How does a Puppy Scam Work?

How does a Puppy Scam work?

October 7, 2020
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How does a Puppy Scam Work?

Puppy Scams are online scams run by organized criminals. This scam is being run at an industrial level with some criminal groups creating 100s of websites to convince consumers to part with their money. Commonly called a “Puppy Scam”, this scam can use kittens, horsestortoises or any other pets as bait.

The scam normally works in three parts:

1 The Hook

Puppy ScamThe hook is simple. The scammer will offer pets for sale or adoption. These scammers will create a custom website and advertize on Facebook, CraigsList, TradingPost and any other classified ad websites.
They will interact with you by mail, SMS or phone to convince you that they have a pet to sell or give away.
The aim here is to get the intended victim emotionally invested in a fictitious pet. When people act on emotion they are easier to scam.
A scammer can target 50 people at a time. They use a series of “canned” responses which they copy and paste when replying to you. The emails are long and verbose asking questions and answering questions you have not asked. If you ask a question that is not in their script they give a short curt answer.
If the “pet” is being sold and not offered for adoption the scammer will con their victims into giving hundreds of dollars in the first part of the scam

2. The Sting

Pet Delivery ScamThis is where the majority of money is stolen.
You are now emotionally invested in the pet. If the pet was sold (not for adoption) you are also financially invested as well.
The scammer will create a Pet Delivery Website so that you can track the delivery of your new pet.
You will be given a “tracking number” which will direct you to a webpage created and controlled by the scammer. This webpage will show you that your pet is being delivered.
A day later you will receive an email that the delivery is delayed as you must pay fees. The scammer will update the webpage created for you in order to convince you that the fees are legitimate. Fees can include:

  • Delivery fees
  • Cage fees
  • Ventilated cage fees
  • Vaccines
  • All of the above


There is no limit to the amount  or variation of fees. If you pay one, they demand another and another until you cannot afford to pay more or you realise it is a scam.
As you are emotionally invested in the pet you are expecting to receive the scammers will take full advantage of this and blame you for cruelty because you are delaying the delivery.

The loss to the victim is now in the thousands.

3. The Threat

Animal  Abandonment scamOnce you refuse to pay anymore money to the scammer they will threaten you. Once of the most common threats is “Animal  Abandonment”. Again this is part of the scam. Animal abandonment is a crime and rightly so but in this scenario, even if it were true, animal abandonment laws would not apply. You can see more on animal abandonment here:

Puppy Scammers can go as far as to create a website that looks like a law enforcement website. If they think they can frighten you into paying more money they will continue to phone, email and text.

Why does the Puppy Scam Work?

Pet scams are not new. They have been around since online scams began. In the past couple of years they have become more of an issue. The Better Business Bureau states in their report (see here) that an unusually high number of those targeted in the schemes are in their late teens or 20s.

This could be down to several things. Firstly, online shopping is now the norm. You can buy anything online now and this has been embraced by a younger generation.
Secondly, this scam was not as widespread in the past. Criminal gangs are now using this method to scam consumers on an industrial scale.
Lastly, your emotions are scammed first. The scammer will use the cutest pictures they can find on the internet to make you fall in love with a pet they do not possess. In this way it is like the typical “Love Scam”

Education here is the key.

The majority of internet users would now ignore a standard scam by a “Nigerian Prince asking for help to move a vast inheritance”, if you could just pay the barrister fees.
Most people would not fall for the classic “Lottery Scam” as almost everyone now knows that technique.
The techniques these criminals use are still relatively unknown and until they receive more coverage these scammers will continue to scam consumers.

What to do next?

As well as reporting this to the Registrar it is very important to report this crime to your local Law Enforcment. We have compiled a list of Law Enforcement agencies worldwide.You can find a link (here) as well as reporting wire fraud using money transfer agencies (here).

If you live in the US it is important to report this scam to the BBB. Click here to see why. As well as the Better Business Bureau you should report this crime to the Federal Trade Commission. See Here

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  1. have you heard of DK GOLDEN DOODLE


    They have a facebook page and a website, but no parents dogs to be seen and no updated pictures of puppies. They only want payment through cash app, venmo, or zelle. Is this a scammer? I hate to assume that if they are legit, but I also don’t want to get scammed. Thanks!

      • Hi Dian, the best advice I can give you is never put a deposit down on a puppy you have not personally seen or at the very least had a videochat with the breeder where they have shown you the puppy live on video. Unfortunately the website you have posted is fake. Around 80% of the adverts advertising pets for sale online are fake.

    • No, it is a scam Joshua. it is only about a month old so we do not have it on our database yet.

        • Hi Roger, i’m one of the other mods and yes it is fake. A bit of future advice: never buy a pet before you have a videochat with the breeder where they can show you the puppy live. Scammers can fake videos, photos and websites but not a live video conversation. Best, Mark.

      • Paul, Oh my gosh… i will never be able to find a maltipoo! how about these guys.. call themselves toy maltipoo… they emailed me the following….

        “Our website

        Shipping and delivery is available for each puppy since we are located
        in 306 Foxglove Dr, Hutto, TX 78634 ,We make arrangement for free shipping since we are closing business since my wife is pregnant, and she runs the business………..

        Thanks and Waiting And Waiting to Read from you soon .
        All The Best
        Joseph and Kilian.

        Paul, Their toy maltipoos are reduced 50% to $750. Are they scammers????????

        Appreciate your help, to figure out if these are scammers… thx!!! Lucy Lukas

  3. Anyone worked with Jane’s Welsch Corgi Puppies – I don’t want to list why I think this is a scam because I don’t want to give help to anyone trying to scam people.

        2566 sykes creek dr.
        Merritt island, Fl
        Legit or not?
        I have had several emails back and forth. Some cut and paste stuff, I live hours away so I offered to pay at pick up. They want cashapp, zelle, or walmart for deposit…they sent cut and paste about flights etc. again I responded that I would be picking up…now it is they will meet but have been stood up before and want a cash deposit

        • Hi Renee, It is a scam. The domain was registered in June and uses stolen content on their website.
          Ask them for a live video chat using Skype, Zoom or any other video conferencing app. Make sure you see both the breeder and the puppy you are interested in.
          This will be a simple thing for a breeder to do yet impossible for a scammer as they wont have the pup.

      • Is David’s miniature schnauzers a scam? I have paid a deposit and he is to ship the puppy today to me. Before I pay the rest I need to know if it’s a scam

        • Sounds very familiar Ginger, can you use the search function at the top of the page to search for the domain ie.

    • Hi Jill, try and have a videochat with them where they can show you the puppy. If they refuse, its a scam. This website does appear to be fraudulent.

      • i’m trying to deal with this exact guy, i feel like its a scam. He texted me and my dad the same exact generic text message. When you google the phone number it isn’t even registered to a james tucker. I highly believe this is a scam there is no way apure bred cavalier is 700 when they average 2500-3000

      • he’s a scam 100% he only accepts payment through zelle and apple pay. Cash apps wont let you get your money back once its sent. DO NO BUY A PUPPIES FROM JAMES TUCKER OR WHATEVER HIS NAME IS

    • Yes it is and he is a scam. Maybe one day it will come back on him. He has now disconnected his number 760.292.7745

  4. I asked you if is a scam and I just read their about page and saw it was same name of owner of who on her page warns of scammers using her info and lists the site I was questioning about. Soo depressing.

