad that people do this.. smh.

  26. Newest Scammer site almost got me.
    Don’t get hustled friends.
    Made calls to local businesses in that area with the address said there isn’t anything about of near by

    1079 4th St Crescent City, 95531 CA


    Find below my Zelle address details for your payment of $850 for Sweet-tart with delivery.

    First name: Bryant
    Last name: Okafor
    Email: [email protected]
    Amount: $850 USD
    Description/Reason for Transfer : Sweet-tart
    Service: Zelle Payment

    Please when you are done with the transfer payment, do take a screenshot of the transaction and send me a copy.

    Thanks and waiting


  27. Please beware and help make this viral. Was scammed and lost a lot of money


    You pay for the puppy and send a contract and everything. After this they ask to pay for a cage because your puppy might die in the cage they provided, after this they ask for insurance and you never get your puppy and lose all your money. They tell you that your money is refundable on arrival yet the puppy never arrive

  28. Cooper’s Kittens Farm –

    The website was registered less than 30 days ago, yet they claim to have been in business for many years. There are zero reviews online that can be found on this operation. Facebook and Instagram pages that are linked to from their site go to some random (fake) girl’s pages that has no followers or pictures. The web page also has multiple grammatical errors. They call themselves “COOPer’s Kitten Farm”, but the URL is “”. They say they specialize in the sale of healthy kittens from certified breeders, with whom they have enjoyed long-standing relationships but they claim that their kittens are born in their bedroom on another page. They claim to be TICA registered but they are not listed on the TICA website. Tons of stock images used across the website. All exif data (meta data) has been stripped from the pictures sent of the cat that I inquired about, most likely in order to conceal when they were really taken, what camera was used, any potential geo location, etc. No physical address listed. BEWARE!

  29. BEWARE!, and their “shipping partner”
    We were trying to get a puppy for our kids for Christmas. This guy (DEREK HARDINGE) advertised french bulldogs on his website and I contacted him through his site. He responded and told me he had a female puppy available and advised me I could pay for the puppy and shipping through Zelle. He was a registered Zelle user so I stupidly sent the money ($1190). He contacted me to set up shipping through a shipping company he told me has used for 4 years, Global Shipping and Delivery Inc. They emailed me on Wednesday and said due to the extreme cold the puppy would need a thermal crate to be safely delivered to our area. I checked with the seller and he assured me this was normal so again, I stupidly sent $1429 by MoneyGram. The next day I had another email saying the puppy needed health insurance to travel safely and when I balked at this, clearly thinking this was nonsense, they told me I was responsible for the dog and it would likely die in the airport if I didn’t pay the money. So again I sent the requested $1590. Each of these shipping related fees I was told would be refunded in full when the puppy was delivered Thursday night to our house. They made another attempt to extort money at which I said that’s it, no more and this is obviously a scam. We never received the puppy of course. Derek then said he would refund my money in full and go after the shipping company, which of course has not happened. Any attempts to reach them have gone unanswered. It seems to me Zelle and his registered bank account should be able to track down who he is since he is defrauding people of thousands of dollars. I contacted zelle and they said they would file a complaint but so far nothing has happened.

    • my God!! I was only scammed $405 and am sick over it!! horrible people out there, absolutely horrible. I am so sorry this happened to you

  30. Beware of Purchased a maincoon kitten from them for $499 during a promotion. Everything seemed legit until at the last moment when everything was verified and ready to ship, I get an email saying that the airlines had changed the type of carrier the cat could use on the airplane. Now I needed an electronic thermal crate because the weather was changing and the animal needed more protection. They did not sell the crate but I could “rent” it for a variety of prices depending on which one I picked. Of course the higher priced one would be much better. The price for rental was between $1500 to $2900 and I would be reimbursed 98% of the rental when the cat arrived at my door. Thankfully, I did not go any further. When I asked for my money back due to their 30 day money back warranty…crickets, no response.

  31. I wanted to buy cat and came across this website

    There you can search country and cats for sale category.

    I contacted several seller and they all move moved/ relocated to other countries. They offered to send the cat with delivery agency.

    I’m glad I have found this petscam website, as I read on, I realised I have experienced the same pattern. Lucky I haven’t bought anything yet.

  32. Hi, just wanted to warn everyone about I communicated with them via email quite a bit and they seemed legit (very convincing emails, etc.). Although a couple of red flags are they never answer their phone and do not accept payment by credit card. Only Zelle bank transfers. Once I paid for a puppy all communication stopped and I realized I was scammed out of $600. I have reported them to their domain host and IC3, but want to warn everyone to be very careful as these thieves prey on people’s heart strings. Best to always go in-person to purchase a pet! Never online! Beware of those that don’t accept alternative methods of payment and only want cash or bank transfers.

  33. Check into selling puppies. They got offended when I asked them for validation and references. They also sent me pictures of puppies that I found some of them were stock images on the internet. Some pictures have an electrical 220 wall outlet in the back ground. You don’t have those in the US. They sent me a pic of someone’s California I’d card and they claim it’s them. But the website and the person texting me have way to many in consistencies. The way they text I can tell they are us english as a second language. This person actually told me to have a little faith. I said why I don’t know you ,send me some references.

    Anyway the are most likely a scam.

    • Hi Matt, does not seem to be an active website. Can you check the domain the they are using?


    [email protected]

    Ph: 17578999287
    Ph: 13614410347

    Names: Gardner Tryson
    Names : Richard liffton

    Address: Virginia, Virginia Beach Zip Code 23452
    325 Caren DR

    – Global Delivery Services

    They claim a pet insurance is needed and they will ship a puppy to you. LIES!!!!
    They have a huge operation and it is a huge scam. Took my information created a western union account and scammed me! BEAWARE.
    ALWAYS CALL & SPEAK TO THEM!!! They clearly were Nigerian and the numbers have no voicemail.


    Thank you,

  35. BEWARE!.. WAS SCAMMED BY Silver Valley Schnzuzers!! web: http://www.silvervalleyschnauzers, name: Clinton Andala, Phone: 919-780-8824 email: [email protected] !!!! We sent $680 to this Clinton Andala,. But, then as they were scheduling the shipping details, something was off, the person whose name the gave us for the pet transportation was a ‘Thomas McBride’!! ..the email was in broken english and when i called Clinton, he answered, but didn’t say he was with silver valley, he has a very thick accent!

  36. Hilton Schnauzers, and Silvervalleyschnauzers. Com are both scam sites also. We were about to send the money when my husband got a weird feeling. When I started looking more into it I was relieved for us figuring it out before sending them money but sickened that these people are doing this. Im now researching more and seeing most of the sites that are popping up by doing a Google search for puppies are scam sites!

  37. is a scam! They claim to be breeders of English bulldogs, but there are no pictures of the sire and dam. If you look closely at the puppy pictures, they all have different backgrounds. There are no pictures of the puppies together. There are cute pictures of puppies in a child’s arms but they are not the ones for sale. There is no information on the website regarding the location. Indicating to me that once they find out where you live, it will be necessary to “ship” the puppy to you.

    I got scammed for 1,000 dollars. They claim to carry great dane puppies. I thought it was real because they made me pay by Zelle and looked real. They say they include crate and travel fee…. which is when I started to raise an eyebrow and started searching. After sending the money and speaking to a man by the name of Dennis on the phone I found their same pictures on a scam website by the name of Its actually the same website they just switched the name to HILTON GREAT DANE PUPPIES! They said they were from Michigan but their phone number said Overton, TX. In the process of getting my money back trough my bank. PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND REPORT THEM ASAP!

  39. Well… I’ve been scammed…
    embarrassed to say how much.
    Sent money to Gilberto D Vasquez
    MUFG Bank
    Lady was named Kim, her husbands account… supposedly …
    I was just stupid.
    +1 (323) 498-4529
    Got a video of our future Pomeranian and every thing …
    if anyone has a lead or hint or where this thief is, would be great.

  40. Please beware of they are scammers selling french bulldogs I thought I really did my homework thought because they went through Zelle or google pay it was legit. However, I received a contract which really looked believable so I sent 900.00 through google pay. The scammers received an email stating that money was sent but emailed me to tell me to confirm the payment with google before they would release the money. Well they never reached out to me to authorize confirm anything. The scammers got the money as I went back to their website went over everything with a fine tooth comb had a bad feeling tried to stop payment through google pay the way you can reach them is by filling out a dispute form and I contacted my bank to stop payment and they told me I had to wait until Monday. Although I tried to end the payment but nothing I did worked. I will be calling my bank on Monday and I sent a dispute claim with google because I was never asked as a first time user did I authorize the charge.

