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41 Responses

  1. I was looking for a puppy for my daughter and goggle searched Pomsky for sale in California a few popped up. Natural I selected the second one and it seem to be a legitimate site, so I filled out my info to get contacted. I was immediately contacted via email with pictures of available puppies. I was then contacted via text message by a person named Desmond Mumah asking more info and implying that they had several puppies and could send overnight. I then questioned that it seem sort of fake and they wrote back stating that they would not jeopardize themself for $700. So I continue to ask more questions and I wasn’t convinced but it was enough for my wife so she proceeded to send the money via money gram as they requested all stating that not to mention it was for a puppy because they would then charge us more but to say it was for a friend. Once the money was sent they sent over delivery info and would follow up the next day. We waited all morning desperately to hear back and nothing until I texted asking for follow up. They finally replied back saying they were busy. They claimed that they misses the last flight for the day and would schedule the following day. We received an email from stating that the delivery was scheduled but due to weather the puppy had to receive a $90 dollar vaccine and then transported via an air conditioned crate costing $900 that would be refunded in cash and thats when I speculated and goggled the delivery service and found the scammers list and they are on it.

  2. wow this is so crazy that people actually do this with puppies. I was interested in getting 2 dachshund pups from championdachshundspups. com which is the same information from this one that you mentioned. I Showed interested and was communicating with Daniel thru email, texted the same number and i found very ackward call, the text or number is not a regular number. then his very heavy accent similar to the scammer and lastly being told get get a walmart card for payment. lol i said to my self this is a scam and i actually told him i didn’t feel confortable with this transaction. I told him there are many scammers out there and he said its all about trust lol , and hang up. I then decided to google him and his number i found this website, for sure ITs a scam !

  3. is a scam. I did not end up going through with them but they had all the typical signs of a fake and once I aked for his name and mailing address he stopped replying to me! The website is called Handsomepugs and the email is

  4. the majestic or majesty poodles puppies is also a rip off. they wanted money and I said no,not until I have the puppy.
    I dont hear from them anymore. I cant believe they do this to people.

    • I’m talking to them right now about buying kalid for 700 and they told me to send the money western union which seemed odd to me and now I found this. How did you end up paying all the extra charges. And how do you know you were scammed it’s only 2 days old


    Hello whoever it may concern,

    I was just about to lose around 1000$. So called Paewla Franca Price together with so called Gary Anderson ( tel: 00447418337569) from Global International Shipping Company using the email address: Are scammers! They offer cutest King Charles cavalier puppies who just don’t exist!!!!
    She provided her address even: Flat 303, W3 building. 15 whitworth street west Manchester.

    Please, be careful with them!!! They play on our feelings!

    Please, share this info to as many people as possible!

    her contact number is: +447451243662.
    The web site she sent me is:

  6. Beware and stay away from it is a beautifully done web site and the puppies they’re advertising have been there since July and only one puppy has been updated and marked as sold. They offer things such as free shipping voucher so hurry before the voucher is gone.. this is the first red flag we should have noticed. They even have the audacity to have a scam section on the site warning about using Western Union etc. They gave us a bank account that we did a wire transfer into that our bank verified the funds were claimed and the seller claimed they never got the money. They have taken us for $700. We have also filed an ic3 FBI complaint.

  7. They are called Casto_puppies on instagram. They are located in NJ
    Below is the address provided:
    101 South Shore Road, Northfield, NJ
    I am trying to purchase a French Bulldog. They offered me two for 1050.

  8. We have found several scammers on the sponsored links on Ebay. Don’t go to any of them. It’s all the same people.
    All the same scam. 50% off with shipping at $150. We turned it in to Ebay but they just come back with another site.