    • Hi Bethany, the "quick and easy" way to see if its a scam is to ask for a videocall to see the puppy before you place any sort of deposit. If the "breeder" refuses you then know its a scam. Considering this website was made less than a month ago i'll hazard a guess that it is fake.

  5. The Los Angeles recycler has hundreds of ads for purebred puppies at very attractive prices…. They all purport to be local people selling a few puppies… The prices make me very suspicious… Are the recycler publications known as a publication used by scam purveyors?

  6. Hey I am looking at buying a yorkie from this website i inquired about a few puppies and got a text from them and asked where they were located and they said in denver colorado. I just want to make sure they’re legit because i do not have much money as a college student so buying this puppy and losing all my money is not an option.

    • Hi Bethany, this looks pretty dodgy to me – I wouldn't buy anything from them. I'll make sure it gets added here. If you're ever unsure about whether a puppy is real, ask for a live video call (Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc…) with the breeder and make sure to get the puppy on camera.

    • The 50% discount is also a clue. Real breeders don't do that. Ask if they take credit cards, betting they don't.

  7. i got scammed by [email protected] located sp they say in charlotte nc i am in toronto ontario scammed for 4700.00 can dollars i am not a stupid person just a sucker but its send more for this or that for 2 weeks now and their transport company east coast pet transfer which i now believe are one in the same bunch of crooks they sell chihauhas their phone numbers 1 704 750 1360 i am sure they are not legit thanks pls spread the word

    • Yes it is. Ask them for a video chat so that you can see both the puppy and the owner. Let us know their response


        these people just scammed us. just figured it out today. they took our money via paypal yesterday. we asked to come see the kitten and they hung up on us.

        you may want to add them to your list to save the next person from being robbed. thank you

  8. what about Is this a scam. they are asking for more $ from the shipper co which is world class movers pet transportation llc

  9. Craigslist ad for Maltese puppies. Contacted, and received some cute pictures of two left. The story was also told to me in email. They were in SC, and I am in NC. Then the story went surgery was scheduled in RI and they would ship the puppy to me. Plus, telling me the little girl wasn't neutered. lol… yeah so not going to deal with them.
    [email protected] was the email given.
    "After reading through your mail, you moved to the number one spot in my heart for potential adopters of my Lil Pup. More details on her personality. Re homing fee of $350
    ****** My Girl******
    -She is Not neutered.
    -She eats 2 times daily
    -She is socialized with other household pets especially Dogs.
    -She likes to be carried a lot and be spoiled.
    -She likes to be kissed and likes Licking your legs.
    My wife and I have decided to give out this puppy to anyone who is ready to take good care of her and we are happy you are willing to do so for her. All we need from you is your love for the baby. I really wanted to meet with you so you can pick up yourself but since you are not in our area and it's a distance ride. I don't know if you will make up the ride to come to pick up. We just relocated some few days ago to 72 Charles St, Bristol, RI 02809 where I have been reference for my surgery. Also, I just want to let you know that the distance is not going to be a problem. If you can assure me of taking very good care of the puppy, as well as to sending me monthly updated pictures, I have no problem to deliver her to your home Today by shipping. Also from time to time, I can come to visit you and the pup if it's okay with you. Get back to me real fast if you interested and still want to proceed. Thanks."

    • Hi Syndy, it is fraudulent. It has been flagged and will be added to our system shortly. Always apply the "have a videochat and make them show you the puppy" test when buying online!

  10. There is a puppy showing up on two sites with different names. Is either of these legit?
    Ryanhavanesepuppies .com
    prettyhavanesepuppieshome .com

    • Hi Adrien, It is a scam. For one thing, the domain was only registered "Creation Date:2020-08-13". That is only 4 days ago.
      That is the first and most obvious flag however there are many more which we cannot make public.
      We will have a warning as soon as possible.
      Thank you!

        • Hi Taylor – have you any proof that the pet exists? Perhaps ask for a live videochat and if they do not allow this before a payment then it is a fake website.

          • Thank you, I did this and they got very upset and guilt tripped me because they have "been saving the puppies and turning down other offers. I should trust them because they trust me." Flat out refuse to do videochat or allow paypal payment so I decided better safe than sorry and will find puppies I can visit in my own area before purchase. Sad, we were excited but happy to have found this website before hand and saved ourselves from being scammed. The website also used pictures and text copied and pasted from all over the internet-simple google deep dive was all it took. Thanks again!

  11. Was talking to a guy today that said he had chihuahua puppies for sale. Texting and emails for most of the afternoon. He got real pushy on sending $1,500 for two puppies. Guys grammar was so bad in the texts that it was hard to understand what he was saying sometimes. Said he was from Tifton, Georgia. Is this a scam?

    • Hi David, yes it appears to be. You can easily verify this by asking for a videochat where they can show you the puppy live on video. if they don't do this without asking for money they are definitely a scam.

      • My friend is looking for a puppy and contacted [email protected] via Facebook at “Cavapoo puppies for adoption”. I’m pretty sure it’s a scam and was hoping for confirmation.


        • Quick answer? Yes. It is a scam.
          A FB page set up in July immediately had multiple expensive puppies of multiple breeds. Their "website" has already been shut down.

          • Thanks. I managed to get her to not go to the pick up point and she's trying to get her money back (thankfully she didn't pay everything they wanted).

          • Hi,
            Can you check is a legit or scam?

          • Yes it is but it is so new that it is not on our database….. yet
            Thank you for letting us know.

    • yep same here i was looking at cavalier king charles and they were only 800 and i texted and they used language that was broken up and i thought it was a scammer but went along explained i had just lost my cav and they came back and asked if i had ever owned a cav before and i told them yes then asked if i had pets in the past so i stopped texting and they texted the next day telling me i needed to send the money or its gone to someone else and must of texted me 50 times that day so i thought fine im gonna play this i said send me pics please ..these idiots sent me pictures of totally different dogs then i had asked about so at this point its funny so i said ok i will send money through paypal and i have never heard ftom them again

    • Hi David. As I see from the title “galaxy” is fake. There was also another website that said “Galaxy Pitbulls. So it’s a scam.


  12. i have been in contact with someone on instagram. Jennyyorkies. her website is Is this a scam.

    • The website was only made 3 months ago so that may be an indicator. My advice is ask them for a videocall where they can show you the puppy live on video. If they refuse and want a deposit then its run by Cameroonians trying to defraud you.

    • Hi Craig- it appears to be fake. The best way is to have a videochat with a potential breeder and make them show you the puppy before you make any deposit. That way you can be sure it actually exists.

  13. Hello! I'm so happy, I found this website! We are looking for a Boston Terrier puppy, and there are a lot of websites offering puppies for a reasonable price, they claim to be experienced breeders, their testimonial is very smart and appealing, but some major information are missing from the pages, what just make them questionable. Nothing about location, phone number, only 1 picture per puppy…We could only contact them through the website, so we sent the msg, later someone with a heavy accent called us, and his first question was, when do we want the dog. My husband asked where are they located at, because we want to go meet the puppy before the purchase and he said we can't, because they live too far from us. This is the website:
    Also, the About Us page seems to be copied, because I found an other website with a different name, different puppies, but the same exact perfectly written English testimonial and the same type of site:
    I believe they are both scam, right? If so, should I report them? Thank you for your help and thank you for this site!