  41. I was searching the internet to purchase a French bulldog puppy. came up with several testimonials that were very complimentary of the breeder. I completed the Contact form which was included on the web page and Shane contacted me. After a lot of back and forth emails and texts, I decided to purchase the puppy for $550 + $150 for transporting the puppy by air with a nanny to the Richmond International Airport, Richmond, VA. I transferred the money to Shane via Wal-Mart2Wal-Mart on September 18th. On the morning of September 19th, I received an email from the supposed transport service (TF Flying Pet Nanny) stating that in order to ship the puppy, I must first send them $915.00 for required “Refundable Pet Insurance”. They advised that upon arrival of the puppy at the airport, I would be reimbursed 95% of the insurance amount and they would retain the remaining 5% as a fee for handling and processing. It was then that I realized that I had been scammed. Attempts to reconnect with the breeder, Shane, resulted in him stating that he was unaware of the change in the Pet Nanny’s policies and offered to pay 1/2 of the $915. Of course, I declined to do so and requested a refund of my $700. Of course, I heard nothing further from Shane.

  42. Pal Shiba Inu Puppies. It’s a SCAM! It all seems legit until shipping and then the red flags came out. If a pet shipping company ever tells you that you need to purchase a special kennel, it’s all crap. Planes already have pressure and climate control in their cargo areas. Don’t buy into it.

  43. For weeks, I have been emailing back and forth with a woman by the name of Marina Christela ([email protected]) and she had been wanting to get rid of these goldendoodle puppies that she could no longer keep. We only had to pay $440 for the puppies to be shipped, but we asked if she could cover the shipping til they arrived and we would reimburse her. She offered to cover $150 of the payment, which was a good sign that maybe it wasn’t a scam. However, when I asked to see updated pictures of the puppies and photos of their vet records, she would avoid the questions and dodge any kind of answers. I used the pictures of the dogs she had sent me through email to do a reverse image search on google and I found that they were from a breeder’s website. So I emailed the breeder and inquired about the dog and it seemed like a scam. Then the shipping agency (americanairlogisticsmovers) contacted us and my parents believed it was legit so they coughed up the remaining money to cover their shipping. They sent us a flight number and confirmation number, but then a few hours later, they were demanding that we pay an additional $650 to cover the puppies’ insurance costs. They told us that if we did not cover the costs, we would be accused of abandonment and abuse of the puppies as they have already been flown to an airport somewhere. They assured us that we would be refunded the $650 once the puppies arrived and that if anything were to go wrong, we could sue them. Thankfully, we thought better of the situation and decided not to pay the additional insurance cost.
    Our family is absolutely devastated and heartbroken, as we had been searching everywhere in the country for affordable hypoallergenic dogs because the youngest child in the family is allergic. Now we are out $290, and extremely disappointed as well.
    Their contact details are as follows:

    [email protected] (person posting the ad)
    [email protected] (email for “shipping company”) (URL for “shipping company” website)
    1(406)219-8055 (phone number for “shipping company”)

  44. is a scam. Photos from Google Images used on their website as well as photos from Thinkstock used on the whatsapp profile. Goes under the name of Lisa from Upington and they “deliver” pets worldwide… Address furnished belongs to someone totally different in Upington.

  45. our scammers go by the email…[email protected]
    money was sent by Western Union to HALEY TARRAN for:
    LANSING MI 48910 USA

    Hope this generates some results because we feel so taken right now.
    Because my husband is a retired vet we feel even more violated by this.

  46. Is there possible that we can get that money back? Has anyone ever succeeded? Please tell me how to do that, I called the police and I think it’s not working…

  47. is a scam.. AJ Aristide is the contact name and contract name.. phone number is +19034885370.
    I was looking at a French bulldog pup.. he asked for $500 up front, and the other $350 24-48 hrs after shopping confirmation.. never asked for more money.. Delivery agency sent confirmation email with flight info for delivery.. no dog.. delivery agency listed is American United Pet Delivery.. These people play it all the way to the end.. I was in text communication as she was supposed to be in the air..

  48. This so called breeder has scam written all over it. After inquiring about a puppy and answering the so called “breeders” questions he agreed to sell me a puppy. However when a asked for additional photos of the puppy and a phone number where I could reach him, he became hostile and said he refused to sell to someone who didn’t trust him. Why would I trust a guy I don’t Know? Also the way the emails seemed to be written by someone who talked like English was a second language.
    [email protected]

  49. Please know that is a puppy scammer. The mule in this program is Ivan Cooper ( he has a very heavy accent from regions close to India)and his associate is Larry James. Both show to have an address 18323 Marcella Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 44119. The photos of his wife and him are fake holding the puppy you would like to purchase. They use a Google phone connection that requires you to identify yourself as they screen all calls. Apparently the phone number is also available by text…440.644.0746. I have corresponded many times with Ivan. They like to use Walmart2Walmart money grams, and PayPal. Once they have your puppy money…about $650.00 they immediately send and email identified as This is to inform you that the puppy can not be transported for various reasons and requires puppy insurance…the insurance company is not identified and cost additional $1,350 claims to deliver to your home address and the insurance is 99% refundable. The tracking number will show Ivan Cooper and that the transport is pending the insurance payment. Ivan will make every attempt to even split the cost to capture additional monies. Also he will provide email addresses as referrals these are fake as well and only one will respond and say all the right things. Please note the emails: [email protected], [email protected]. Steven responded, but not anymore. Everything about this is total scam or fake. I have all the documents to prove my statements. I was able to recapture my monies in time. Please post this as soon as possible.

  50. Please beware of this website: It is a scam.

    My husband and I thought we were purchasing a Scottish Fold kitten from these people. Needless to say there was never a kitten in the first place. Beware of sending any money to Bryant Okafor or his partner in crime Alexander Gunther. Address given is: 1001 Lincoln Ave, Charleroi, PA 15022.

    • Thank you Diana. We will be creating a separate warning for scottishfoodandsphynxkittenshome . com

  51. check websites carefully. The pups are so cute and you want them to arrive safely. Be sure it’s legit before sending money. If they request more money it’s a scam


  53. Just had a run in with a scammer with pet shipping called, they scammed my mother out of $300 to get 2 puppies. She is heartbroken and defeated over this ordeal. It started with a craigslist ad for 2 puppies and she said that we just needed to pay the shipping. The guy I spoke with was rude, nasty, and condescending. I tried to tell my mother I believed it was a scam, but she wanted the puppies so badly. She was outside all night waiting for them. It’s horrible what these people do. Watch out!

  54. Please stay away from Mrs Lucy Bessem ([email protected]
    want to sell jack russell puppy
    she telling that she will “send” the dog by a very serious transport company, and that you will receive a “confirmation email” from [email protected] that you need to pay transport-fee, 100euro via western union to Odette Izong Bama, 00237, 32 Ringway street in Douala in Kamerun.
    When you asking for why you need to transfer money before you can see the puppy and why you need to send it to Kamerun, you will receiving an answer “You need to contact the trasfer comapany and you must to pay”

    (The seller, Lucy, told me she is from Poland and his daughter had an accident and she died in the hospital, that!s why they need to sell the puppies)

    So Just be safe, STAY AWAY

  55. Just FYI!! Beware chow chow puppies home! is a complete scam!! Thank goodness I figured it out before I sent money but not before giving out my name and address! This is just a complete shame! A Shame to the actual honest breeders out there!

    • We weren’t so lucky and we thought we did everything right. We were looking to purchase a chow puppy, black female. We came across this website and saw “Betty”. We were immediately in love. After speaking with ‘John’ and emailing back and forth, he gained our trust using religious faith and we thought he was an “HONEST” breeder. Once we sent $730.00 through Western Union to ‘Ronnie Dexter”, ‘John’ called and advised that he was preparing ‘Betty’ for delivery to our door. No sooner than we hung up, we received a call from an ‘Emmanuel Luca Jenson’, representing the flight company asking for an additional $1500.00. I advised him that was not happening as it was all inclusive. I received an email from him ( wonder how he got my email?) and I responded back to him and to the breeder the same verbal response I gave him over the phone. For two days we have been emailing, calling about ‘Betty’ and have received no response. He texted my husband’s phone at 4:30 am asking if he could call him as I had advised him that my husband is in law enforcement and our son is a police officer. We called ‘John’ one more time to give him the opportunity to return our funds and he hung up on me. We have contacted the authorities. We are pursuing this matter to every extent and hopefully we can get these thieves off line and in jail. They too, shall reap what they sow!!!! BEWARE of this website!!!!

  56. Please stay away from they are a scam. They scammed me for $800 for a siberian cat. This was not enough so his shipping service which operates under snap shipping service requested $1500 for kitten insurance. This was enough for me to realize that I am being scammed. Why does law enforcement does not do anything to go after these people? they have websites and are using email address to con people. how difficult is to track down these scum bags and arrest them?

