Who are samlouchiminidoxies.com?

Samlouchiminidoxies.com use the email [email protected] and the phone numbers 123 456 7890.

This scam is known as a puppy scam, and it involves fraudsters disguising themselves as legitimate Dachshund breeders or pet sellers, building websites like samlouchi – My WordPress Blog, advertising puppys online, and asking potential buyers if they are interested in the offer. Samlouchiminidoxies.com will then ask the buyer to pay for delivery, but the puppy never arrives, and the buyer is left out of pocket.
You need to be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true, such as Dachshunds being sold for significantly less than market value. These could be red flags that the Dachshund puppy is coming from a puppy mill or a scammer.

In summary, Samlouchiminidoxies.com is a common online scam that can be difficult to detect.

Can I trust samlouchiminidoxies.com reviews?

When it comes to online reviews, it’s important to be skeptical and do your own research. As a general rule of thumb, I always try to read reviews from multiple sources and look for copied reviews which indicates that a review is fake. Additionally, I research the author of a review for Samlouchiminidoxies.com to see if their other reviews are for similar scammy websites. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and by doing a little bit of digging you can ensure that you’re making an informed decision.

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Is Samlouchiminidoxies.com legit?

How long has Samlouchiminidoxies.com existed?

When considering doing business with Samlouchiminidoxies.com, it’s important to be aware of red flags that indicate that the company is not legitimate. One red flag is the age of the website’s domain registration. In the case of Samlouchiminidoxies.com, a quick check of the WHOIS record shows that the domain was only registered 1 week ago, on the 07 of May 2024. Additionally, the expiration date of the domain registration is in in 1 year which is May 2025. This short expiration date is a strong indication that the website or company is not trustworthy. Additionally, it’s important to verify the information provided on the website, such as the company’s history, to ensure that the information the website is accurate to the WHOIS information

Where are Samlouchiminidoxies.com located?

It is very difficult to accurately find the location for Samlouchiminidoxies.com. Scammers will often ask you for your location and then claim to be at the opposite side of the country. This allows them to scam you out of even more money by charging you for pet transportation services.
One thing they that is certain is that the information they give you will be false.

Their domain was registered with the following information:
Email address: [email protected]
Name Used: Clifford Cliff
Physical address: 555 Anton Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, United States
City: Costa Mesa
Zip: 92626
Country: United States

Most times the address on the WHOIS is not the location of the scammer. Very often they will use a privacy service to hide their details.

Site Text

skip to content main menu welcome to samlouchiminidoxies the home for dachshund puppies breed info at samlouchiminidoxies, we provides all the info, advice, and tips you need to know about buying and taking care of dachshund puppies. we strive to breed quality, healthy and loving champion bloodline dachshund puppies to provide loving, forever family homes across the country. hi and welcome to our website welcome to samlouchiminidoxies dachshunds puppies home, we are so glad you stopped by to check out our amazing dachshund puppies for sale that we have available. samlouchi dachshunds puppies home is the world’s #1 resource for dachshund puppies. samlouchi dachshunds puppies offers luxury, one in a million puppies of the highest quality and standards mini dachshunds. please browse through our complete site as any question you may have will most likely be answered. we have a lot of information about dachshund puppies, dachshund puppy care and information regarding our mini puppies for sale. we are here to offer you amazing customer service and support. our main objective is to raise quality and healthy dachshund puppies with our excellent work ethics. we are known for and are proud of maintaining open lines of communication with our customers and welcome your feedback. about dachshund puppies the dachshund was developed in germany in the 16th century, but its origins may be traced back to ancient egypt. the breed was primarily bred as a hunting dog and was popular with royalty across europe, with queen victoria particularly favoring the dog. there are three coat breeds of modern dachshunds, but the original dachshund had a smooth coat. some believe that the longer-haired dachshund was created by crossing the smooth-haired dachshund with the spaniel. all three species of dachshund were adapted to hunting small mammals, especially badgers and foxes. this breed has been carefully bred over many years to achieve the best characteristics and coat type. since then, the dachshund has remained a popular family pet and is one of the most popular breeds of the hound group. dachshunds are one of the most recognizable dog breeds with their hot-dog-like bodies. these energetic, small dogs were bred to hunt small animals, but have evolved over time to make fun family companions. being adaptable, dachshunds can make a loyal pet in most homes. they require frequent exercise and early training to ensure the best behavior. temperament: dachshunds are playful, loyal dogs with great intelligence. they can be stubborn in training and reserved around strangers. dachshunds are rarely a problem in families with children, but a dachshund that is not used to children can become aggressive towards children’s play activities. a dachshund’s personality varies depending on the type of coat. for example, due to their terrier ancestry, wire-haired dachshunds can be mischievous, while long-haired dachshunds are calm and collected. the smooth-coated dachshund has a temperament that

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What to do next?

Our goal is to gather as much information as possible about Samlouchiminidoxies.com and the individuals behind it. By providing us with details about the criminals, we can create a comprehensive understanding of the scammer’s network and take steps to shut it down.

We welcome any information about the scammers, even if you haven’t lost any money. Disrupting their payment methods can have a greater impact on their operations than just shutting down a website, which can easily be recreated.

Protip:  If the scammers provide you with bank account information, request that they use Bitcoin instead. If they offer a Zelle account, ask for a bank account to transfer the funds to. You can report multiple accounts to us for further investigation.

You should never give your banking information to these scammers

If you live in the US it is important to report this scam to the BBB. Click here to see why. As well as the Better Business Bureau you should report this crime to the Federal Trade Commission. See Here

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