    • Hi Juni – both are fake. The best way is to have a videochat with a potential breeder and make them show you the puppy before you make any deposit. That way you can be sure it actually exists.

    • It most certainly is. It is ALWAYS a scam is the seller requests their payment in giftcards like this website does.

    And their fake shipping company

    ALL FAKE BREEDERS! I’m an emotional person and when I really want something I am emotionally invested and easily manipulated.

    If you get caught like me call your bank, Contact the FBI, call/write anyone you can think of. Contracts are not legit even with a physical address.

    I even called the apartment complex located at the address provided in the contract. I just hate myself for falling for it.

    • Bethany, We were scammed by the same folks this past weekend. and After the shock, we plan on reporting to all appropriate departments. They even called us today with COA United Police as the caller. Trying to scare us, yet again. How these people sleep at night is beyond me, because we were heart broken beyond words, for always trying to see the best in people. BEWARE>

  15. Hi, I just wanted to share these scammer websites. They offered dogs online, but they never ship them. SCAMMER WEBSITE.

    Husband and I bought one of them, but we did not receive him. If that were not enough, they sent a “tracking number” and requested an additional payment of 1650 usd for an insurance. 🙁

    [email protected]
    +1(229) 329-1605

    • Unfortunately, my neighbor was also SCAMMED by this website. DO NOT send ANY MONEY to
      They promise you an australian shepherd and have you wire money, then tell you they are going to ship you the dog through Global Air County. They then pull the, they need insurance money ($1600.00) and then say they can’t ship the dog in the crate it is in, so send another $1300.00. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not attempt to purchase a dog from this website.

    • Hi Jardyn, this looks pretty fake to me. The website was only registered last week (despite claiming they’ve been selling puppies for over 14 years), and the phone number on their website is a VOIP number, which means they can actually be located anywhere in the world. I’ve added this one to our collection and we’ll publish a report on it soon – thanks!

      • Hi Mark.
        Have you ever heard of Classy Pitbulls? Any word on weather they are scam or real. I read a few of the threads and I ask some of the things that you asked. The said they would send a video of the puppy and they are located in Las Vegas. I am waiting to hear back from them cause I asked if there is an additional fee for insurance and crate.

        • Hi Myrlande – scammers can very easily send you a recorded video. Insist upon a “live videochat”. Unfortunately I cannot know if Classy Pitbulls is real or fake without actually seeing the name of the website. Can you send the URL please?

  16. We just lost $700 trying to purchase a minpin from the site The emails back and forth seemed legitimate. I was asked to western union $700 to them, which would include the cost of the puppy and the shipping. I was then given a tracking number and the shipping company, “State Pet Movers”, but it said that the delivery was on hold because the crate needed to be changed to a “temperature controlled” crate, an extra $950 dollars that they wanted transferred via Western Union. The email was sent from [email protected]. I looked them up, and they seem to have scammed others as well. I’m absolutely devastated.

  17. Check a domain to see if it’s brand new, old, possibly where it is located.
    Go here:

    (Mod note from Mark: This is all I am allowing. We usually reject all comments from users that post with proxies but in this case it is useful information)

  18. Well, add me to the list. Too embarrassed to tell you how much money we lost. We bought not one but 2 Schnauzers! Heard someone say go big or go home. I went big. I was ripped off by MILTSCHNAUZERS.ONLINE & STATICSHIPPING.COM.

  19. Dear petscam, can you please tell me about this site
    is it fake too? i like one of their puppy but will be able to take it in one month, and it’s ok for me to do a deposit. The only thing they are asking to do a deposit first via cash app and after they can send me an agreement or bill of sale. Also they said they will be shipping the dog.

    • Hi Daisy – this is a fake website. Never make a direct deposit with a cashapp before at the very least having a videochat with the breeder so they can show you that the puppy exists

    • Hi yes it is. If you are in doubt in the future ask the breeder for a videochat. If they refuse, it is a fake site. Breeders are interested in where their puppies are going.

    • Yes it is. Moneygram is in all cases used by Cameroonian fraudsters in the purchase of a pet. It is also non-refundable so they know you cannot get your money back. The website was also created on the first of June.

  20. Website Link:

    “Once i have the above information, the bill of sale will be sent to you along side with the payment details and also on how you shall be making the payment, The total cost including shipping is $500 , I will also like you to know that i will be sending the puppy with food that will last for about 1 months, I will be sending him with food menu, hand booklet that will help you in taken very good care of him, Bed Blanket, Play Toys, Etc. They will put the puppy on board and update you as the shipping proceed. The delivery is going to be door to door step delivery so you just need to wait for the puppy at your home after you have made the payment.” Scammer language?

    • Fluent!
      “you just need to wait for the puppy at your home after you have made the payment” I am pretty sure how long you will have to wait.
      The simple translation is:
      “Send me money and then I will continue to scam you with the shipping part of the scam”

  21. Do you have any information on Dream Puppies Arena – ? I was trying to get information about a maltipoo puppy they had for sale for $750, with free shipping anywhere in the United States- They gave me a phone number- (619) 859-9097 (that area code is from Columbus Ohio). When I called, it was a weird recording asking for my name and then it disconnected. I filled out a “Contact Us” form, and thenI got a text. The address of the store he gave as…5089 West Prentice Court, Denver CO 80123. I asked if he was working out of his home and he texted..”Dream Puppies Arena”. So I asked if I could call him instead of texting. He answered…”Go to our website and read more about us and get back to us when you are ready and we will give you a call. We don’t want unneccesary questions or questions that already have answers onour website.” At that point, I asked if I could call him. He called me and asked me if I could hear him, and I said,” Yes, I can hear you.” I hope it wasn’t one of those “Yes” scams! Then when I started asking questions about his store address, store hours and questions about the puppy, he got snotty with me and told me to go back and read the information on the webiste. I looked up the address he gave me for the store and it was a house… I asked him if the maltipoo would really weigh 3.5 lbs. as an adult, as it said on the website. He said that was a mistake and that it should say 10 lbs. All of the maltipoos were listed as 3.5 lbs. as an adult, but it didn’t say they were toy or miniature. This was sounding more and more like a scam. He had a very snotty tone, and didn’t want to repeat any information that I had asked before. He said…go and find it on the website. I was trying to see if he could remember what he had told me, but he refused to repeat any info. At that point, I said, “If you are really interested in selling these puppies, I would think you would be willing to answer any questions I have, no matter how many times I ask them!” He got rid of the snotty tone, and then I told him I would have to speak to my husband about this and I would get back to him. The red flags I saw were: snotty tone, foreign accent, didn’t know the information when asked, supposedly wrong info on the website, price was $750…included free shipping ( by land or air…my choice), up to date on vaccines, but not spayed/neutered. I thought the price was very low if it included airfare. My friend sat here and heard everything, so she decided to fill out the “Contact Us” form about the poodles to see what would happen. She was given the same address, but a different phone number…(720) 446-8592. The area code is for Columbus, OH. Thank you for your help in warning others about all the scams out there. Your efforts are appreciated.

    • the website was created 10 days ago so that suggests it may be fake, other than that it is hard to say. The only way you will be able to prove it is fake is if you insist to have a videocall with them where you can force them to show you any pet before you buy it. If they refuse, it is a scam.