  57. I just got the email from the pet mover, and all of you guys posts are right about asking for more money. But heres the kicker i managed to get my bank to freeze his account , guess who it was wanting more money lol

    Bank name :Regions bank
    Account holder : Demeris Hill
    Acct number :0276717623
    Routing :‪111900785‬
    Bank address :4314 W braker LN , Austin TX 78759
    Sending option: Bank to Bank wire transfer

    • If you demand a tracking number so you can monitor the tracking he will give you his new website.
      We can then add a warning for his new website!
      Hell hath no fury…… 😉

  58. scam guys phone number 619-786-9385 answered by a spanish guy who calls himself Mike. who is linked to Siff animal movers, a known scam with complaints online, the email address for Siff was sent by [email protected] and the person who signed the email best regards was Dr Larry Parsons, no number or address provided
    and when i did a domain search this is what comes up
    Domain name:
    Registry Domain ID: 2352521218_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
    Registrar WHOIS Server:
    Registrar URL:
    Updated Date: 2019-01-15T16:48:03.00Z
    Creation Date: 2019-01-15T16:48:03.00Z
    Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2020-01-15T16:48:03.00Z
    Registrar: NAMECHEAP INC
    Registrar IANA ID: 1068
    Registrar Abuse Contact Email: [email protected]
    Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.6613102107
    Reseller: NAMECHEAP INC
    Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Registry Registrant ID:
    Registrant Name: WhoisGuard Protected
    Registrant Organization: WhoisGuard, Inc.
    Registrant Street: P.O. Box 0823-03411
    Registrant City: Panama
    Registrant State/Province: Panama
    Registrant Postal Code:
    Registrant Country: PA
    Registrant Phone: +507.8365503
    Registrant Phone Ext:
    Registrant Fax: +51.17057182
    Registrant Fax Ext:
    Registrant Email: [email protected]
    Registry Admin ID:
    Admin Name: WhoisGuard Protected
    Admin Organization: WhoisGuard, Inc.
    Admin Street: P.O. Box 0823-03411
    Admin City: Panama
    Admin State/Province: Panama
    Admin Postal Code:
    Admin Country: PA
    Admin Phone: +507.8365503
    Admin Phone Ext:
    Admin Fax: +51.17057182
    Admin Fax Ext:
    Admin Email: [email protected]
    Registry Tech ID:
    Tech Name: WhoisGuard Protected
    Tech Organization: WhoisGuard, Inc.
    Tech Street: P.O. Box 0823-03411
    Tech City: Panama
    Tech State/Province: Panama
    Tech Postal Code:
    Tech Country: PA
    Tech Phone: +507.8365503
    Tech Phone Ext:
    Tech Fax: +51.17057182
    Tech Fax Ext:
    Tech Email: [email protected]
    Name Server:
    Name Server:
    DNSSEC: unsigned
    URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System:
    >>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2019-03-19T10:46:06.59Z <<<

    For more information on Whois status codes, please visit

    • I also was scammed by Mikes Teacups. Same phone number that you posted. Man that answered had a foreign accent. Sent $599.00 and $75.00 for shipping. He wanted $920.00 more to send the puppy. Sent me copy of his photo license, I’m sure it is a fraud with the name Mark Welsh from Michigan. They advertise as from Calif. office too. No puppy received, no return of my money. I am contacting all authorities in MI. and CA. and many other organizations. I want this to stop.

  59. So again, I just wanted to let everyone know that is a TOTAL SCAM!!!! I see that they still have an active website and that isn’t right, after they keep scamming and ripping people off! The seller’s real name is: Adama Kouda and he lives in Maryland! His email: [email protected] And the other scamming company he’s using is: Pets-Go Travex Delivery Agency, and the email: [email protected]! Everyone beware, they’re SCAMMERS and FRAUDS!!!

  60. Another SCAMMER associated with BobEnglishBulldogPlace and other Pet Scams is: Pets-Go Travex Delivery Agency, and their email is: [email protected]! They’re TOTAL FRAUDS! And SCAM ARTISTS! Please everyone, BECAREFUL, they’re nothing but SCAMMERS!!!

  61. I’m almost positive I’ve been scammed, after reading some of these other reports! I paid in full, for a female English Bulldog, from a website called BobEnglishBulldogPlace, they asked me for info about myself, etc… everything seemed legit, until it came time for the seller to ship the puppy. They wanted $762.00 more dollars for an electronic crate, after I said no, they said to not email or contact them again! I have a P.I. friend, and the scammers name is Adama Kouda, and he lives in Maryland, not the Minnesota town he claimed, where the puppies are supposedly located. Total Scam! Outright Fraud! I’ve contacted my local authorities, and made a report. Now, I’m trying to do everything possible, to make sure this scumbag doesn’t rip anyone else off!

  62. I was able to get website shut down today. I know they will just move onto another one but I will do my best to find it when they do and get it shut down too!

    • Yes ma’am, I too was scammed by an online puppy seller! This website is called, and they scammed my daughter out of a puppy that she paid for in full! I promised her that I would try to do everything I possibly could, to make sure they get shut down, and can’t scam anyone else!

  63. My sister in law just got scammed from this person. However the name they used was David Landers. He says he is a police officer. The ad said the cost was $350 and free shipping. Now he wants more money for shipping and the shipping company wants money for feeding and caring. Now they want money for a DNA test to make sure to puppies are healthy for shipping. Somehow the puppies are supposedly in South Carolina.

    • Hey, that’s the same kinda scam that my daughter went through. Everything was set for the puppy to be shipped, and then of course at the last minute, they need more money for an electric crate to ship the puppy in. The Scammers website is, and the Scammer/Seller is:Adama Kouda! Please everyone, beware, and be careful!

    • I was scammed by someone with that same name as well for a French Bulldog. I have filed claims with the BBB, FTC, Ic3, and local authorities. I am looking to make claims anywhere I can and working to try and get my money back. David Landers is who I sent the money to but Ryan Austyn was on the contract. Said they were out of Minnesota. Same deal with crate charge, pet insurance, and then said a humane company had him once I started demanding photos and legal documentation. Then they demanded money and I told them no.

  64. We were, unfortunately, just scammed by on a French Bulldog. We had just lost our Pekingese very unexpectedly. My husband has been grieving terribly. He had been talking to my granddaughter about a French Bull Dog and she was determined to find him one so he wouldn’t be so sad. Someone had referred me to another website but they didn’t have what we wanted and it referred us to They were very sympathetic to our story, of course. I was told their prices were cheaper because although the puppies were AKC, they were show quality and they weren’t a breeder, just had the puppies at home with their children and other dogs.

    We couldn’t decide between two puppies and they were very responsive to our questions to help us decide which one we wanted. They sent an email with a lot of detailed information and the contract. I had searched on the net trying to find any bad reviews or information but didn’t see anything to make me suspicious. We signed the contract and wired the money. We picked a date for her to be shipped and they said they used a delivery company and the delivery company would call and email us the papers to pick her up.

    They also provided their text number and communicated that way too. When I asked what kind of food to get, they said they send out two bags. I asked for her date of birth as my granddaughter wanted to make a tag for her and include her date of birth. He said just figure backwards, I said that’s how you figure a due date for a baby, not the date they were actually born.

    My daughter was getting suspicious, as she had just been scammed by a travel agency. When I asked for updated photos or a little video of her playing. I kept getting the run around. I had searched the pet scam lists and didn’t see anything. When I did some more searching, I found right on the front page. I contacted them to try and get my money back before taking it any further but now, they wouldn’t answer the phone, texts or emails.

    I filed complaint with FTC, BBB,, the local PD for the town that showed up on their caller id and our local police. I also reported to their website hosting company and also to google because they used a gmail email and a gmail address for payment.

    He said their names were First name Aristide Jaelin Last name Hill Greene. Phone number (806) 452-3969. Email for payments was [email protected], correspondence email was [email protected]

    I told them they had never experienced the wrath of a Nana whose granddaughter’s heart has been broken. I know they will just start up again, but I won’t stop until I shut them down.

  65. I am really sad that I want to report
    I pay a teacup maltese for $850 and then pay to shipper $1250.
    The shipper is logistics shippers.
    Please pay attention !!!!!!!!

  66. i got a email and pics of 2 large crates sealed up and zip tied about 2 english bulldog pups who are 12 weeks old and shipping fees are $520 and i am to pay unitech logistics before shipping and the contract looks legit but i need to pay thru moneygram or western union i even have a tracking# and carrier reference # but the thing is the pups are apparently coming from minneapolis and but there is a unitech logistics branch that will ship from ohio instead of the place in minneapolis and the phone number for the shipper’s husband is a 518 area code and is registered in new york where he works wie she works in minneapolis and the (unitech agent? ) said that the pups will be ship and delivered to my door same day and the number for unitech is a 614 area code in ohio, i told the seller and carrier that i am having difficulties on sending money even thru online which is true and that i will have to go to my bank cuz there is an issue with my card also true so i can’t complete transaction but also the (unitech agent? ) says that there will be an additional charge of $350 for feedings and care of pups per day until fees are paid to ship. i asked the agent what airline will they be flying on and what ground carrier will be delivering them to my front door, he says all that info will be available once fees are paid also that i would have to pay cashier of different name the fees cuz apparently their online payment on website is down. i would hate for this to be a legitimate legal transaction and loose chance of getting the pups but also i don’t want to get scammed and loose money. by the way the shipper info goes by regina robinson and so called husband’s name is thomas hamilton and his phone number and email is [email protected] (518) 06-8612 which i tried calling but got text saying at work can’t talk. please be wise and don’t send money until you do your homework. like i said it could be another scam but i can’t take that chance and get screwed.