    Found this scammer on, advertised he was from Bad Axe, MI so I contacted him through email, and he is actually from Dallas, so he says
    Phone: 469-652-7328

    We accept payment through ( Walmart to Walmart, Money-Gram, Western Union, Zelle, Cash App or Amazon Gift Card ). Let us know which you will proceed with so that we can provide details for payment.
    Full payment is required before we can proceed. We will within 2 business days of receiving payment, confirm your order, process all required paperwork, have our veterinarian perform last minute routine checkup on the puppy and book the flight .
    Once the flight is booked, we will provide you the flight number, date and time of departure and arrival as well as all info you will require to pick up the puppy upon arrival
    I totally understand you and I want you to know that we always deliver our puppies 100% and yours will not be different. All we need for our puppies is a good and caring home, which we know you provide for any of these dogs.
    We are from a Christian home and can’t stood so low to eat your hard earned money or destroy our reputation. Feel free to buy from us and you will never regret it. We are doing this business in remembrance of our father who started this business and that is why we sell at a cheaper cost. Its almost a non profit making business compare to the actual price of about $1500/$2000 for a dachshund puppy.

    But if you are not comfortable with us you can turn down the deal or buy from a different breeder.
    Thank you

    Phone: 469-652-7328

  10. I have found another scam site, The site is just about the same as the site the testimonies are the same, even down to the misspelled words… the site has no phone numbers, addresses, or names; it just has a page to contact them. this is the email that responded to me from
    Thanks again for the interest in our African grey parrots
    Our entire Family and Staff welcome you and we would love to help you find your new furry family member. We are easy to work with and we take this very seriously.We raise our birds with love, they are handled and loved every day, we are with the birds 7 days a week as we do this full time. We sell all our birds as family companion. We make NO exceptions.
    We still have African Grey babies, young and adult available for sale.
    What is the age of the bird you are more interested in?
    Are you interested in male, female or both?
    We are asking $700 for each bird and $100 for shipping if needed . However, I will also like to know the following from you before we proceed. We are located in Toledo, Ohio and the 800$ will include home delivery.
    We also Ship to Canada
    1 ..Where about are you located? City and state??
    2. Have you been keeping birds before or any other pet?
    3…Do you have kids at home?
    4…Are you going to keep them or give them to someone?
    5….Do you promise to take proper care of the bird?
    6…..Do you have experience?
    7…..Would you want a home deliver or pick up at your local airport?
    8…. When do you want to Purchase the bird?
    Thanks for taking your time to read through this email and I hope to read from you again.

  11. Otherwise, a man is allegedly from France. and “the agency” Go-to ship asked me to pay the money. Name: Rungthip

     Surname: Chaiwetwittaya

     City: BANGKOK

     Zip code: 10260

     Country: Thailand

    I want that as many people read this. And that as few people are down to the scam of this man Dimitris Stanlei

  12. I am trying to send a scam report but the website says there is an error.
    How do I send it?
    I’d hate for someone else to get taken.
    the website is
    I believe they are part of the HENRY AUSSIES HOME.
    We found their website as part of the sponsored links on EBAY!
    The puppy dealer had us send $700 via money gram then the shipper emails
    and wants another $950 for a crate! Once I spoke with the dealer
    and the shipper, we knew we were scammed. Both explained the
    reason for the new crate in exactly the same way and they both
    called the puppy “baby”!
    Then we found out the puppy is supposedly at the Dallas, TX
    airport which is 350 miles from where their supposed address is
    in Katy, TX.
    We feel so dumb!

  13. I would like to report a fake pet animal delivery service called Go It Ship Animal Delivery Service Ltd.

    I am from Skopje, Macedonia and I saw an ad for French Bulldogs on the website After that I talked with a person who claimed to be Dimitris Stanley with the following email

    He told me that he was working as a field agent for UNHCR and was originally from Great Britain, but he was deployed to Macedonia and Greece where he bought the dogs (Daimond & Jeana) for 1400€. After that he told me that he had moved to Paris and because of his work he couldn’t keep the dogs so he gave them up for adoption. He offered me the dog for free but I had to pay for the delivery service.

    The next day I got an email from the service (their email is me I have to pay an amount of 190€ through Wester Union on the name of Patchaya Mancharean in Bangkok, Thailand, 10260.

    After I paid the money they asked me for another 800€ for insurance. After I refused to pay the money, they started sending me emails saying that they are going to charge me for pet abandonment.

