The latest news from is a volunteer run organisation which  was set up to counter the massive wave of Pet scams being committed over the internet.

Our aims are threefold.

  1. Raise awareness of pet scams
  2. Create a searchable database of websites used in pet scams
  3. Give users the tools to report websites being used in pet scams.

Pet scams have different names from Puppy scams, Parrot scams, Kitten scams, Cameroon Pet scams and are all a variation of the 419 scam.

The outline is the same.

  • A scammer will offer pets for sale or adoption.
  • They will will demand money is paid before you see/receive the pet.
  • Once you have paid the initial amount, they will demand other fees, often introducing a “delivery company” in order to extort more money
  • The scammer will never deliver the pet and instead will steal any money you have sent.