  22. question-is a scam? I did what you said and asked for video chat and they said ” not in a position to do now”

    • Then it would appear they are fake. Unless they are willing to offer you any live video correspondence or a face-to-face visit do not make any depsoit.

  23. We’ve just been scammed by and [email protected], fortunately we figured it out early and only lost $500 to the “breeder”. When we got the poorly worded email from [email protected] (using clip art from 1995), asking us for $1030 for a ventilated cage (huh….arent they all ventilated?) we did some research and found this site. In contact with the bank (we used Zelle) now but guessing the money is long gone by now…..

    Thanks for the good work you folks are doing, wish we had found this sooner.

    sharon wege 5-17-2020 at 6:21 pm
    Does anyone know if [email protected] is a scam? I just spoke with them over the phone and it felt like a scam.
    If anyone has any information please let me know!!! Thank you!

    Hi Sharon – my guess is YES! Why? I just found hundreds of scam sites all with the exact same testimonials, and all of the associated scammer emails either had a person’s name at the front of a gmail address, or the word “home” at the end of the website address. This one falls right into that same pattern! Be on the lookout for a testimonial that uses this phrase (as I found 34 websites with the exact same one): “She is so fluffy, energic and so much beautiful!”

    AKC has verified breeders listed with pups available, if that helps.

  25. Stay away from Magnificent Pets! FB page has no website, phone, or address. I was skeptical, but messaged them with caution – see screen recording!
    Took a while to get an address from them, which I’m sure isn’t theirs. Payment via payPal “friends and family” which does not offer buyers protection like “goods and services” does.
    Refuses to video chat, never required an application, and once I called them out they blocked me. They have a Facebook page which I have reported.

  26. Hello there. Is a scam? Very interested in their site but trying to be safe.

  27. Dear All
    From south Africa… I paid 4200 for pup. Then courier asked R9100 for ventilated cage. Then R25 500 for permit because of Covid…
    is this legal?

  28. Beware I am so annoyed, I let myself be scammed by and I paid them $550.00 through PayPal but, PayPal won’t give me their information or cancel the payment even though they see their bank account and who owns it. Never send a payment through friends and family on PayPal. They now had a fake shipping company contact me for additional monies to ship. A few email addresses they gave.
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Names they gave throughout the communications Scoria Makokha Rosolind Smothers Tientcheu Sieni Terry Powel

  29. Beware!Chester Shih tzu homes is a huge scam!! Why cant their websites be shut down? My heart breaks when I see the site,as they’re still ripping people off! The whole site is fake and they sound Nigerian. I wish there was a way to stop them! I’ve reported them to FBI,FTC,and BBB. It enrages me that they are still allowed to crush people’s hearts. It’s not even about the money we lost. It’s the heartbreak of not getting the adorable pups that you had your heart set on! Please,please find a way to shut them down!He told me to take him to court! I googled the address, 38 Pleasant dr. and it’s a yellow house! Theyve got to be stopped somehow. They need to get a real job,like everyone else! I wanna see them shut down so badly!!!

  30. Is Laura faith purebred out of New JERSEY legit and do they actually fly and sell puppies for $650.00 yorkies?

  31. Do you know if Mellow Samoyeds in Houston, Texas is a legit breeder. My daughter is so desperate for a support dog. She is recovering from a tragedy and we are looking everywhere for Samoyed pups. Also, Royal payment through Zell.

    • Hi Brandy, this appears to be a scam. A quick test is to get the breeder to videocall you and make them show you the puppy before you pay any deposit.

  32. We just put a down payment on a puppy and they aren’t showing us pics of the puppy and saying they are sending via Facebook. Nothing is coming through. The Facebook page is “doodles at Oakridge farm.” Contacted another lady on their Facebook that is running into the same problem. Is this company legit?

  33. Hi,is tylerfrenchbulldogs. com a legit site?
    And is French Bulldog Breeders legit? Please I need to know before I contact them to purchase a puppy.

  34. I’m looking to purchase a French Bulldog puppy at tylersfrenchbulldog is this legit site also french bulldog breeders is it legit site?

  35. this is a scam tried to get me to send 999 for two boxer puppies. Iinvestigated them. They do not live at the address provided the ph# is fake the web address is on go daddy for 1 year only they accidentally sent me 6 different zullie acconts to send the money The akc says they never heard of them all the communication with them is thru email this web pages looks authentic. when they send you a contract it looks great. the free shipping is bs so if your looking for a boxer do not go to this site.

  36. I am interested in buying a puppy from Bred4beauty. Have you heard anything about them?? I’ve looked everywhere to make sure they are legit but can’t find anything saying they are not.

  37. Is the website is convincing my to use Zelle and I asked to pick them up in person now she delayed and sent me some bogus address to a common area in NJ is this true or will I be robbed or even killed for my money in NJ upon arrival???

  38. Is the website a scam they’re selling them very cheap and I see no outside sources to confirm they really exists??

    Also is convincing my to use Zelle and I asked to pick them up in person now she delayed and sent me some bogus address to a common area in NJ is this true or will I be robbed or even killed for my money in NJ upon arrival???

  39. I have found some beautiful pug puppies at The prices for a pug puppy run around $750. Have you heard anything about this website? I couldn’t find it on your list. Thank you in advance!!

    • Hi Lisa, it’s a scam. My advice to you would be at the very least see the puppy you intend to purchase in person or have a video call with the breeder and make them show you it.

  40. My parents wanted a Pomeranian, so after searching I came across an email on a legit site. They responded to me along with pictures of many puppies. They sent me their website, transfer of ownership paperwork, and it all seemed legit. Their website is There were testimonials, it all seemed so real. I proceeded and sent 700.00 which included shipping. They kept in contact. They said I would get all shipping information, which I did. They called me and let me know everything was good to go. They then let me know that I’d have to give a 650.00 deposit, which was fine, but when I mentioned I would use my credit card, they let me know it would have to be western union. This is when a red flag was raised. I asked how I’d get my refund, and they shared that they would have cash when they delivered the puppy. I went back to the seller and let them know that I would have to cancel. They responded with that’s fine we can refund. When I asked when, they said end of month!!!! So after some digging I looked up their address on google and guess what, it’s a downtown apartment community! Not the 5 acres they claim to live on. I am so mad that even though I did my research asked all the questions, I was still scammed!!! No wonder why my mom refuses to do anything like this!

  41. I was scammed the website
    Paid 2100 for Lela when it was time for delivery they wanted me to send 2150 via money gram to the Phillipines for crate hire and vaccinations promising a 2000 return
    As this can only be done with cash I refused
    They keeper calling me I did not answer
    The person I was email was
    [email protected]

    I said I would report them and got the reply
    Good luck
    Very sad and feel stupid

  42. JUST in the nick of time I found this website and read the articles and searched for Acer Teacup Pomeranian to find they are connected to many other scammers. They texted me to set their hooks about the dog I am looking to purchase. I let them know I was not interested in being scammed. Thank you so much

  43. Hey Paul, I left this comment under Sky Dachshund’s website report, but figured I add it here to alert you of their latest scam site…

    Looks like Sky Dachshunds is currently up and running as Marvel Dachshunds with the following website:

    If you look on their “About Us” page or, watch the background photo slide show on their home page, it’s the exact same pic they were using before.