    I know that I am not the only one who experienced something like this and that’s why I am writing this. Maybe someone else had a similar situation with this guy. I wanted to know if there’s any way that I can get my money back. I am thinking about going to the police but I am not sure wheather is going to have any effect. Even if it doesn’t, I just want to raise awareness for other people who are constantly being lied to and do something to stop this.

      • Actually I couldn’t find their website until I saw the link you sent me but I think that this is the one.
        After I didn’t respond to them for hours because I realised that they were fake and I actually sent my money to them, they just e-mailed me saying are there any updates.
        I don’t know what to do, maybe someone could give me an advice.

        • A man whose mail ( is a serious fraud.Also, the company “Go-to Ship” whose mail ( was interested in the walls of cau cau. He told me that he loves his dogs so that he would never give them to anybody, but because of his work he is not in a position to keep an eye on them, so he does not want to sell them and gives them.All I have to do is pay a dog a ticket of 100e. It was all strange for me because a man does not give me any kind of paperwork paper or anything.A company that does not have a “Go-to ship” tells me that I will be sucked in as I am. how am I abusing the pet (whom I never saw), he also sends me a dream that is not serious and persistent, and one and the other insists on those 100e

        • Hello,
          First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer everyone
          My questions and I appreciate your interests and readiness
          Show yourself to take one of my puppies to your home. Your family
          It sounds wonderful and it’s my desire to see one of my puppies who live
          with you because you have shown great love and a desire to adopt one of mine
          baby and of course I find your house ideal and attractive for one of the

          Despite your busy schedule, I will still be smarter to write for you better
          understanding ..

          Let me tell you a little bit about myself, as I am looking forward to
          to know you well and members of your family ..

          They call me Dimitris Stanley of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.
          And I work for the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees)
          as a field agent. I left my country in February last year
          because of my Organization’s missions. And I was sent to Serbia and Albania
          to visit most in my centers for refugee institutions and in
          in some cases
          they also hold conferences of several cities in Serbia and Albania mainly
          on the global problems of refugees and how to systematically solve this
          I got these two dogs in Serbia and my intention was to take them
          it was my country after my mission from Serbia last July.

          But, unfortunately, my schedule has been terminated without notice
          And in fact, I was reprogrammed for other missions
          France, Iran and Israel.
          So now it is very obvious that at this moment I will not be able to
          to make any further trips with both dogs taking into account
          The fact that they are still young. And also, the places where I will be
          Moving from here will not contribute to keeping brittle pets
          their nature. Since some of these areas are warlike and strategic
          zone. Also, along with the fact that my schedule will be so busy
          which makes it impossible for me to have time to serve them as before.

          The ad was published very late, after I realized my new schedule and me
          just arrived to France two days ago. So, I’m watching things now
          they have to find the best way to get them a new home
          Serbia. Since both have a Serbian VET registration identity,
          Health documents and microchip figures, as well as their passports
          under the Serbian registry. That’s how I’ll find it easier
          Their new home in Serbia and their transportation will not be difficult.
          I really bought these dogs at a price of £ 1400 from a pet shop.

          I know you have to ask yourself if I will sell them at the same price!

          No, I will not do it at this time, because I love them so much.
          so I wanted to know if you are a breeder or a simple pet
          lover. because I do not sell my pets but my desire
          personally finds them a comfortable and kind home for them. Where
          they would be treated with a lot of love, care and value.

          Actually, I also found someone who wants to send one
          dogs for him, regardless of sex.

          To give them a new and loving home quickly, I’d rather give them
          for free adoption. And all you have to do is pay
          their delivery costs that will be able to transfer them to your house
          address in Serbia.

          What I know is that it will last only five hours and all of this will happen
          cost you € 100 for the delivery of one puppy at your location

          This money will be enough to cover their transportation and change
          proprietary papers, so I can send them as soon as possible
          no problem.

          Or even better, if you prefer to move to Paris here and then get them
          I’d love to greet you and appreciate it. but if you want
          arrange for delivery, so do not hesitate to return to me so
          Let me help you with the delivery information.

