Who are bestminiaustralianshepherds.com?

Bestminiaustralianshepherds.com use the email [email protected] and the phone numbers +61 2 7257 2714.

When you’re looking for a new Australian Shepherd puppy, it can be hard to know where to start. The internet is a great place to begin your search, but it can also be a minefield. Many legitimate Australian Shepherd breeders have websites and advertise online, but unfortunately there are probably more scam websites like Best Mini Australian Shepherds – Best Mini Australian Shepherd Home In Australia, With Fast & Safe Delivery created by criminals than genuine ones. It’s important to be careful and do your research when looking for a new furry friend online. Criminals will take advantage of your love for a new pet and we all want to make sure that we’re bringing home a happy and healthy puppy. Taking the time to do your due diligence and research can help ensure that you find the perfect puppy for you and your family while also avoiding scammers.

Can I trust bestminiaustralianshepherds.com reviews?

Bestminiaustralianshepherds.com may have multiple good reviews online but can you trust them? The simple answer is “No”.

When a criminal creates a scam website like Best Mini Australian Shepherds – Best Mini Australian Shepherd Home In Australia, With Fast & Safe Delivery they will also create fake reviews on their actual website. It is not uncommon for them to have a page devoted to these fake reviews. If you search for the text of the review you will often find identical reviews on other scam websites.

Scammers will also create fake reviews on Facebook, TrustPilot as well as any other review websites that allow unvalidated reviews.

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Is Bestminiaustralianshepherds.com legit?

How long has Bestminiaustralianshepherds.com existed?

Bestminiaustralianshepherds.com may look like a legitimate breeder however there are many red flags to watch out for.

If you check the WHOIS for Bestminiaustralianshepherds.com you will see that it was registered on 02 of May 2024 which is only 1 week ago.
The domain is only registered for 1 year and expires in May 2025 which is in 1 year.
Recheck the website. Does this match with what they say about their company? Do they claim to be be established for much longer than the website has been running?

Where are Bestminiaustralianshepherds.com located?

It is very difficult to accurately find the location for Bestminiaustralianshepherds.com. Scammers will often ask you for your location and then claim to be at the opposite side of the country. This allows them to scam you out of even more money by charging you for pet transportation services.
One thing they that is certain is that the information they give you will be false.

Their domain was registered with the following information:
Email address: [email protected]
Physical address: 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104 PMB# 255
City: Phoenix
Zip: 85016
Country: United States

Most times the address on the WHOIS is not the location of the scammer. Very often they will use a privacy service to hide their details.

Site Text

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What to do next?

Our goal is to gather as much information as possible about Bestminiaustralianshepherds.com and the individuals behind it. By providing us with details about the criminals, we can create a comprehensive understanding of the scammer’s network and take steps to shut it down.

We welcome any information about the scammers, even if you haven’t lost any money. Disrupting their payment methods can have a greater impact on their operations than just shutting down a website, which can easily be recreated.

Protip:  If the scammers provide you with bank account information, request that they use Bitcoin instead. If they offer a Zelle account, ask for a bank account to transfer the funds to. You can report multiple accounts to us for further investigation.

You should never give your banking information to these scammers

If you live in the US it is important to report this scam to the BBB. Click here to see why. As well as the Better Business Bureau you should report this crime to the Federal Trade Commission. See Here

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