    The REALLY disturbing thing about these people is this: On their About Us page, they claim to be a certified AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. and show the AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. image at the bottom of the page. However, if you look closely at the image, the breeder name is shown as Sky Dachshunds.

  44. Hi there I was about to buy a puppy off ausifrenchies in Western Australia but thought I better check first as all seemed too easy. We are so disappointed as we fell in love with this puppy and my partner is shattered. We have been looking for quite some time and this experience has left us so sad. We live in Sydney so if there are any breeder who can help pls let us know 0414 058 592

  45. Hello,
    I have a few questions about fancy Maine Coons. I just recently found their website because my husband and I are interested in a kitten. I am not a very trusting person, so I wanted to check if anyone has information on them. They are asking very personal information. I am receiving emails from [email protected]

  46. Recently lost my boxer to cancer so I was looking everyday in the paper locally. Starter researching for Breeders on line. Have been dealing with a fake website and email address of awesomehomeraised [email protected].
    Of course I am no fool although I did fall in love with the boxer picture. Once I got a “generic” email response back of how to purchase the dog and with THEM not responding to any of my questions knew it was a SCAM.
    So you can list this site and email too. I once I pointed out the information about scams to them- asking them about providing information I requested. Have NOT heard back.

  47. You may want to add to your scam list. My folks just got scammed for $450 bucks from this site. Funny thing is I started investigating all the addresses and contact info my folks had and found the actual guys name and number attached to the account they sent the money to. This was not the guy running the scam so his identity had been stolen as well. He contacted the bank the funds were sent to and had the account frozen.. we are still working on it.

  48. Thank you Paul for this website. I was happy to see Kathyrn Weldons comments about a person who I am currently in contact with and is using the same scam.

    Kathryn wrote: Cathy Maltese is a big scam I sent her 500 dollar for a Maltipoo next day got a call saying they needed 800 more dollars because vet said it need a ac crate and insurance which I would get back that never happen I was diagnosed with cancer last year on my liver which means I need MRI ever three months my best four legged buddy died all as I went to do is get a new buddy to make me feel better when i am depressed but Cathy Butler her so called name took that dream from me so no one go to Cathy Maltese she is a theft and steal pic off everyone web site she says she is from Chicago

  49. I was lucky, my daughter caught me in time and informed me about dog pet scams jovial poodles asked for paypal payment so i saved 500 and broke it off. They are cruel to do this. Its too bad they get away with it. After reading all these peoples experiences i can only have empathy for them and hope these scams can be stopped….

  50. and SCAM SCAM SCAM and also a lady who says her name is Tracy Lathorp from an online ad. ALL SCAMS
    These are just the ones I happened to contact (and have tried to get money from me) in the two days of my search for a new teacup yorkie.

  51. and SCAM SCAM SCAM and also a lady who says her name is Tracy Lathorp from an online ad. ALL SCAMS
    These are just the ones I happened to contact (and have tried to get money from me) in the two days of my search for a new teacup yorkie.

  52. I have just been scammed for 2000. They kept sending e-mails saying please send more money. Heated crated Insurance and I finally caught on when they claimed she needed a license. A place called face schnauzers. Lady I dealt with was Robin Windham Don’t deal with either

  53. Hello, my name is Troy Bassett, I believe my sister has horribly fallen for one of these scams. It started with a woman in West Virginia selling Pugs online. She asked for $300 (in Amazon gift cards) for the puppy which included flying the puppy all the way to Texas. Of course it never showed up. Then she said that the shipping company had to quarentine the dog and it would cost more money for shots, storage, and whatnot. I would come home to find my sister standing outside waiting for this dog to be delivered which has never happened. I’ve heard that the plane had crashed and everyone but the “Magical” puppy died, the delivery service was driving to our house but couldn’t find it so they turned around and drove all the way back because they couldn’t find the house after driving for multiple hours to get here. Then she gets an email saying that the woman selling her the dog sued the shipping company with her and my sisters name listed as the plantiff on the law suit. The judge ruled in their favor and ordered the shipping company to pay fees back AFTER she and my sister both paid the shipping company $10,000. Which would all be paid back by the shipping company. My sister showed me a supposed court document that was emailed to her saying all this. Now they have her believing that if she doesn’t pay this money that the courts would come take her house away. I found it funny that the West Virginia Supreme Court had a case number of “4”. She now keeps doing this “in secret” now because I have confronted her several times trying to tell her it is a scam. Her husband passed away last year from cancer, her car was repoed because all her money was going to this woman. These people will keep sucking money for as long as people will send it to them. I just wish I could find something to definately prove to her it is a scam. She now keeps it hidden from me but I know this woman says she is from West Virginia, she says that she works for the courts as some kind of crime scene investigator, she says that she breeds and sells pugs.

  54. Animalierpets Servicerelocators with emailadres [email protected] is also a nice piece of scam payments only with Western Union and Money Gram , i found someone from Germany on facebook who has send 200€ for 2 chihuaua nice pups on photo send to her from a woman in Marroco then they emailed her the ownership transfer ok she got a message that the flight was gone and would soon arrive in Malaga for stop en then would further go to Germany but after the airplane stopped in Malaga the pups needed an injection so 2x 90€ and a thermic electronic crath 2x 190€ it was all refundable until 95% after delivery at their house . Of course to good to be true, but she payed and has never seen her puppy’s …..

  55. I have been e-mailing with Terence Gordon, from North Carolina. I got the e-mail/number from Faith Poodle Puppies.
    He is asking me to send money via Western Union so he can process paperwork and flight plan. Must be a scam??

  56. Hi Paul, I’m in the process of looking/getting a Shih
    Tzu puppy. I read the comments and replies you posted and noted that most of the sites I visited were on your list of scammers. Would you please give me some legitimate breeders that I can contact here in New Jersey.

    Thank you for the good work of informing the public about pet scam – for all out there – BEWARE. To the scammers – SHAME ON YOU !

    • Hi Myrna,
      We can only list scam websites. We do not keep a list of genuine breeders.
      I would recommend you ask for facetime/video chat with any prospective breeder and puppy as this will weed out any scammers pretending to sell pups.

      • I’m having the same thing “charmcitypuppies” I was messaging Jake and he instructed me to pay at a Western Union his French Bulldog puppy prices were less than half the price, due to their 10 anniversary. How do know that these people are ligit? French bulldog puppies usually run for over $1,000. He was advertising them for $499 and free shipping. I hate to question if this is a scam, but I also don’t want to get caught up in a scam and loss money. I also think it no fair to the people that are real and selling pets. I’m frustrated and don’t know how to confirm if people are scammers or not. I had another guy post a ad on craigslist with a puppy an hour away from where I live. After message him, he told me the puppy was actually in New York (half way across the county) and that I would need to also pay $200 for shipping.

        • The simple answer to your question is – is it too good to be true? If the answer is yes then you are either giving money to a cameroonian syndicate or a puppy farm. The simple answer to “how can I tell if they are real” is insist on videocalling them and showing you the puppy. If they cannot its a fake.