          Thank you and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

  14. PLEASE READ: ( i was trying to adopt a pomerian spitz and i came across )

    Hi there i was looking https://dog.pet2me. to adopt/buy a pomerian teacup or chow chow and came across your adress.
    can you pls let me know if its still available and some more info if it is .
    Looking forward to your positive response!


    Alvin Lopez
    Fri 31 Aug, 19:17 (2 days ago)
    to me

    for the mail and the interest you have for my male and female puppies
    and am so sorry for the late reply of your mail,
    these puppies are still available and ready to go to their new
    checked,vaccinated with all shots updated, kc registered pure breed worm
    blood with excellent health condition and all papers updated these
    puppies are also potty train and playful with other house hold pets and
    children.these puppies are 12 weeks old each, We are given these puppies
    up for adoption and not for sell.these puppies are up for adoption
    because i do not have enough time to provide the puppies with the best
    for ever home that they need because i was a photographer and now i had a
    new job that has made me not to be with the puppies all the time and
    give them the care and love that they need at the moment that is why
    they are up for adoption for any one who is willing to provide them with
    love and care.these puppies will becoming along with all necessary
    adoption papers a lot of playing toys and a menu booklet that contain
    the feeding method and the types of food that the puppies need okay.they
    also have the following character
    They eat three times a day,
    They do not bark a lot that mist disturb your neighborhoods
    They are friendly to other pet and children.
    i will like to ask you some few question
    Why do you need a pet?
    Where are you located?
    Would you need both or just one and if so a male or female?
    Do you need the puppies for breeding?
    i am sorry for the questions is just that i wish to know the home of
    which i am sending my pets to.
    Awaiting to hear from you so that i can send you more pictures of the puppies

    thanks for your promt response ,I’m glad to find someone that’s giving them out for adoption and not sale ,you’re actually the first one out of all the emails i’ve sent that’s giving for adoption.
    I understand your questions it’s important to have all the info before you give out a puppy.
    Just a short brief about me :
    I’m a makeup artist/social media beauty blogger so I’m mainly on my studio/house ,based in Greece.

    I moved in Greece since 2 years now (marriage purposes) and i really want to get a puppy/pet ,i grew up having pets and giving/taking love plus my husband loves them too.
    Another thing we do have 2 houses in the country side with huge garden ,were we spend most of the summer and a big apartment were we spend the rest of the year ( we can provide a good warm and welcoming place for our new family member).
    I don’t mind if its either female or male i do not intend to do any business with puppies 🙂

    Looking to hear from you again.

    Alvin Lopez
    Sat 1 Sep, 13:52 (1 day ago)
    to me

    Thanks for your response. I must say that am very happy to meet a good home for my puppies and i am very convinced that the puppies will be well taking care of by you. I will like to add some more qualities of the puppies that was not mention in the previous mail i sent to you.
    -they are 100%pure breed puppies. i have attached pictures of the male and female puppies by names Micky{male) and Sandra(female)
    -they are house Trained .
    -they are socialized with kids and other house hold pets
    -they get angry when you shout at them, so don’t do that.
    -they are 12 Weeks old
    they will be coming along side with all details of vaccination ,DE-wormed and microchip. Since I have made up our mind to let the baby into to your home Can you promise me that the puppy will be well look after and you guys will keep me update with monthly pictures so I can know how the puppy is doing with you. we just moved into Poland, So i am Poland. and i will be very happy if you can come for the view but if you guys are not so close to me the I shall arrange for a Pet courier service and they will get the puppy delivered at your home address that you will provide to me, i love the service of a delivery company because they are so fast .After the registration i will provide you the puppy ‘s registration number OK. The litter of these puppies were six but i have succeeded in given four of them for adoption and among those four three of them were delivered to their new destinations by this courier service so kindly send the delivery details as soon as possible OK. Also i shall require all your details to do the change of ownership papers and the details are as follow.

