Who are cheerysamoyeds.com?

Beware of websites like Cheerysamoyeds.com. When looking for a new Samoyed online, be aware of red flags such as a puppy being sold for significantly less than market value or a seller unwilling to provide information about the puppy’s background, vaccinations, or health certificates. To find a reputable breeder check if the breeder is listed with a reputable kennel club and visit the breeder’s premises in person if possible. Ignore any online reviews you may find as they may be faked by the scammer. By being cautious and doing your research, you can increase your chances of finding a happy and healthy puppy from a reputable Samoyed breeder.

Can I trust cheerysamoyeds.com reviews?

When it comes to online reviews, it’s important to be skeptical and do your own research. As a general rule of thumb, I always try to read reviews from multiple sources and look for copied reviews which indicates that a review is fake. Additionally, I research the author of a review for Cheerysamoyeds.com to see if their other reviews are for similar scammy websites. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and by doing a little bit of digging you can ensure that you’re making an informed decision.

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Is Cheerysamoyeds.com legit?

How long has Cheerysamoyeds.com existed?

When considering doing business with Cheerysamoyeds.com, it’s important to be aware of red flags that indicate that the company is not legitimate. One red flag is the age of the website’s domain registration. In the case of Cheerysamoyeds.com, a quick check of the WHOIS record shows that the domain was only registered 8 months ago, on the 22 of April 2023. Additionally, the expiration date of the domain registration is in in 3 months which is April 2024. This short expiration date is a strong indication that the website or company is not trustworthy. Additionally, it’s important to verify the information provided on the website, such as the company’s history, to ensure that the information the website is accurate to the WHOIS information

Where are Cheerysamoyeds.com located?

It is very difficult to accurately find the location for Cheerysamoyeds.com. Scammers will often ask you for your location and then claim to be at the opposite side of the country. This allows them to scam you out of even more money by charging you for pet transportation services.
One thing they that is certain is that the information they give you will be false.

Their domain was registered with the following information:
Email address: Not Known
Name Used: Not Known
Organisation: Not Known
Physical address: Not Known
City: Not Known
Zip: Not Known
Country: Not Known

Most times the address on the WHOIS is not the location of the scammer. Very often they will use a privacy service to hide their details.

Site Text

welcome to cheery samoyeds cheery samoyeds llc is a state licensed kennel, breeding & raising akc samoyed puppies is our primary activity, all our puppies come from a champion bloodline. they are all healthy and have great temperaments. we are a family owned & operated business. our mode of operation is far from a traditional kennel, we make sure all our animals, especially our dogs are treated as our own children and are fully integrated into our family. the samoyed is a devoted family companion. with the nickname “smiling sammie,” the samoyed is a gentle, cheerful, and outgoing dog. this lively mid-sized dog belongs to the pastoral breed group. the adorable smile of this breed endears it to people the world over. scroll down to learn more. history of samoyeds the samoyed is one of the most ancient dog breeds in the world. it descended from a siberian spitz-type dog–the nenets herding laika–bred to pull sleds and guard and herd reindeers. the breed is called bjelkier in native siberia but is referred to as samoyed today after the samoyede people, who were asiatic nomadic tribes. it is believed that the samoyed was mainly utilised as a sled dog for polar expeditions. the samoyed was first noticed by russian explorers when they passed through siberia during the 17th and 18th centuries. through this, the magnificence of the breed was then recognised. not long after, the czar of russia took particular interest in the dog breed. he even awarded the dog a royal status and offered the bjelkiers to european nobles as gifts. in 1911, the bjelkiers found their way to england. it was made possible by the explorer roald amundsen. he used the breed on his south pole expedition. amundsen also offered some of the adult dogs to other south pole explorers from england. in 1909, the first samoyed club was established. this paved the way for the creation of the breed club called samoyed club of america in 1923. by 1912, the samoyed was given its own class status and recognised by the kennel club. visit our available puppies about samoyeds samoyeds are lively, cheery, and fun-loving dogs that love to be around people. they are playful dogs with a great sense of humour. these dogs are excellent family companions, although they often favour one person over other family members.the samoyed weighs 23 to 30 kilos and stands 48 to 60 centimetres. it takes the breed between 9 months to1 1/2 years to reach maturity. it is a strong, alert, and lithe dog breed that always carries itself with dignity and elegance.the samoyed dog’s nose can be black, brown, or flesh-coloured, while its almond-shaped eyes can be medium to dark brown. the ears are triangular-shaped set apart on the samoyed’s head. the samoyed’s alert nature makes it a good watchdog. this vocal dog never fails to bark to announce if someone is about. however, it should not be mistaken for a guard dog since it is quick to cosy up to strangers, demanding a belly rub. a typical serving for an adult samoyed is 1.5 to

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What to do next?

Our goal is to gather as much information as possible about Cheerysamoyeds.com and the individuals behind it. By providing us with details about the criminals, we can create a comprehensive understanding of the scammer’s network and take steps to shut it down.

We welcome any information about the scammers, even if you haven’t lost any money. Disrupting their payment methods can have a greater impact on their operations than just shutting down a website, which can easily be recreated.

Protip:  If the scammers provide you with bank account information, request that they use Bitcoin instead. If they offer a Zelle account, ask for a bank account to transfer the funds to. You can report multiple accounts to us for further investigation.

You should never give your banking information to these scammers

If you live in the US it is important to report this scam to the BBB. Click here to see why. As well as the Better Business Bureau you should report this crime to the Federal Trade Commission. See Here

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