  57. Hi I trying to find out about two creeks tiny schnauzers in center ridge AR I want to buy puppy no delivery I would have fly there and she meet me Says belongs to akc I don’t want to spend my money if it’s a scam she will accept pay pal so I not sure her number is 501 893 2246 [email protected] please let me know thank you

    • Hi Lisa, I would recommend travelling and meeting but make no payment before. The scammers we deal with hate the idea of face to face contact as they don’t have a puppy.

      • I second that!
        I am always suspicious when people present themselves as {firstname} {firstname}. This is because scammers often use so many names that they forget who they are trying to be. That is why if you ask for either Mark or John they will pretend to be that person.

  58. Has anyone heard of in North Carolinia? They say they will sale the puppy for 499 and ship it to is they payment is through Zello can anyone help me before I buy a puppy?

    • Hi Fong Ling Yao, yes indeed this is a fake websites. I have added it for upload to our database. I can see this from the Shipping and Handling page, which is used in many other puppy scams. Also the cost is over 50% less than a regular husky puppy which is always a tell-tale sign. Always use the “if its too good to be true test”. I would recommend video chatting with the breeder and making them physically hold up the puppy for you to see. If they cannot do this, its being used for non-delivery fraud.

  59. Yeah they got me for 500 dollars for a palmeranion puppy I couldn’t afford it but I fell for the puppy CiCi on I should have known better . need to think my brain and not my heart

  60. I just got scammed out of $500 from
    White Poodles Santa Fe New Mexico
    The weekend he was supposed to send They male poodle he went as far as to say his dad passed away and he can do it that weekend then I never could reach him by text or phone after that .

  61. Cathy Maltese is a big scam I sent her 500 dollar for a Maltipoo next day got a call saying they needed 800 more dollars because vet said it need a ac crate and insurance which I would get back that never happen I was diagnosed with cancer last year on my liver which means I need MRI ever three months my best four legged buddy died all as I went to do is get a new buddy to make me feel better when i am depressed but Cathy Butler her so called name took that dream from me so no one go to Cathy Maltese she is a theft and steal pic off everyone web site she says she is from Chicago

  62. We were so excited to find a pug puppy for such a reasonable price. But then I started noticing dozens of other websites – with every single puppy priced at $500 – INCLUDING shipping, when they sell for upwards of $3000 in our area. And payment requested using a “gift card”?? SO many signs of typical online scams! And is still live – how can that be?? Fortunately my natural skepticism saved me from my excitement (and my self)

  63. Thank you! I was just about to purchase from Dynasty Chihuahuas when I came across your site. Could have been out $500., but I’m not. Thanks, again.

  64. Has anyone heard of “Poodle Puppies For Sale” on FB? They’re requesting $550 for shipping from Michigan of a red female toy poodle named Lucy that I saw on their page. However as I scrolled thru their page, there was a picture of her again, only this time she was listed as a male toy poodle. When I questioned the photos, I was told that it was a mistake and that she was available however, there was someone else interested and I had to make a decision. I believe there’s something fishy going on so I’ve ceased all contact. Wdyt? Scam?

    • I would say that it is just a typical scam. The aim is to get you to pay for shipping however the shipping website is fake (see scam shipping websites here)
      If the shipping website is listed here then you can feel confident it is a scam.
      If it is not listed here then we will list it as we are already confident that it is a scam.

  65. Canned Responses from breeder in NJ:

    Ok great. we are located in New Jersey and we offer free delivery within the United States. We offer free delivery because we currently have a coupon from our delivery agency to ship up to three puppies for free. so if you are buying from us today, we will be able to ship to you for free. We also offer two methods of delivery, home delivery and airport pick up. So which methods would you prefer ?
    thank you once again and have a wonderful time

  66. Had to put my own poodle to sleep two weeks ago. Fell in love with one at: . NO shipping charges – they had “coupons” – puppies were $500 which , stupidly I paid. Poodle was to be shipped the next day. The guy I was talking to said he got to the airport and was informed that because the weather was so bad and puppy was so little, a “special” crate was needed. The crate was $1200, but was refundable by the person delivering the puppy. Well, I had already been similarly scammed (dumb me), so the site still has my $500 and I have no puppy. This guy had all the answers on his site — answers to shipping, accolades from customers, etc. They are a scam site, right?

  67. Have you ever heard of They are located in New Jersey. They want me to western union them money for a dog and they say they will put him on a flight. I asked if I can go pick the dog up in Jersey myself and they say it’s easiest to fly him. I don’t want to get scammed.

    • does not seem to exist. I do not think the domain has been registered.
      I strongly suspect that you are being scammed. This is because of the “Western Union for Flight payment” issue.
      I also found the email address “[email protected]” has been used to register a domain warned here:
      Ask the scammer (and I am sure it is a scammer) to send you a video of the puppy with your phone number and email written on a piece of paper next to the puppy.
      This is really easy for a breeder to do. Simple.
      It is impossible for a scammer.

  68. I am pretty sure I have been scammed. What do you know about [email protected]? Supposed to be in Jacksonville NC and a guy named Shane Fenwic. Guess that’s $500 down the drain and I have learned a very important lesson!

  69. Paul, I think I was just scammed out of $500.00 . I put money down on a English bulldog puppy for $800.00. I did my home work and check them out and they came back clean. I have been talking to this guy Stanley on the phone and emails. He wanted me to send the money through Zelly but I was not comfortable with that because I have never heard of it .I asked him if there was another way he said Amzion gift card so I felt safe doing it that way. Now I can’t find the site. or [email protected]. I’m so pissed off right now that he did this to me. It is 5am and I can’t sleep thinking there are people out there that can do take peoples hard yearn money and get away with this.

    • Firstly, go to sleep. People make bad decisions when they are tired.
      It is a scam. It is a very new domain which is advertising on Google search.
      The reason your research did not return anything negative is because the domain is so new there are no positive or negative results.

  70. Paul-Thanks for creating this website to warn others about pet scams such as
    BrightHouse Frenchies
    Their email: [email protected] and telephone: (325) 400-4052
    I started communicating with them, but had a feeling to check to see if there were any reviews about Brighthouse Frenchies and came to your website. To all those who are considering to buy a puppy online, please do a thorough investigation before giving any money to the websites.

  71. Hello Paul, I recently engaged with someone on Facebook to buy a corgi puppy and she directed me to the website

    The website showed up as a scam on here, thank you for all that you do. How do you guys verify that a website is a scam?
    There are so many scam website out there I’m having a really hard time finding a reputable breeder and I can’t find someone more local. Do you have any suggestion on making sure that the breeder is legit? please help!

    • It is not very difficult.
      Choose your puppy from the photos.
      Ask the breeder to write your name/email as well as the breeders email and phone number on a piece of paper.
      Ask the breeder to video the puppy WITH the piece of paper in the frame at all times.
      There is no reason that a breeder with a puppy cannot do this. There are a hundred reasons that a scammer must refuse.
      I cannot tell you what we look for when verifying a scam as scammers frequent this site a lot!

  72. I have spoken to a place called jovialyorkiehome and I’m wondering if this place is a scam. I have not spent any money yet but I don’t want to be scammed out of my money. Thank you for any help.

    Site has no details about the owner or location. If you dig enough they claim to be in Florida. Completed thier form and got a lengthy email reply right away, then a text from a Newark New Jersey number in broken English asking if I got their email. Whois information on the domain is locked. They appeared as a Google Ad. The website doesn’t return in any other search engines.