    Full names…………..
    House address………
    Post code…………………
    Home number……………….
    Mobile number……………….
    E-mail address………………

    As soon as i have the details , i shall prepare the change of ownership papers before taking the puppy to the courier company for registration and your home delivery . Do get back to me with the details so i can prepare the change of ownership papers and do the delivery registration with the Carrier service today.Thanks and i shall be waiting to read from you soon.. you will have to pay just €400 for one including shipping and for both €800, that is to the Currier company when they contact you via email and also give you a call. And also I will send all the relevant paper works via the Currier service so you will be paying to them when they contact you via email and also give you a call and not to me because my main objective is for these puppies to have a lovely and forever family, so be at home today OK to hear from the courier service and also to receive the puppy ,so the €400 is for one puppy including the shipping and €800 is for both puppies over to your home.puppies also come with the following papers;
    # Health guarantee
    # Vaccine record
    # KC registration papers
    # Microchip Registration
    # Pedigree
    # Nutrition supplement
    # Traveling Crate
    Thanks and waiting to hear on you soon.

    Hello dear ,

    Thanks for the information we can procced with the adoption I’d be really happy to adopt Sandra the female puppy and i hope in the future we can get a brother or sister.

    Full adress:

    House address :
    Post code:
    Home number:
    Mobile number.:
    E-mail address:

    I have some question too
    What do you normaly use to feed Sandra and how many times a day.
    Some more info about potty training ,how many times or where is she used to go
    and if she is a pomerian spitz or boo (sorry to ask but i never had a pomerian and i see a lots of names online).
    How often do we need to brush her or bath her.

    waiting for your response.

    Alvin Lopez
    Sat 1 Sep, 16:56 (1 day ago)
    to me

    Hello my friend, thanks for the delivery information i must say that i am very happy about the fact that you really want to provide this baby with the best forever loving home that the baby need and i am very happy about that but right now am out of town with my boss for a business and i shall be back on Sunday evening, so i will be taking the baby to the courier service on Monday morning for the delivery registration and transfer of ownership document from my names to your names as the legal owner of the Puppy once that is been done, the courier service are going to contact you via email and also give you a call for you to confirm your full delivery details so that they do not make any wrong delivery and also on how you shall be making the payment of the €400 first to their director in charge of international deliveries in their international head quarter for pets they are going to provide you with the payment information that you are going to use for the payment in order to enable them activate the delivery card of the baby,process the baby passport and also process the transfer of ownership document and then proceed with the delivery of the baby to your home once payment has been confirm by their director and when the arrive your home will then complete the balance. Also the courier service are going to let you know the departure and arrival day and time of the puppy over to your home so make sure you be by your phone and close to your computer Monday morning so that you do not miss their call and email.Also once i am done with everything at the courier service i am going to let you know,remember you shall be making the payment to the courier as soon as they will contact you for the activation of the delivery card of the puppy and also to process the baby passport and transfer of ownership document okay. This puppy will becoming with some playing toys, a booklet( which will direct you on how you shall be taking care of the puppy, it type of food which the puppy eat), a brush, towel, bowl, comfortable blanket and as well a some food stuffs of the puppy okay.This is a Pomeranian spitz, She take her bath ones a day, and some times twice a day when she must have got her self dirty.She is well train and she always go outside to do her wast she is well train on a pad. I always love taking them at a park and also on a walk and thing is that she listen to instructions and get well with children and other pets.


    Great my friend for sure I’ll be checking my email and my phone is always with me or my husband so for sure one of us with answer.
    About the payment I did’t get you ,we will pay on hand to hand want to the curier once we receive Sandra or before that? ( we are able to pay anytime so thats not an issue).
    Thanks for the info and If you don’t mind I’d like to have your full details like name number ( sorry if it sounds rude i just wanna make sure i prevent any scamming) or you can add me on my facebook/instagram.

    On the full adress please add this mobile number as a prior one and the one i gave you before as secondary.
    My mobile :

    ps: I’ll make sure she will have her time out in the garden or parks everyday .

