Pet scammers using videos as “proof”

April 28, 2018
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How did a scammer create a video without the kittens?

This scammer would have approached a kitten breeder and demanded proof that the breeder is not a scammer.

We were sent this video by someone who was interested in buying a kitten from a scammer. When she sent a link to the scammer he replied with this video. The scammer used simple video software to add his voice over the top. You can see that the original breeders knee appears for a moment!

It is simple for a breeder to make a personalised video for you and you SHOULD ask. A scammer will get very insulted that you even ask as it is almost impossible for them.
The video dosnt have to be professional and a breeder can use their phone to to make a 2 minute video.
Always ask if you are not sure.

How can I prove I am a genuine breeder?

If you are a breeder, please do not create videos like this. They can be reused by scammers for every victim.

Instead, when creating a video, write the intended buyers email and name on a piece of paper and make sure it is in every shot as you move around.

If you would like to make one for just write on a piece of paper:

“This video was created for Paul Brady @
It is not to be reused (”

Add this to the video of your pet and then email it to and we will use it as an example of how a video should be made!


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David Rice - Nov 14, 2018

Air Conditioned Travel crate? Premium pet health insurance? are part of a scam which charges but never delivers.
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Paul Brady - Nov 14, 2018 has the cutest pictures and pets BUT they are all scams! This is not a review, it is a warning
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Paul Brady - Nov 13, 2018

If someone's advertising a bargain on a purebred pet, it's probably a scam. If they are linked to then it IS a scam.

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  1. Has anyone dealt with Prefect Miniature Schnauzers? I paid through PayPal and had two weeks of contract through email then was told to wait for this company, to send me an email for confirmation of shipping. They gave me the website and a confirmation number. After that I didn’t get the email for shipping for the date on the confirmation. The breeders told me that it was an issue of forgotten insurance. They didn’t ask me to pay more but they didn’t respond through email anymore after that. I called the number on the website and what was attached to the email and left messages but they didn’t call back. They did text back once from the website number asking what they could help with. I asked for more info and that I was worried that they weren’t communicating anymore. No answer. I also emailed the American Pet Transport but no answers from them either. Has anyone had any contact with them?
    Thank you.


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