    “Cassy Boston Terriers, is a small and very professional home breeder, located in South Florida.”
    (201) 554-2032 Nakul Boskind reverse lookup Newark new Jersey

    • It is a scam. The website was registered 4 days ago and it has not been reported to us yet. We will have a report by morning. Thank you!

  74. Hello, I would like to confirm if this website is a scam. I lost a lot of money with the sellers here. They partnered with a delivery agency (GoTravel Colorado) to trick me. They charged me $950 for insurance fees, but that wasn’t enough, and they wanted to charge me another $650 for a special crate. Thank God I refused to pay the $650. I am saddened and heartbroken that we cannot receive the refund at all.

    • Hi Melony, (beloved pug puppies) is a scam website. We have reported it to Wix and expect it to be shut down as soon as possible.

  75. Is Beloved Pug Puppies a scam? I just paid $500.00 for a pug and now Star Light Pet Delivery wants $750.76 for pet insurance which they say is refundable?????

  76. Hi anyone know anything about Gracious Bichons. I have contacted them and just to be sure I told them to send me a video. I saw that this website was scammers. Is this true? Haven’t done anything yet.

  77. I was scammed by Povy Puppies. The guys name was :Mike” and I sent him 3 paments totaling $400.00 thru Zelle. He assured me the puppy was ready for transport. Shotly after I got an e-mail from Eco-transporters wantin $900.00 for the crate and bad weather conditions. They kept changing the delivery time so I spent 2 days waiting for my bundle of joy. Of course she never came. Called Mike back wanting my money back, or the puppy and I would make sure all the law enf. agencies would have a report, and the just might close Petland, Puppy Spot and all the scammers on the web – fhe woul refund the money, nothing would happen. Now he has my PX number blocked. If you need more info, I have a lot. diane james ********
    Admin: Please do not publish your email in public

    • Hi Diane, can you please publish the domain used for “Povy Puppies”?
      Any phone numbers or email addresses would also be useful.
      Petland, Puppy Spot are legitimate companies and are not connected with these criminals.

  78. Hello, my name is Joan. Last night I became involved with someone that I thought was legitimate. We were recently bereaved with the death of our 13 yearold cavalier King Charles spaniel and were wanting to replace the hole in our lives. I came upon an advert on line for Cute Cavalier Puppies for you. the gentleman I communicated seemed very nice and told me the reason for giving the pups to a loving home was that he had lost his sister and had a son that had medical problems. Being a very compassionate person myself, I thought the offer was legitimate. we answered all his excellent questions and were so excited only to find emails from this safeway shipping Company. They wanted $700.00 dollars for shipping. again sounding legit. I emailed to ask if they took credit cards and they called back. Their English skills were not good and I began to see Red flags. We consulted with employees at the Bank and they felt as I was suspecting that we were being scammed. We did not send any money , thank God, but were very hurt that people had sunk so low that they would do things like this. The company is called safeway shipping out of Nova Scotia Alberta. We live in Alberta Canada

  79. Hello Paul
    My dog just died, so I went to [email protected] to find a replacement dog .
    we paid for a red toy poodle for $550.00 .They said that my dog will be shipped tomorrow by
    Eco Pet Movers and they asked for additional $1200.00 for special crate. this time I felt really
    suspicious. bank does not want to refund because the money was already paid thru Zelle and
    was paid to Thompson Benjamin. I e-mailed Active poodlepuppies for refund and the respond
    was what are your talking about? after they got my money.
    Is there away to get my money back? and how to stop this criminals?

  80. I’m a sucker. I know better!! Just paid for a puppy (from a Facebook post) just to find out these same puppies pictures are on other websites saying they scam artists I asked for a refund and the seller acted like I did something wrong as she stated her PayPal acct will not allow refunds now. So I reported it to PayPal and made a claim and asked them to ask her for proof of shipment for this puppy. All I got in return was an email from PayPal saying my claim was denied!!!! Should I call my MasterCard? What is my next step? Thx for any and all advise

    • Hi Dawn,
      I would recommend the following:

      • File a fraud report with Mastercard immediately.It is important to note that this is Fraud and not a dispute with a genuine breeder.They may ask for more evidence to prove this which you can gather in the following points.
      • File a report with the BBB here
      • File a report with the FTC here
      • Take these reports to your local Law Enforcement and file a report with them. Again, it is important to note that this is Fraud and not a dispute with a genuine breeder.

      Respond to Paypal and ask for the grounds for the dismissal. YOU will need to present evidence as they will not gather evidence. Screenshots of emails and messages are good as well as photos of the pets. It also helps to do a reverse image search on Google.

  81. Hi my name isShairoon Persaud the website I got for the min pinscher is every time I googled for min pinscher they always there they r the one I paid $700 for a min pinscher and shipping can you let me know if it’s real or a scam thank u

  82. Hi my name is Shairoon I think I have scam $700 for a mini pinscher bought the puppy on 5/2/19 from Arlington Virginia from Charles mini pin home phone number 703 646 7461 website [email protected] the puppy was supposed to be ship out on Monday 5/6/19 then I received an email from Jalsa US pet travel web [email protected] that they wanted $1,150 for a special create that the puppy cannot be ship in the create that the broader send the create is electronic and will adjust to the temperature of the puppy their phone number is 973-313-1300 I spoke to a lady who called herself madam Barbara they wanted me to send this money Western union to one Mike Gibson and to keep it to myself to avoid higher service charge the name of the person who is shipping this puppy is called Charles but the shipper name is Lawrence Smith as of now I am still waiting on the puppy Madam Barbara told me that I can cancel the shipment but have to pay $300 pls help I am so broken hearted

  83. In the end I did not fall for it [email protected] sometimes they use countymaincoons

    They had me going until I read a comment on the internet that these scams exist. Then I got suspicious.
    they did never tell me an address but finally this: We do have a Moneygram Store by our Location so All you need to do is to take the information below to any CVS or Walmart Store around you and make the MoneyGram payment.

    Names: Frederic Fecher
    State: Virginia
    City: Lynchburg
    Zip code:24501
    Amount: $400

    Please use the list of locations below.

    CVS – #10006
    10650 N ORACLE RD

    oro valley, AZ 85737-9301

  84. Below are scam websites, FB page and phone number. They took my deposit $100, they were asking $400 but I refused. won’t reply to me when I asked for my money back since I found it’s scam from various craigslist posts all over the U.S. I tried to report website on but always cannot send out. Anyway, please watch out. If you call them you can find out they don’t speak good English and I hardly understand what they said. I called them after I found out it’s scam but too late. They request your money by Zelle, and will provide you very cute frenchie puppies pictures.
    + (909) 307-4213

    • is a scam website. These scammers create fake websites and then pay to advertise them online using stolen credit cards. This is not a review, they are criminals!
      Paul Brady
      Apr 28, 2019
      9 Shares 120 Views appears to be ONLINE

      Publish on Facebook
      Share on Twitter

      Who are
      Teacup Companions – Puppies For Sale
      Teacup Companions – Puppies For Sale,,
      Email used: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below
      Phone number used: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below
      Names used: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below
      Physical address used*: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below
      *Scammers use a physical address to appear more legitimate. The address will have no connection to the actual scam as they will be an innocent third party are criminals. Their goal is to steal your money.
      They will lie, they will tell you sob stories, they will send you pictures of puppys which they have found online, they will assure you of their faith and religion – anything to get your money!
      These scammers offer huge discounts that no actual yorkshire terrier puppy breeder would ever offer.If you see an offer that is too good to be true, it probably is. After you have paid the (hugely discounted) initial fee for the puppy you will be introduced to the “shipping company”.
      The Scam Delivery company is simply another website created by the scammer to charge you even more fees for everything from delivery, an air conditioned travel crate, medical insurance for your puppy and even ask you to pay for premium pet food for your puppy!
      To see some of these scam delivery companies have a look at Scam Shipping Company.
      To see more scam websites involving yorkshire terrier puppys have a look at Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Scams.