    • Hi Gene,
      I am 100% sure that this is a scam. Can you tell me more about the breeder as well as the shipping company. Email address, names phone numbers and websites are very useful. Any money that you pay these criminals will be lost.

      • The info I have is what I posted including email and if you Google unitech logistics there are 2 phone numbers and I did research under petscams and it came up as a scam. The other number 518-406-8612 might a scam also cuz no one picks up when dialed goes straight to number is no longer in service or caller can not be connected.

  67. We just got scammed. Trying to buy a mini dachshund through Saw a puppy we wanted to get. Inquired and got this response:


    I just received your inquiry with regards to our dachshund puppy. Thanks for checking out our puppies and i believe you will want to know a little more detail about Bella.

    Bella is 10 weeks old, short hair min, potty trained akc registered, current on all shots and up to date on vaccines. She is a smart and most intelligent dog in the little, very friendly and we train our puppies in exceptional ways in which they are well nurtured and goes along with other animals and kids. However, we have noticed that most clients buy puppies out of excitement and can not really take good care of them, so we find it hard to give out our puppies to homes that does not demonstrate a strong feeling for the love of pets. In that regard can you please let us know the following?

    -Where precisely are you located ?
    -Have you ever raised or owned a puppy before?
    -Do you have a near by vet clinic in your area ?
    -Does your environment accepts pets ?
    -What is your direct cell phone number?
    -Are you a breeder?

    We just want to evaluate your concerns on how you consider and treat dogs as it will help shape our reasoning to consider you be the new owner of this exceptional dog..We breed dogs not to make money but as a hobby so we ask $550 on each puppy to help sustain our passion. Find attached pictures and waiting to hear back from you.

    Thanks and best wishes.

    We responded with the answers and then were instructed to pay the $550 through Zelle phone app. Paid it through 2 transactions, due to fact that our primary bank isn’t affiliated with Zelle. Had to pay balance with secondary bank. This morning got an email from the transportation company giving us tracking # and asking if delivery info was correct. Responded that info was correct. Then received an email that due to weather we would need to “rent” a thermal crate for airline transportation. The cost of “rental” was $995 with $965 refunded upon delivery of puppy. I emailed concerns about what to do if we didn’t have that extra money. Never received another email. Emailed the seller asking if the was normal or was I being scammed. Never received another email.
    Then went online to website to see “Bella” was still up for adoption. Clicked on interested and provided another email and phone number. Got the exact email that Iposted above to my inquiry. Knew for sure it was a scam when trying to sell same animal a 2nd time

  68. is a total scam. They claim to be breeders, but scammed me for $700 for a maltese teacup. I contacted them and they sent a contract for a maltese puppy for $700 only for them to be greedy to come back for more to get me to send them $1440 for a special crate. They have a fake shipping company called moving wings. These fake scamming websites should be taken down.

  69. is a scam website – they lure you in with cheaper prices and do not deliver. They are stealing thousands of dollars from unsuspecting families and delivering nothing – we had a shipper sent to retrieve puppies and found the address on their contract does not exist although if you search it, shows a house but when verified thru postal service, they say it does not exist. The scammers sent the shipper on a wild goose chase around the state of Texas. Once you start the purchase process, they will come up with new fees and services needing to be paid everyday and force you to use their delivery service of which also begins to charge fees while pet is supposedly in transport – these fees range in the thousands. They even send flight itineraries which are bogus. They use money transfer companies that do not protect senders (Zelle, MoneyGram, Western Union, Cashapp, etc.) so you cannot reclaim your money. The names they use are James Enow (Texas), Rochelle Seller (Texas), Brandon Ojong (Ohio), [email protected] and phone number 614902-7094 / 849 628-4770– use any of these and your funds are going into a black hole, never to be returned. The scammers speak in very broken English and we believe live somewhere on the Texas/Mexico border in the area of San Benito, Texas – Kingsville, Texas and claim to be the tired old status of Christian trying to get you to feel safe – believe me, you are anything but safe with these people. If you have contact, please report to PuppyScammers website, Better Business Bureau and any and all agencies to get the word out even though they will just change their business name and continue the fraud. We have pictures and the text messages we can send to verify all of this, good luck!

  70. So I got scammed on December 24th.. Please stay away from !!!!!
    Like Sheri Wylie, I also got an email from the seller that I need to pay addtional payment of $999
    which is 100% refundable upon delivery.

    So I was looking for a kitten, Scottish Fold Kitten, to adopt online
    and found this website. I sent them an email because I saw a kitten
    that I was interested on their website.

    Later that night, the person sent me an email with a lot of description
    and told me they’re located at Amarillo, Tx. Gave me how much it would cost
    and the cost of shipping a kitten to me. They also told me they are TICA registered.

    I asked for them to send me pictures of kitten and they did, which I found out that they got it from other website.

    I tried to send the money using Western Union and she told me to make it available to this address. So that way she can pick up the cash

    Name: Taylor Hill
    Address: 2422 S Hayden
    State/City: Amarillo , TX
    Zip Code: 79109

    Which my bank declined or WU declined.
    So I sent money, $900, using PayPal credit. The person told me to use Friend and Family way so that I won’t get additional PayPal fee. Which I did.. I regret it so so much.

    I sent it to their paypal email address, [email protected] .
    After sending the money, the lady told me she got the money and will
    have to get ready for a paper to send it to me. Adoption paper which took a day or two.

    On Wednesday, December 26th, I started to get worried because she said she would send me a kitten in the morning. So I called her the number she gave me. 806-370-7837 She didn’t pick up so I got worried more.
    After few hours, she gave me a call and told me she just left the air port and the shipping company will give me more details and tracking number.

    Few minutes later, this company call MIDEWEST EASTERN EXPRESS, sent me an email. I went to their website and it looked like a poorly made website so I googled them and they were listed on a Petscam website.

    What’s funny is that she later sent me an email saying how there was a trouble and wanted me to send her additional money of $999 and it will be fully refunded by the shipping company once they deliver my kitten.

  71. I answered a post on Craigslist (Knoxville) for two Yorkie puppies. the following was sent the next day:
    text Us at (720) 627-8363 Or email us at [email protected] Thanks
    I was told that they needed $480 to ship the puppies since they had to move after placing the ad and were now in Maryland. I sent them $480 via Money Gram at Walmart. The next day I got the following:
    [email protected]
    Dec 26, 2018, 12:01 PM (1 day ago)
    to me
    100% REFUNDABLE insurance for your MALE & FEMALE YORKIE PUPPIES…!!!!
    Dear customer,
    We wish to inform you that your puppy is presently on transit. The management would like to inform you that after an inspection of your puppy at the Insurance Department, it was noticed that your puppy does not have a life insurance license , so to prove that the life of the puppy is insured to be transported to TN. You must abide by our rules and cooperate with us so that we get a partial life insurance and proceed with your delivery.
    Reason for the flight Delay of Your Puppy * According to the US Aviation Commission rules and regulations on animal transport and 12 paragraph 2 sub 4 ” … the lives of all animals that are transported by the US must be fully covered by insurance Co -operation insured against all eventualities.
    * After a compromise between the US Commission and the US Aviation Pets that are transported from or within the US and this insurance fee should be from one animal to another depending on financial value of the animal. ” * We would like to let you know after the US Commission pricing , the price of YORKIE breed is (850.00 USD ) CASH REFUNDABLE UPON DELIVERY OF THE PET and your puppy is of this breed.
    Origin of INSURANCE ; This insurance has been introduced to protect the lives of animals or pets traveling within the US. This is because animals and pets have lost their lives and airlines or travel agencies are usually forced to pay huge amounts as compensation. For this reason, life insurance is introduced for animals, so if something happens to your animal during transport in case of an accident , wrong delivery or dead lost , the Agency will be free from taxes, such as the insurance compensation or fee place cover on them and not our agency. Thus, you will be refunded in full upon delivery of the puppy.
    Solution for your puppy on the road. It takes a month or more, depending on the Insurance Corporation fully insured a puppy with Valid Insurance Permit to such a pass to be transported within the US are given. AEL Agency is having a Partial Refundable Insurance Scheme , which is the life of your puppy during this delivery to give guidance. But you are required to deposit an insurance fee, which depend on the value of your puppy.
    From above, the Life Insurance fee you are to pay to the insurance company is ( 850.00 USD ) and your puppy can travel through his life within the US without problems. Because a good number of complaints from customers from numerous freight forwarders about this insurance system , the US / Canada Union animal Aviation Commission came up with a Refundable Animal Life Insurance Scheme.
    * This means you need the sum of 850.00 USD , which is a partial Insurance fee to pay for the life of your puppy during the transportation and delivery. This is the only solution at this time for the puppy to be transported as soon as possible.
    PAYMENT: You are requested to make the payment to our insurance department. Below is the address of our cashier you are expected to make the payment to : MONEYGRAM AND WALMART TO WALMART PAYMENT INFORMATION
    Postal Code………………………………..23513
    Amount……………………………..850.00 USD
    Advice to all our customers :
    Please email with the – digit reference number given to you by the MONEYGRAM OR WALMART cashier as soon as you make the payment, and the full names of the sender. Once the payment is confirmed, we will issue the insurance papers of your puppy and proceed with the delivery to your location.
    When I sent Ashley an e-mail and told her this was obviously a scam she quoted a few references in the bible and told me she would never scam anyone, she was a Christian. After doing the search and getting info, I sent her an e-mail with MY bible quote -a Christian could not mock the Word of GOD so easily and not be in fear of hell and damnation- “Galatians 6: 7 – 8 7) Make no mistake, God is not mocked. A person will harvest what they plant. 8) Those who plant only for their own benefit will harvest devastation…”and told her she was obviously in danger of hellfire and damnation for mocking God with her bible quotes and blasphemy. I haven’t heard anything from either her or the shipping “company” again. I guess I should Thank God for giving me this lesson at such a low price compared to some of the prices others on this site have paid. I can’t understand why the US Government isn’t interested in all this and why than can’t do a bit of investigation and and get some of these people their money back – or at least put these people in jail for fraud!