    Thank you!
    (BTW dear i was doing a small research ( no offense again i wanna make sure i dont deal with scammers)

    i saw your email in different sites providing not only pomerian but shepherd,akita,retreiver dogs too. Do you have a pet shelter and you give them out for adoption or ? )

    Okay here is my address:
    Alvin Lopez
    Pucka 3, 84-123 Mrzezino, Poland

    right now i don’t have a phone my fiance son throw my phone in the pool yesterday when they came over for lunch so right now am still waiting on my salary so i can buy a new phone, so just feel free to email me anytime and i get back to you with all your answers okay,
    I myself i discover today that this other guys copy my email address and put it to many other ads on the site, the only ads i have is Pomeranian nothing more.
    i have reported this to the web master already and he has told me his going to delete all those other ads, what this guys did is that they want me reply to their mails so they can hack my email address but i always ignore their contacts.
    You shall be paying first as soon as they will contact you because they will need to activate the delivery card of the puppy, process its passport before delivery can start without the activation of the delivery card delivery can not proceed.

    Oh alright then.
    A lots of people are complaining about scammers and i had to double check with you.
    So we can go further pls do send me some information about the company that will be shipping the puppy with their details plus some documention of you having the puppy( could be her passport info or other kind of documantation) that proves this is all legit and real and I’d be really happy to receive the puppy and stay in touch with you.

    Hello Alvin,

    Do you have any updates for me another lady got in touch with me giving for adoption a puppy with a lower shipping price and she provided documentation but i really want Sandra i need all the info needed max today night time before going for final decision/payment.


    Alvin Lopez
    14:17 (5 hours ago)
    to me

    Hello there i understand, i have no problem if you want to go with the lady. i just check through my computer i realize that the kc paper of the puppy is been destroyed by virus,,,,,,so if you want to go with the lady i have no problem with that.

  15. I rescue dogs and people are ALWAYs telling me about how they were or almost were scammed. Yesterday somebody contacted me because I have Yorkie puppies right now that are available and she was scammed for 1200.00. It’s so sad because when someone has made the decision to make the 15 year commitment and give a four legged friend and family member,a loving, caring, forever home, they aren’t thinking that there are people out there running dog and puppy scams. The site

  16. I was nearly scammed by “Scott Walters” ( from the Frenchies Pups Lover website ( I really thought I had did my research. Even when I told him I needed more info for verification, “Scott” called and texted me several times. He provided and address, phone number, videos and testimonials! It was the grace of God that he was not able to pick up the $$ on his end at the Walmart because of his ID. I was able to cancel the transaction and get my $$. Here is the email and invoice:

    Fri 8/24/2018, 6:11 PM

    Walmart invoice Jack.pdf
    138 KB

    Alright (name )
    You will have to pick Jack up at Austin-Bergstrom International
    Airport. For payment we do accept Walmart as is fast and reliable. (
    We just attach our payment invoice ). Please take note payment are
    been made only at the Walmart store. Bellow are some steps on how you
    are going to make the payment at the Walmart store.

    1)- Go to the Walmart store with our payment address.

    2)- Ask for a Walmart to Walmart sending from

    3)- Fill the from with our address as the receiver, and your address
    as the sender

    4)- Return the from to the Walmart officer with the money you are transferring.

    5)- They will transfer the money and give you a transfer duplicte receipt.

    6)- Email us with the 9 digit reference numbers.

    Once the payment is made please do email us payment transfer receipt
    for confirmation. You will receive a copy of his flight information
    as soon as his flight is booked with his airway bill number which you
    will use to pick him up at the airport with your photo ID.
    Thanks,.God bless you.

    DATE: August 24, 2018 INVOICE # [03]
    [SCOTT WALTERS] [4476 MARBELLA DR] [NAPLES, FL 34105] [(407) 680-1476]
    TO: (name)
    AMOUNT $600
    S H I P P I N G F E E $150
    T O T A L $750

    C L O S E S T W A L M A R T L O C A T I O N W H E R E Y O U C A N M A K E P A Y M E N T
    WALMART – #5480 4700 E PALM VALLEY BLVD 4700 E PALM VALLEY BLVD Round Rock, TX 78665 Round Rock, TX 78665