      • They gave me this Info,
        Phone 539-209-4902 said they are at 1713 Clayhill Court Marietta Ga 30064.

        When I told them they were scamers they took down the emails with there name they gave me. But I’m sure it’s not right.
        How do you stop them for hurting other people like they do, just not right.

  85. has disappeared from the internet after I called the lowlife out on her scam,

  86. Today I went online and visited a website called “” The first thing I was aware of was the person who wrote a reply email to me probably either was not from this country or had an education not extending the 5th grade because of their misspellings and bad grammar. then I “saved as” the pictures I was sent to my desktop. When I opened the pictures I right clicked and opened the file information. The pictures were taken 10/31/18 at 12:02pm. But the litter she was scamming was born 3/2/19. I called her out on it, told her I was done and will be reporting her. Prior to busting her I had asked her where she was located and of course she was the farthest away from California one could get…Rhode Island knowing I wouldn’t be driving there anytime soon.
    She never included her name in her emails, Nor was there a phone number.
    These people are so pathetic

  87. I believe I was scammed to today for a 500.00 yorkie. I can’t believe I fell for this. They are smooth. I don’t know if they have picked up my money or not. But I need to know who to report this too and if I have any chance of getting my money back. I have a phone number and a name. Kenneth Davis who didn’t sound like he was from this country. They said they were in Virginia but nowdays who knows. I am heart broken.

  88. So my scam wasn’t as big as anybody else’s. I was just scammed out of $150 for a German shepherd when the breeder told me to put $100 for a deposit and called me two days later for another $50 for dog food all through Walmart gift cards and that it would be discounted from the total price of the dog ($300). Coincidentally they said their grandfather had cancer in Florida and said they would have to fly out their on the day we were supposed to meet so he shipped it out. Keep in mind this guy was “based” on Los Angeles but the dog was being flown from San Francisco. Then I get an email from a sketchy “pet carrier agency” and when i confronted them about it not coming up in my searches he told me to search another shipping sight but still couldn’t find my order. Then I get an email about a $400 refundable insurance fee and delayment. I of course don’t fall for it because the email the “agency “ doesn’t even have a customer service number, email, address/location, and VERY poor grammar. So when i tell the dude to take care of the $400 fee he decides to ask me for the rest of my $150 and that he’ll ask a friend for help for the “$400” and then I can pay him back. So I’m getting suspicious and I tell my little sister to text the number asking for a female dog (when I put the deposit he said she was off the market now and was the only female they had) and they offer her the ONE female puppy. So I call this person out on their BS and they never respond back. What’s funny is that the website won’t even let me report the ad.
    If you wanna check it out, here it is.
    They send you a bunch of cute pictures of the dog that make it believable but don’t fall for it. I have pictures of the emails too and the messages.
    It’s sad that people do this because we get excited and spend additional money on items. People just please be careful out there

  89. I bought a french bulldog for 699.00 this sunday from
    I was told on Monday i would get an email for her flight details. I work night shift so when i woke up at 7pm est there was no email. I immediately called Mike. He was confused as to why i had not gotten an email yet and asked me to wait until tuesday, i went off on him and let him know that was not what we discussed on sunday. An hour later i got an email from [email protected] claiming they were a company called siff animal movers, the emails title had a flight number on it 67390 but as i read on it says in the email
    Registration No: → STELLA-5790AC-Æ11
    Flight Status: → “To be Booked”
    Flight Papers: → Processing

    How the hell can u have a flight number and not have a booked flight
    it was ended by best regards Dr Larry Parsons head office manager
    no phone number or address attached like most professionals have on emails
    I guess ill be sitting today waititng to see if they call for more money, but this is truly sad that people are being scammed like this. Our pets are like our children

    • Hi Georgette,
      The delivery website has now been shut down. They will build another website as soon as possible and once we have information on their new site we will also shut that down.
      It is a game of cat and mouse.
      All details have been invented by the scammer however by publishing these details hopefully it will prevent another person from getting scammed.
      I hope you manage to find a puppy locally.

  90. We just encountered this same scam over the holiday weekend. We were so excited that we thought we had found a beautiful men pin up in Arlington Virginia emailed back-and-forth with breeder add delivery dates all set up page $650 to reader 4 delivery and for poppy was then contacted by the shipping company stating they needed another $1150 for special crate due to the weather. We foolishly did that also. We then drive 2 hours to get to the airport to pick up said puppy only to receive another notice stating we needed to spend yet another $1000 on that bills and such. It was at this time we realized we had been scammed it is heartbreaking

  91. I am with ABC7 News in San Francisco. I would love to speak to someone at Please contact me. Thank you

    • I just lost my money with A total scam. kids are crushed no new puppy. Lost my money. I saved all emails and documents. The shipper also lied [email protected].

      No help from bank, or Zelle. Watch out for anyone named: Demeris

  92. Who makes sure these are scams and not just one person wanting to get back at someone or just wants to cause trouble? There should be a group of people traveling to these places and getting information first hand.

    • Very good question Roxsanne.
      Of course there are genuine breeders out there, with “genuine” websites. We currently have 3 volunteers researching domains to see if they fit the criteria of a scam. Once they are submitted I personally sign them off. We do not review breeders. We state that the websites we publish are scams created by criminals. Of course if we publish a genuine breeder as a scam we are immediately liable and face the very real prospect of being shut down and sued.
      On a regular day we will publish about 20 scam websites. We will find another 2 or 3 websites that we “know” are scams but cannot prove. These websites are not published until we receive further proof.
      We are currently looking for volunteers to research for us (hint hint!). If we did have a group of people to travel to check addresses we would have much more use for them in researching domains that have been submitted.
      You can see that the domains registered by one scammer ([email protected]) cover every breed and several delivery companies. Many of the domains have been shut down.
      This is a Cameroonian national using internet based phone numbers. We would not need to physically go to the addresses on the websites to realise that they are scams.

      We are also open to the possibility that disgruntled customers may report a genuine breeder. We do not have the capability of investigating cases where people do not receive the correct papers, receive the wrong pet, receive a sick pet etc. We can only investigate “The Puppy Scam” in which criminals claim to sell and ship pets with no intention of doing so.

      If you think that we have published a website incorrectly then please tell us in the comments of the particular article.
      Thank you,

      • Paul, I am interested! Tell me what you need and I will do it. I am working on something as we speak. You would find interesting. Of course, I can not give away any details. You will hear from me in a couple days. Thieves who pry on people make me mad! It should be a good experience.

  93. It felt wrong when we were buying a Yorkie but we were convinced because they had all the answers to our questions. We lost $350 but I have seen others loose a lot more. Thank you for informing us.


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