    • omg that happen to me they kept saying that we are Christians i can’t belive your saying this to me. they want additonal 530.00 and its fully refunded once we deliver the kitten to you. if you don’t pay they can charge your for leaving the kitten. They lied
      i want these people go to jail

      • Someone just said that to me. I’m a God fearing woman. I’m found this site today because I’m trying to figure out whether a person was trying to scam me

  72. My story began the end of Oct. 2018 when I saw a beautiful toy poodle on The seller had moved to Nevada from Atlanta and was asking for only the shipping expenses. He made the shipping arrangements with globalexpressfleet- pet delivery. From that time until now I paid the seller $470 and $3500 not counting travel and additional expenses for sending to the pet delivery movers for global. They sent me a tracking number and the website for tracking. These monies were sent Walmart to Walmart, Western Union, iTunes cards and money gram. I explained to them that I was retired and lived on a fixed income, but that didn’t matter. This money was used to buy two new crates which they destroyed, insurance, different forms, quarantine, veterinary fees, travel inspections (she was subsequently sent to California and North Carolina before reaching her destination). They promised me to have the puppy by tomorrow, but I’m not going to hold me breath.

  73. I also recently got scammed from and their shipping agency Initial I contact them regarding a do, the price was $500 to include shipping. I wired the funds, as the site and individual I spoke to seems legit. Seems they were also using a Money Gram scheme to lure victims. I was contact after the initial transfer that 1500 would be need because my pet was stuck at a SC airport and needed insurance/city permit to continue to travel. After this I realized this was a scheme. After some digging the past two days I found that other people have been victim to this same company in excess of 4K. I have been doing my due diligence to report these agencies to take down these sites. I have made reports with BBB, FTC, FBI, and report the domains and IP address as scams. I have even call prospective buyers who reached out to the dog site to stop from completing their transactions, and encouraged them to report the incident to FBI and FTC.

    • I have just been scammed by paradisebabies!! 900.00, I also used MoneyGram and sent cash, such a dumb thing to do ???

    • I to was scammed for 900.00 for a puppy, from / paradisebabies75 I also sent my money thru Moneygram, the lady that took my money said it sounded legit. Now I think Moneygram was in on the scan, I to have reported and called everyone I could. I guess to some people 900.00 isn’t enough to worry about!! This website is still working! Someone was waiting at another Moneygram to get my cash, why can’t y’all do any??? Pointless to even report, and that’s why people don’t!!!This website is still working and I want my money back!! I even talked to the FBI, we can put a man on the moon but we can’t catch scammers, ????

  74. Craigslist is full of scammers & almost got me! Melissa [email protected] says from Texas then found same people New Orleans Craigslist. They claim to have 2 frenchies that they are giving away and won’t answer if u ask where to come pick up but if u ask to ship they tell u to send 600 western union & that they will pay other expenses & lots of mushy stuff about the pups. When I caught on they text back they are Christians & wouldn’t do this to anyone & trust them etc. don’t ever believe u get 2 free frenchies! Not happening!! Even getting one less than 1000$

  75. I was scammed out of $2050 for a toy poodle pup. $800 to the seller and $1250 to the pet delivery movers. She provided me with a tracking number and website for tracking. But once he supposedly was given to the pet delivery company, the charges started. They promised to refund all money in cash, I was told to make Walmart to Walmart transfers and Western Union transfers because they could see the money immediately. When I told them I was disabled and didn’t have that type of money, the seller agreed to pay half of the fee, but just so happened to have gotten into a car accident on her way to take the funds to the pet moving company and she had her young child send me a sms text saying my mum is being rushed to the hospital with a fracture. The moving company even sent a photo upon my request of this poor little puppy in a wire cage and accused me of stressing the puppy by not paying the $2150 to have him shipped. Once I looked up the import laws for a dog and told them, they ended all contact.

    • I just had a very similar situation… I got scammed $276, which was half payment and then all these bogus fees from Pro Cargo Logistics .. Pro Cargo told me the dog was at the airport and I needed a special crate which was $750 and because time was of the essence I had to send it through pay pal to a private email .. [email protected] .. After that was paid I received another email for $550 for shots, that’s when I ended it.. NEVER heard from anyone after that.. Lesson learned …

  76. I was looking for a puppy for my daughter and goggle searched Pomsky for sale in California a few popped up. Natural I selected the second one and it seem to be a legitimate site, so I filled out my info to get contacted. I was immediately contacted via email with pictures of available puppies. I was then contacted via text message by a person named Desmond Mumah asking more info and implying that they had several puppies and could send overnight. I then questioned that it seem sort of fake and they wrote back stating that they would not jeopardize themself for $700. So I continue to ask more questions and I wasn’t convinced but it was enough for my wife so she proceeded to send the money via money gram as they requested all stating that not to mention it was for a puppy because they would then charge us more but to say it was for a friend. Once the money was sent they sent over delivery info and would follow up the next day. We waited all morning desperately to hear back and nothing until I texted asking for follow up. They finally replied back saying they were busy. They claimed that they misses the last flight for the day and would schedule the following day. We received an email from stating that the delivery was scheduled but due to weather the puppy had to receive a $90 dollar vaccine and then transported via an air conditioned crate costing $900 that would be refunded in cash and thats when I speculated and goggled the delivery service and found the scammers list and they are on it.

  77. wow this is so crazy that people actually do this with puppies. I was interested in getting 2 dachshund pups from championdachshundspups. com which is the same information from this one that you mentioned. I Showed interested and was communicating with Daniel thru email, texted the same number and i found very ackward call, the text or number is not a regular number. then his very heavy accent similar to the scammer and lastly being told get get a walmart card for payment. lol i said to my self this is a scam and i actually told him i didn’t feel confortable with this transaction. I told him there are many scammers out there and he said its all about trust lol , and hang up. I then decided to google him and his number i found this website, for sure ITs a scam !

  78. is a scam. I did not end up going through with them but they had all the typical signs of a fake and once I aked for his name and mailing address he stopped replying to me! The website is called Handsomepugs and the email is [email protected]

  79. the majestic or majesty poodles puppies is also a rip off. they wanted money and I said no,not until I have the puppy.
    I dont hear from them anymore. I cant believe they do this to people.

    • Probably same people doing MAJESTIC FRENCHIES they were all for putting one on a plane but if u say you will make the trip u won’t hear back. I told them to put a sheet of paper in front of the dog with the date so I would know it was a real picture & they photo shot it laying next to dog. I said no I want a different picture with it in front but never heard back! I found at least 6 doing this on TX Craigslist. I reported 1 to FFC. This one saying 2 Frenchies, male & female for free they are moving to place not allowing pets & just pay shipping. These people have several names Sierra Reed, Mellisa May. They can’t spell & I think are Mexican. I’m reporting all!!! It’s my mission!!!