  17. Royal Diamond pet store/@ castopuppies on instagram is a rip off they take your money and won’t send your dog. They tried to get me to cash app them $500 for a yorkie puppy. Don’t trust them they don’t have a valid website or store address porocced with caution when coming in contact with them scammers

  18. I reported this puppy scammer on Facebook for months and reported the gmail he is using and nothing has been done. Facebook hasn’t taken down his pages for months. I reported to FTC and other government agencies and still nothing. People are getting scammed and I got all his information in an email on how he scams people. Here are his pages on Facebook.
    This is how he is scamming you. Please DO NOT SEND HIM MONEY. TOTAL SCAM.
    On Wed, 15 Aug 2018 at 21:38 ericom neriwag wrote:
    – AMOUNT…..$600
    – NUMBER…209-737-0570
    – ZIP CODE………..90008

  19. I thought I was buying a Boston Terrier puppy. I went through a place called The puppy was 654.00 which included shipping. I sent the money Western Union. I was to receive the puppy 3 days later. He told me he was at the airport with the puppy and she would be on the next plane out. Within s matter of 10 minutes I received a text from the airport stating I needed to send them 1280.00 for insurance which would be refunded to me once the puppy arrived. I didn’t have 1280.00 they stated if I didn’t send them the money they could not send the puppy. I contacted the seller and explained to them what happened and his comment was “go ahead and send the money you’ll get it back once the puppy arrives”. I had no money to send so I told him to go get the puppy and send me my money back Western Union, he stated he would the following day. Needless to say I haven’t head from him since. The seller’s name was Karlson Amos.

  20. I have a detailed comment in reference to five or six websites that I have discovered are linked by phone and or operators. Rather than fill out six separate forms, I feel it would make more sense to fill out one form to cover the whole operation. I have checked and know that all of them are known to you. They are websites and not Facebook or Instagram, etc. I have the information that you request such as names, phone numbers, addresses, etc. I came across all of this purely by accident. I noticed it on a website that listed phone numbers that were thought to be ” secret” but really weren’t. I also love animals and the thought that people were suffering because they thought the animal they “bought” was suffering really ticked me off. I love puzzles and it didn’t take much effort to find the information needed once I had the information you gave. Please let me know if it would be acceptable to send just the one message containing all the information needed instead of the six or seven separate ones which would just be confusing.
    Thank you.
    Stacy Whatley

  21. is a scammers i always put more money and if i ask for foto they can get or for me and always asking more money!!
    Firts was the pup shipt and than there were problems!! Sow the have 85€ and i dont have a puppy!!

  22. Blessing Tea cup puppies-I reached out to this website to purchase a appleheaded teacup chihuahua. I spoke with them on the phone initially. I texted back and forth with them in reference to the puppy. The puppy was supposedly shipped and on its way after I paid $300.00 MoneyGram deposit to breeder. The evening the puppy was to arrive I started receiving emails from their shipping co. that more money was needed for insurance for the puppy. After asking many questions to both shipper and breeder I DID NOT PAY the extra $850.00. They then proceeded to tell me that the puppy was suffering and I “shall be charged with pet abandonment”. I told them to proove to me that the puppy was stuck in the airport and was actually alive- they told me I “needed to trust that the puppy was there”. They wanted to know why I complained about every situation… They accused me of only caring about money. This situation went back and forth from Sunday until Tuesday afternoon- all hours of the day. I held my ground but was emotionally and financially abused by both the “breeder (Miller Jefferson)” and the “American Movers Delivery Service (David Morgan)”. I have copies of the emails from the shipping company and all of my text messages.

  23. The Jayden Pitbull home are scammers I seen a puppy I wanted on the website and almost sent them my mom luckily I researched about them because when I asked for pictures of the parents they never sent them and they gave me false info and they don’t do pay pal they only do Walmart money transfer that’s how I know it’s a scam I want the website gone people have issues just to try to get money it’s so not cool

    • Please stay away from they are a scam. They scammed me out of 1050.00 and wanted an additional 1100.00 for insurance on the puppy. When I told them I did not have the money and wanted a refund, they stopped responding. PLEASE STAY AWAY!!!!!


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