Chatting with a Pet Scammer.

April 28, 2018

Chatting with a Puppy Scammer

The following is a chat I had with a Puppy Scammer. I came across when I was asked to investigate it for Before you read further I should say that when we research scammers website we take every precaution not to be found. This includes hiding our IP behind a proxy so that they do not know which country we are from. Scammers websites can also contain viruses

The website was an obvious scam but while I was creating the report I heard the *ding* of a chat message. It was from the chat window on the scammers window.
I thought that I would try for a little more information. I have cut out a little bit of the chat because I used a tactic to find the scammers IP so that I could find out which country he was actually from. “April” is from Cameroon.

Full Browser ID: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 8.0.0; SAMSUNG SM-G950F Build/R16NW) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) SamsungBrowser/7.0 Chrome/59.0.3071.125 Mobile Safari/537.36
Location: Cameroon Cameroon

It appears that “April” is using an $800 phone (SAMSUNG SM-G950F)

Armed with an invented story I decided to fish for more information and find out how he would manipulate me. I always stick to the role of being an “almost victim”:



Chat transcript
My Name: “Clive”
Scammers Name: April Owen
April Owen
Hello, would you like to talk about our products?
April Owen
I am interested in buying a puppy
where are you based?
April Owen
We are based in the US*, but we ship to a select few countries
 *They will wait until you have first told them where you live so that they can pretend to be from the opposite end of the country
Clive 08:31:33 pm
I am in Holland. How much would it cost to ship a puppy from the US?
April Owen 08:32:01 pm
Shipping toHolland costs an extra $300 to the price tag of the puppy
Clive 08:32:17 pm
April Owen 08:32:29 pm
Have you had any previous experience with corgis?*
 *Scammer starts to create an emotional attachment. Who doesn’t want to talk about their pets?
Clive 08:33:36 pm
ok… so that is about €243.19
 *very cheap (too good to be true)
April Owen 08:33:47 pm
Yes that is right.
Do you have any previous experience with the breed?* 08:34:00 pm
*Scammer tries to get me back on script
Clive 08:34:57 pm
Yes, I have always had a corgi. My mum used to breed them before she died
 *My mum did not have a corgi, is very much alive with a great sense of humour.
April Owen 08:35:30 pm
I am sorry about her passing and it is great that tou have had previous experience with the breed
Also can you let me know where you found our site?
Clive 08:35:59 pm
my mum died about 4 years ago.
We took her corgi Rascal in when she died but he passed away over the weekend. 08:37:09 pm
April Owen 08:37:21 pm
Really sorry about that. Losing a loved one is never easy
Clive 08:37:24 pm
My wife wants to buy another one
April Owen 08:37:46 pm
Ok. We will be glad to help fill the void his passing has left*
 *Translated into “We will be glad to steal your money”
Clive 08:38:06 pm
I assume you wait for 10 weeks so that Duncan is weaned?
April Owen 08:38:24 pm
We have other puppies, fully weaned available
But if you chose to wait for Duncan then that will be fine
Yes we do have photos 08:39:05 pm
Clive 08:39:12 pm
Do yuo have photos? I would like a male
April Owen 08:39:27 pm
Can you provide an email I can send to?
Clive 08:39:54 pm
I would be happy to wait for Duncan. You havent mentioned on your site how much he costs?
April Owen 08:40:10 pm
We sell a pup at $600
Including delivery, it amounts to $900 08:41:08 pm
Clive 08:41:20 pm
900 dollars is €729.57
April Owen 08:42:24 pm
Yes that is right
Clive 08:42:28 pm
Who do you fly with?
April Owen 08:42:48 pm
We ship out our puppies with ********************
  *This is a reputable company. Later in the scam they will introduce a different Scam Delivery Company
Clive 08:43:08 pm
Can you show me their website?
April Owen 08:43:28 pm
They are one of the most reputable in the business 08:44:11 pm
Clive 08:44:14 pm
and what is your name?
April Owen 08:44:23 pm
I am April
Clive 08:44:38 pm
April Owen?
April Owen 08:44:51 pm
April Owen. My husband and I own rhe kennel
Clive 08:46:03 pm
I need to check … this sounds too good to be true… what is your husbands name? do you have a breeders licence?
April Owen 08:46:45 pm
Yes ofcourse we do
We won’t have been allowed to set up without one 08:47:00 pm
Can I ask a question?
 *changes the subject to deflect my question
Clive 08:47:23 pm
I am a bit confused here..
Please do
Sorry, please ask
April Owen 08:48:05 pm
Where did you find our site?
 *Ooops, I have been caught. The scammer may not have finished advertising this site yet!
Clive 08:48:25 pm
I searched
I have just searched again and I see that you are a scam
wow 08:49:41 pm
You are literally on a website about pet scams 08:50:08 pm
You are sickening
April Owen 08:51:00 pm
This is crazy
Have you read the conplaint?
We regularly post photos of our pups online
Clive 08:51:32 pm
I am reading it
April Owen 08:51:46 pm
Read the reason why before throwing accusations
Pet Scams is a joke
No substantiated reason and they ruin our name 08:52:16 pm
 *We are VERY careful to investigate properly. If they were genuine, would be sued and shut down quickly.
Clive 08:52:25 pm
your company is a WEEK old
April Owen 08:52:45 pm
Our WEBSITE is a week old not company
This is crazy and revolting
 *quick excuse
Clive 08:53:33 pm
have you read what is written there?
April Owen 08:53:40 pm
I am just reading it now
I had no idea about this
We set up our website litterally a week ago 08:54:04 pm
We have been operating through recommendations only and have been encouraging buyers to post our pictures so as to create awareness
 *Another quick excuse
Clive 08:55:32 pm
I am stunned
April Owen 08:55:37 pm
And when we now use those same photos, they accuse us of being a scam? This is a lawsuit in the making
Clive 08:55:52 pm
I am sorry but I am not interested in buying from you
April Owen 08:56:03 pm
I understand
Clive 08:56:22 pm
I did not realise that you are a cameroon scam
How can you do this to people?
Duration: 28m 6s

What to do next?

As well as reporting this to the Registrar it is very important to report this crime to your local Law Enforcment. We have compiled a list of Law Enforcement agencies worldwide.You can find a link (here) as well as reporting wire fraud using money transfer agencies (here).

If you live in the US it is important to report this scam to the BBB. Click here to see why. As well as the Better Business Bureau you should report this crime to the Federal Trade Commission. See Here

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