    • I’m talking to them right now about buying kalid for 700 and they told me to send the money western union which seemed odd to me and now I found this. How did you end up paying all the extra charges. And how do you know you were scammed it’s only 2 days old


    Hello whoever it may concern,

    I was just about to lose around 1000$. So called Paewla Franca Price together with so called Gary Anderson ( tel: 00447418337569) from Global International Shipping Company using the email address: [email protected]. Are scammers! They offer cutest King Charles cavalier puppies who just don’t exist!!!!
    She provided her address even: Flat 303, W3 building. 15 whitworth street west Manchester.

    Please, be careful with them!!! They play on our feelings!

    Please, share this info to as many people as possible!

    her contact number is: +447451243662.
    The web site she sent me is:

  81. Beware and stay away from it is a beautifully done web site and the puppies they’re advertising have been there since July and only one puppy has been updated and marked as sold. They offer things such as free shipping voucher so hurry before the voucher is gone.. this is the first red flag we should have noticed. They even have the audacity to have a scam section on the site warning about using Western Union etc. They gave us a bank account that we did a wire transfer into that our bank verified the funds were claimed and the seller claimed they never got the money. They have taken us for $700. We have also filed an ic3 FBI complaint.

  82. They are called Casto_puppies on instagram. They are located in NJ
    Below is the address provided:
    101 South Shore Road, Northfield, NJ
    I am trying to purchase a French Bulldog. They offered me two for 1050.

  83. We have found several scammers on the sponsored links on Ebay. Don’t go to any of them. It’s all the same people.
    All the same scam. 50% off with shipping at $150. We turned it in to Ebay but they just come back with another site.

    Found this scammer on, advertised he was from Bad Axe, MI so I contacted him through email, and he is actually from Dallas, so he says
    [email protected]
    Phone: 469-652-7328

    We accept payment through ( Walmart to Walmart, Money-Gram, Western Union, Zelle, Cash App or Amazon Gift Card ). Let us know which you will proceed with so that we can provide details for payment.
    Full payment is required before we can proceed. We will within 2 business days of receiving payment, confirm your order, process all required paperwork, have our veterinarian perform last minute routine checkup on the puppy and book the flight .
    Once the flight is booked, we will provide you the flight number, date and time of departure and arrival as well as all info you will require to pick up the puppy upon arrival
    I totally understand you and I want you to know that we always deliver our puppies 100% and yours will not be different. All we need for our puppies is a good and caring home, which we know you provide for any of these dogs.
    We are from a Christian home and can’t stood so low to eat your hard earned money or destroy our reputation. Feel free to buy from us and you will never regret it. We are doing this business in remembrance of our father who started this business and that is why we sell at a cheaper cost. Its almost a non profit making business compare to the actual price of about $1500/$2000 for a dachshund puppy.

    But if you are not comfortable with us you can turn down the deal or buy from a different breeder.
    Thank you

    [email protected]
    Phone: 469-652-7328

    • Tell them “Galatians 6: 7 – 8 7) Make no mistake, God is not mocked. A person will harvest what they plant. 8) Those who plant only for their own benefit will harvest devastation…”) They quoted scripture to me as well. I can only guess that they are definitely NOT Christian and are one of the fake religions that thinks it’s great to scam and kill Christians . “Get thee behind me, Satan.” Only heritics could quote God’s word as blasphemy and NOT be afraid of hell.
      Sorry if you lost money. I lost $480 before I realized they were devils. At least you got told you could turn them down. They never told me that and when I sent the money, they wanted $850 more!

  85. I have found another scam site, The site is just about the same as the site the testimonies are the same, even down to the misspelled words… the site has no phone numbers, addresses, or names; it just has a page to contact them. this is the email that responded to me from [email protected]
    Thanks again for the interest in our African grey parrots
    Our entire Family and Staff welcome you and we would love to help you find your new furry family member. We are easy to work with and we take this very seriously.We raise our birds with love, they are handled and loved every day, we are with the birds 7 days a week as we do this full time. We sell all our birds as family companion. We make NO exceptions.
    We still have African Grey babies, young and adult available for sale.
    What is the age of the bird you are more interested in?
    Are you interested in male, female or both?
    We are asking $700 for each bird and $100 for shipping if needed . However, I will also like to know the following from you before we proceed. We are located in Toledo, Ohio and the 800$ will include home delivery.
    We also Ship to Canada
    1 ..Where about are you located? City and state??
    2. Have you been keeping birds before or any other pet?
    3…Do you have kids at home?
    4…Are you going to keep them or give them to someone?
    5….Do you promise to take proper care of the bird?
    6…..Do you have experience?
    7…..Would you want a home deliver or pick up at your local airport?
    8…. When do you want to Purchase the bird?
    Thanks for taking your time to read through this email and I hope to read from you again.

  86. Otherwise, a man is allegedly from France. and “the agency” Go-to ship asked me to pay the money. Name: Rungthip

     Surname: Chaiwetwittaya

     City: BANGKOK

     Zip code: 10260

     Country: Thailand

    I want that as many people read this. And that as few people are down to the scam of this man Dimitris Stanlei [email protected]

  87. I am trying to send a scam report but the website says there is an error.
    How do I send it?
    I’d hate for someone else to get taken.
    the website is
    I believe they are part of the HENRY AUSSIES HOME.
    We found their website as part of the sponsored links on EBAY!
    The puppy dealer had us send $700 via money gram then the shipper emails
    and wants another $950 for a crate! Once I spoke with the dealer
    and the shipper, we knew we were scammed. Both explained the
    reason for the new crate in exactly the same way and they both
    called the puppy “baby”!
    Then we found out the puppy is supposedly at the Dallas, TX
    airport which is 350 miles from where their supposed address is
    in Katy, TX.
    We feel so dumb!

  88. I would like to report a fake pet animal delivery service called Go It Ship Animal Delivery Service Ltd.

    I am from Skopje, Macedonia and I saw an ad for French Bulldogs on the website After that I talked with a person who claimed to be Dimitris Stanley with the following email [email protected]

    He told me that he was working as a field agent for UNHCR and was originally from Great Britain, but he was deployed to Macedonia and Greece where he bought the dogs (Daimond & Jeana) for 1400€. After that he told me that he had moved to Paris and because of his work he couldn’t keep the dogs so he gave them up for adoption. He offered me the dog for free but I had to pay for the delivery service.

    The next day I got an email from the service (their email is [email protected])telling me I have to pay an amount of 190€ through Wester Union on the name of Patchaya Mancharean in Bangkok, Thailand, 10260.

    After I paid the money they asked me for another 800€ for insurance. After I refused to pay the money, they started sending me emails saying that they are going to charge me for pet abandonment.

    I know that I am not the only one who experienced something like this and that’s why I am writing this. Maybe someone else had a similar situation with this guy. I wanted to know if there’s any way that I can get my money back. I am thinking about going to the police but I am not sure wheather is going to have any effect. Even if it doesn’t, I just want to raise awareness for other people who are constantly being lied to and do something to stop this.

      • Actually I couldn’t find their website until I saw the link you sent me but I think that this is the one.
        After I didn’t respond to them for hours because I realised that they were fake and I actually sent my money to them, they just e-mailed me saying are there any updates.
        I don’t know what to do, maybe someone could give me an advice.

        • A man whose mail ([email protected]) is a serious fraud.Also, the company “Go-to Ship” whose mail ([email protected]).I was interested in the walls of cau cau. He told me that he loves his dogs so that he would never give them to anybody, but because of his work he is not in a position to keep an eye on them, so he does not want to sell them and gives them.All I have to do is pay a dog a ticket of 100e. It was all strange for me because a man does not give me any kind of paperwork paper or anything.A company that does not have a “Go-to ship” tells me that I will be sucked in as I am. how am I abusing the pet (whom I never saw), he also sends me a dream that is not serious and persistent, and one and the other insists on those 100e

        • Hello,
          First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer everyone
          My questions and I appreciate your interests and readiness
          Show yourself to take one of my puppies to your home. Your family
          It sounds wonderful and it’s my desire to see one of my puppies who live
          with you because you have shown great love and a desire to adopt one of mine
          baby and of course I find your house ideal and attractive for one of the

          Despite your busy schedule, I will still be smarter to write for you better
          understanding ..

          Let me tell you a little bit about myself, as I am looking forward to
          to know you well and members of your family ..

          They call me Dimitris Stanley of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.
          And I work for the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees)
          as a field agent. I left my country in February last year
          because of my Organization’s missions. And I was sent to Serbia and Albania
          to visit most in my centers for refugee institutions and in
          in some cases
          they also hold conferences of several cities in Serbia and Albania mainly
          on the global problems of refugees and how to systematically solve this
          I got these two dogs in Serbia and my intention was to take them
          it was my country after my mission from Serbia last July.

          But, unfortunately, my schedule has been terminated without notice
          And in fact, I was reprogrammed for other missions
          France, Iran and Israel.
          So now it is very obvious that at this moment I will not be able to
          to make any further trips with both dogs taking into account
          The fact that they are still young. And also, the places where I will be
          Moving from here will not contribute to keeping brittle pets
          their nature. Since some of these areas are warlike and strategic
          zone. Also, along with the fact that my schedule will be so busy
          which makes it impossible for me to have time to serve them as before.

          The ad was published very late, after I realized my new schedule and me
          just arrived to France two days ago. So, I’m watching things now
          they have to find the best way to get them a new home
          Serbia. Since both have a Serbian VET registration identity,
          Health documents and microchip figures, as well as their passports
          under the Serbian registry. That’s how I’ll find it easier
          Their new home in Serbia and their transportation will not be difficult.
          I really bought these dogs at a price of £ 1400 from a pet shop.

          I know you have to ask yourself if I will sell them at the same price!

          No, I will not do it at this time, because I love them so much.
          so I wanted to know if you are a breeder or a simple pet
          lover. because I do not sell my pets but my desire
          personally finds them a comfortable and kind home for them. Where
          they would be treated with a lot of love, care and value.

          Actually, I also found someone who wants to send one
          dogs for him, regardless of sex.

          To give them a new and loving home quickly, I’d rather give them
          for free adoption. And all you have to do is pay
          their delivery costs that will be able to transfer them to your house
          address in Serbia.

          What I know is that it will last only five hours and all of this will happen
          cost you € 100 for the delivery of one puppy at your location

          This money will be enough to cover their transportation and change
          proprietary papers, so I can send them as soon as possible
          no problem.

          Or even better, if you prefer to move to Paris here and then get them
          I’d love to greet you and appreciate it. but if you want
          arrange for delivery, so do not hesitate to return to me so
          Let me help you with the delivery information.

          Thank you and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

  89. PLEASE READ: ( i was trying to adopt a pomerian spitz and i came across [email protected] )

    Hi there i was looking https://dog.pet2me. to adopt/buy a pomerian teacup or chow chow and came across your adress.
    can you pls let me know if its still available and some more info if it is .
    Looking forward to your positive response!


    Alvin Lopez
    Fri 31 Aug, 19:17 (2 days ago)
    to me

    for the mail and the interest you have for my male and female puppies
    and am so sorry for the late reply of your mail,
    these puppies are still available and ready to go to their new
    checked,vaccinated with all shots updated, kc registered pure breed worm
    blood with excellent health condition and all papers updated these
    puppies are also potty train and playful with other house hold pets and
    children.these puppies are 12 weeks old each, We are given these puppies
    up for adoption and not for sell.these puppies are up for adoption
    because i do not have enough time to provide the puppies with the best
    for ever home that they need because i was a photographer and now i had a
    new job that has made me not to be with the puppies all the time and
    give them the care and love that they need at the moment that is why
    they are up for adoption for any one who is willing to provide them with
    love and care.these puppies will becoming along with all necessary
    adoption papers a lot of playing toys and a menu booklet that contain
    the feeding method and the types of food that the puppies need okay.they
    also have the following character
    They eat three times a day,
    They do not bark a lot that mist disturb your neighborhoods
    They are friendly to other pet and children.
    i will like to ask you some few question
    Why do you need a pet?
    Where are you located?
    Would you need both or just one and if so a male or female?
    Do you need the puppies for breeding?
    i am sorry for the questions is just that i wish to know the home of
    which i am sending my pets to.
    Awaiting to hear from you so that i can send you more pictures of the puppies

    thanks for your promt response ,I’m glad to find someone that’s giving them out for adoption and not sale ,you’re actually the first one out of all the emails i’ve sent that’s giving for adoption.
    I understand your questions it’s important to have all the info before you give out a puppy.
    Just a short brief about me :
    I’m a makeup artist/social media beauty blogger so I’m mainly on my studio/house ,based in Greece.

    I moved in Greece since 2 years now (marriage purposes) and i really want to get a puppy/pet ,i grew up having pets and giving/taking love plus my husband loves them too.
    Another thing we do have 2 houses in the country side with huge garden ,were we spend most of the summer and a big apartment were we spend the rest of the year ( we can provide a good warm and welcoming place for our new family member).
    I don’t mind if its either female or male i do not intend to do any business with puppies 🙂

    Looking to hear from you again.

    Alvin Lopez
    Sat 1 Sep, 13:52 (1 day ago)
    to me

    Thanks for your response. I must say that am very happy to meet a good home for my puppies and i am very convinced that the puppies will be well taking care of by you. I will like to add some more qualities of the puppies that was not mention in the previous mail i sent to you.
    -they are 100%pure breed puppies. i have attached pictures of the male and female puppies by names Micky{male) and Sandra(female)
    -they are house Trained .
    -they are socialized with kids and other house hold pets
    -they get angry when you shout at them, so don’t do that.
    -they are 12 Weeks old
    they will be coming along side with all details of vaccination ,DE-wormed and microchip. Since I have made up our mind to let the baby into to your home Can you promise me that the puppy will be well look after and you guys will keep me update with monthly pictures so I can know how the puppy is doing with you. we just moved into Poland, So i am Poland. and i will be very happy if you can come for the view but if you guys are not so close to me the I shall arrange for a Pet courier service and they will get the puppy delivered at your home address that you will provide to me, i love the service of a delivery company because they are so fast .After the registration i will provide you the puppy ‘s registration number OK. The litter of these puppies were six but i have succeeded in given four of them for adoption and among those four three of them were delivered to their new destinations by this courier service so kindly send the delivery details as soon as possible OK. Also i shall require all your details to do the change of ownership papers and the details are as follow.

    Full names…………..
    House address………
    Post code…………………
    Home number……………….
    Mobile number……………….
    E-mail address………………

    As soon as i have the details , i shall prepare the change of ownership papers before taking the puppy to the courier company for registration and your home delivery . Do get back to me with the details so i can prepare the change of ownership papers and do the delivery registration with the Carrier service today.Thanks and i shall be waiting to read from you soon.. you will have to pay just €400 for one including shipping and for both €800, that is to the Currier company when they contact you via email and also give you a call. And also I will send all the relevant paper works via the Currier service so you will be paying to them when they contact you via email and also give you a call and not to me because my main objective is for these puppies to have a lovely and forever family, so be at home today OK to hear from the courier service and also to receive the puppy ,so the €400 is for one puppy including the shipping and €800 is for both puppies over to your home.puppies also come with the following papers;
    # Health guarantee
    # Vaccine record
    # KC registration papers
    # Microchip Registration
    # Pedigree
    # Nutrition supplement
    # Traveling Crate
    Thanks and waiting to hear on you soon.

    Hello dear ,

    Thanks for the information we can procced with the adoption I’d be really happy to adopt Sandra the female puppy and i hope in the future we can get a brother or sister.

    Full adress:

    House address :
    Post code:
    Home number:
    Mobile number.:
    E-mail address:

    I have some question too
    What do you normaly use to feed Sandra and how many times a day.
    Some more info about potty training ,how many times or where is she used to go
    and if she is a pomerian spitz or boo (sorry to ask but i never had a pomerian and i see a lots of names online).
    How often do we need to brush her or bath her.

    waiting for your response.

    Alvin Lopez
    Sat 1 Sep, 16:56 (1 day ago)
    to me

    Hello my friend, thanks for the delivery information i must say that i am very happy about the fact that you really want to provide this baby with the best forever loving home that the baby need and i am very happy about that but right now am out of town with my boss for a business and i shall be back on Sunday evening, so i will be taking the baby to the courier service on Monday morning for the delivery registration and transfer of ownership document from my names to your names as the legal owner of the Puppy once that is been done, the courier service are going to contact you via email and also give you a call for you to confirm your full delivery details so that they do not make any wrong delivery and also on how you shall be making the payment of the €400 first to their director in charge of international deliveries in their international head quarter for pets they are going to provide you with the payment information that you are going to use for the payment in order to enable them activate the delivery card of the baby,process the baby passport and also process the transfer of ownership document and then proceed with the delivery of the baby to your home once payment has been confirm by their director and when the arrive your home will then complete the balance. Also the courier service are going to let you know the departure and arrival day and time of the puppy over to your home so make sure you be by your phone and close to your computer Monday morning so that you do not miss their call and email.Also once i am done with everything at the courier service i am going to let you know,remember you shall be making the payment to the courier as soon as they will contact you for the activation of the delivery card of the puppy and also to process the baby passport and transfer of ownership document okay. This puppy will becoming with some playing toys, a booklet( which will direct you on how you shall be taking care of the puppy, it type of food which the puppy eat), a brush, towel, bowl, comfortable blanket and as well a some food stuffs of the puppy okay.This is a Pomeranian spitz, She take her bath ones a day, and some times twice a day when she must have got her self dirty.She is well train and she always go outside to do her wast she is well train on a pad. I always love taking them at a park and also on a walk and thing is that she listen to instructions and get well with children and other pets.


    Great my friend for sure I’ll be checking my email and my phone is always with me or my husband so for sure one of us with answer.
    About the payment I did’t get you ,we will pay on hand to hand want to the curier once we receive Sandra or before that? ( we are able to pay anytime so thats not an issue).
    Thanks for the info and If you don’t mind I’d like to have your full details like name number ( sorry if it sounds rude i just wanna make sure i prevent any scamming) or you can add me on my facebook/instagram.

    On the full adress please add this mobile number as a prior one and the one i gave you before as secondary.
    My mobile :

    ps: I’ll make sure she will have her time out in the garden or parks everyday .

    Thank you!
    (BTW dear i was doing a small research ( no offense again i wanna make sure i dont deal with scammers)

    i saw your email in different sites providing not only pomerian but shepherd,akita,retreiver dogs too. Do you have a pet shelter and you give them out for adoption or ? )

    Okay here is my address:
    Alvin Lopez
    Pucka 3, 84-123 Mrzezino, Poland

    right now i don’t have a phone my fiance son throw my phone in the pool yesterday when they came over for lunch so right now am still waiting on my salary so i can buy a new phone, so just feel free to email me anytime and i get back to you with all your answers okay,
    I myself i discover today that this other guys copy my email address and put it to many other ads on the site, the only ads i have is Pomeranian nothing more.
    i have reported this to the web master already and he has told me his going to delete all those other ads, what this guys did is that they want me reply to their mails so they can hack my email address but i always ignore their contacts.
    You shall be paying first as soon as they will contact you because they will need to activate the delivery card of the puppy, process its passport before delivery can start without the activation of the delivery card delivery can not proceed.

    Oh alright then.
    A lots of people are complaining about scammers and i had to double check with you.
    So we can go further pls do send me some information about the company that will be shipping the puppy with their details plus some documention of you having the puppy( could be her passport info or other kind of documantation) that proves this is all legit and real and I’d be really happy to receive the puppy and stay in touch with you.

    Hello Alvin,

    Do you have any updates for me another lady got in touch with me giving for adoption a puppy with a lower shipping price and she provided documentation but i really want Sandra i need all the info needed max today night time before going for final decision/payment.


    Alvin Lopez
    14:17 (5 hours ago)
    to me

    Hello there i understand, i have no problem if you want to go with the lady. i just check through my computer i realize that the kc paper of the puppy is been destroyed by virus,,,,,,so if you want to go with the lady i have no problem with that.

  90. I rescue dogs and people are ALWAYs telling me about how they were or almost were scammed. Yesterday somebody contacted me because I have Yorkie puppies right now that are available and she was scammed for 1200.00. It’s so sad because when someone has made the decision to make the 15 year commitment and give a four legged friend and family member,a loving, caring, forever home, they aren’t thinking that there are people out there running dog and puppy scams. The site

  91. I was nearly scammed by “Scott Walters” ([email protected]) from the Frenchies Pups Lover website ( I really thought I had did my research. Even when I told him I needed more info for verification, “Scott” called and texted me several times. He provided and address, phone number, videos and testimonials! It was the grace of God that he was not able to pick up the $$ on his end at the Walmart because of his ID. I was able to cancel the transaction and get my $$. Here is the email and invoice:

    [email protected]>
    Fri 8/24/2018, 6:11 PM

    Walmart invoice Jack.pdf
    138 KB

    Alright (name )
    You will have to pick Jack up at Austin-Bergstrom International
    Airport. For payment we do accept Walmart as is fast and reliable. (
    We just attach our payment invoice ). Please take note payment are
    been made only at the Walmart store. Bellow are some steps on how you
    are going to make the payment at the Walmart store.

    1)- Go to the Walmart store with our payment address.

    2)- Ask for a Walmart to Walmart sending from

    3)- Fill the from with our address as the receiver, and your address
    as the sender

    4)- Return the from to the Walmart officer with the money you are transferring.

    5)- They will transfer the money and give you a transfer duplicte receipt.

    6)- Email us with the 9 digit reference numbers.

    Once the payment is made please do email us payment transfer receipt
    for confirmation. You will receive a copy of his flight information
    as soon as his flight is booked with his airway bill number which you
    will use to pick him up at the airport with your photo ID.
    Thanks,.God bless you.

    DATE: August 24, 2018 INVOICE # [03]
    [SCOTT WALTERS] [4476 MARBELLA DR] [NAPLES, FL 34105] [(407) 680-1476]
    TO: (name)
    AMOUNT $600
    S H I P P I N G F E E $150
    T O T A L $750

    C L O S E S T W A L M A R T L O C A T I O N W H E R E Y O U C A N M A K E P A Y M E N T
    WALMART – #5480 4700 E PALM VALLEY BLVD 4700 E PALM VALLEY BLVD Round Rock, TX 78665 Round Rock, TX 78665



  92. Royal Diamond pet store/@ castopuppies on instagram is a rip off they take your money and won’t send your dog. They tried to get me to cash app them $500 for a yorkie puppy. Don’t trust them they don’t have a valid website or store address porocced with caution when coming in contact with them scammers

  93. I reported this puppy scammer on Facebook for months and reported the gmail he is using and nothing has been done. Facebook hasn’t taken down his pages for months. I reported to FTC and other government agencies and still nothing. People are getting scammed and I got all his information in an email on how he scams people. Here are his pages on Facebook.
    This is how he is scamming you. Please DO NOT SEND HIM MONEY. TOTAL SCAM.
    On Wed, 15 Aug 2018 at 21:38 ericom neriwag wrote:
    – AMOUNT…..$600
    – NUMBER…209-737-0570
    – ZIP CODE………..90008

  94. I thought I was buying a Boston Terrier puppy. I went through a place called The puppy was 654.00 which included shipping. I sent the money Western Union. I was to receive the puppy 3 days later. He told me he was at the airport with the puppy and she would be on the next plane out. Within s matter of 10 minutes I received a text from the airport stating I needed to send them 1280.00 for insurance which would be refunded to me once the puppy arrived. I didn’t have 1280.00 they stated if I didn’t send them the money they could not send the puppy. I contacted the seller and explained to them what happened and his comment was “go ahead and send the money you’ll get it back once the puppy arrives”. I had no money to send so I told him to go get the puppy and send me my money back Western Union, he stated he would the following day. Needless to say I haven’t head from him since. The seller’s name was Karlson Amos.

  95. I have a detailed comment in reference to five or six websites that I have discovered are linked by phone and or operators. Rather than fill out six separate forms, I feel it would make more sense to fill out one form to cover the whole operation. I have checked and know that all of them are known to you. They are websites and not Facebook or Instagram, etc. I have the information that you request such as names, phone numbers, addresses, etc. I came across all of this purely by accident. I noticed it on a website that listed phone numbers that were thought to be ” secret” but really weren’t. I also love animals and the thought that people were suffering because they thought the animal they “bought” was suffering really ticked me off. I love puzzles and it didn’t take much effort to find the information needed once I had the information you gave. Please let me know if it would be acceptable to send just the one message containing all the information needed instead of the six or seven separate ones which would just be confusing.
    Thank you.
    Stacy Whatley

  96. [email protected] is a scammers i always put more money and if i ask for foto they can get or for me and always asking more money!!
    Firts was the pup shipt and than there were problems!! Sow the have 85€ and i dont have a puppy!!

  97. Blessing Tea cup puppies-I reached out to this website to purchase a appleheaded teacup chihuahua. I spoke with them on the phone initially. I texted back and forth with them in reference to the puppy. The puppy was supposedly shipped and on its way after I paid $300.00 MoneyGram deposit to breeder. The evening the puppy was to arrive I started receiving emails from their shipping co. that more money was needed for insurance for the puppy. After asking many questions to both shipper and breeder I DID NOT PAY the extra $850.00. They then proceeded to tell me that the puppy was suffering and I “shall be charged with pet abandonment”. I told them to proove to me that the puppy was stuck in the airport and was actually alive- they told me I “needed to trust that the puppy was there”. They wanted to know why I complained about every situation… They accused me of only caring about money. This situation went back and forth from Sunday until Tuesday afternoon- all hours of the day. I held my ground but was emotionally and financially abused by both the “breeder (Miller Jefferson)” and the “American Movers Delivery Service (David Morgan)”. I have copies of the emails from the shipping company and all of my text messages.

  98. The Jayden Pitbull home are scammers I seen a puppy I wanted on the website and almost sent them my mom luckily I researched about them because when I asked for pictures of the parents they never sent them and they gave me false info and they don’t do pay pal they only do Walmart money transfer that’s how I know it’s a scam I want the website gone people have issues just to try to get money it’s so not cool

    • Please stay away from they are a scam. They scammed me out of 1050.00 and wanted an additional 1100.00 for insurance on the puppy. When I told them I did not have the money and wanted a refund, they stopped responding. PLEASE STAY AWAY!!!!!


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