are criminals. Their aim is to steal your cash. They will lie, they will tell you sob stories, they will send you pictures of adorable animals - anything to get your money!

May 25, 2018
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Who are

Our Kittens – Russian Blues Cattery

Russian Blues Cattery,,

Email used:
Phone number used: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below
Names used: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below
Physical address used*: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below
*Scammers use a physical address to appear more legitimate. The address will have no connection to the actual scam as they will be an innocent third  party are advertising kittens for sale online. They use stolen credit cards and invent identities to defraud people shopping for a kitten kitten online.
In the first email, the scammer will ask all the right questions, putting you through the motions to prove your suitability: how would we care for our kitten, how would we train him, how often would he be alone?

Then the fraudsters emails will get shorter and normally keep to sms messages. This is because the first email is a template where as you are now dealing with the actual scammer.

The “breeder” will ignore any questions about their affiliation with any clubs or organisations, and questions about the kitten’s parents. The main focus now is convincing you to pay as soon as possible. The kitten will be shipped to you by the scammers perferred delivery company. There is no other option. If you insist on picking up your new kitten they will eventually agree. It makes no difference to them if you travel for 4 hours because they are not at the address they claim to be. will claim to deliver the kitten using a Fraudulent Delivery company which is actually another scam website they set up in order to steal your money by charging for non existent delivery, a air conditioned travel crate, medical insurance for your kitten as well as multiple other fees.

To see more scam websites involving kitten kittens have a look at Kitten Kitten Scams.



This screenshot was taken on 26/05/2018

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Who registered was registered on February 23, 2018 with NAMECHEAP INC .

It was registered using the following details:

Name: WhoisGuard Protected (
Address: P.O. Box 0823-03411,

These details are correct as of today (May 26, 2018) but the name and address could possibly belong to an innocent third party if the domain was registered using a stolen credit card. was registered using the email address
It was registered 3 months and 3 days ago on February 23, 2018  and expires February 23, 2019.

To look at it another way, this “company” only started February 23, 2018 and does not plan to be using the website after February 23, 2019 as it has only a 1 year registration.

Would you trust these people enough to pay them money?

How can I shut down down a website? was registered with the domain registrar NAMECHEAP INC.
NAMECHEAP INC have an email especially for domains that break their terms and conditions. Setting up a website with the sole intention of stealing money is definitely against NAMECHEAP INCs Terms and Conditions!

To send an abuse report to NAMECHEAP INC please click the red button below and complete the email to help shut down!

Send ABUSE report Now

If you have any further information please post it in the comments section below. We are particularly interested in names, email address and phone numbers used by these scammers.

What to do next?

As well as reporting this to the Registrar it is very important to report this crime to your local Law Enforcment. We have compiled a list of Law Enforcement agencies worldwide.You can find a link (here) as well as reporting wire fraud using money transfer agencies (here).

If you live in the US it is important to report this scam to the BBB. Click here to see why. As well as the Better Business Bureau you should report this crime to the Federal Trade Commission. See Here

37 Responses

  1. Ugh… I’ve totally been scammed by these people. I sent $680 to them for “Rosie”, one of the kittens on their website. $500 for the cat & $180 to ship by air from California. I was told the status would be changed to “sold” the following day by their web designer. Never happened.
    I asked for a current video of the kitten (it’s April 2022 right now). They sent a video from November 2021 to me. I had a feeling this wasn’t legit after I paid them but I got sucked in by the cute kitten face & my kids. So now I have no kitten & 2 devastated children 🙁

  2. They are using
    Website Russia blue
    I inquired about a 11 week old boy Brandon for $500. Plus $100 for shipping. They sent me the shipping details in an email about using Delta or United. They request I use Zelle. I asked if we could FaceTime or video live and he said he would be doing it from his sisters account. The account was for Yorkies. (Should have seen that red flag) He had a strong Indian Accent and broken English. When he seen me the account information The account information didn’t match the name he originally gave me Klevine. I was having trouble sending the money. So I called them and instead of a voicemail it said the google subscriber can not be reached at this time. ( 2nd red flag)I went back to the email to see if there was a different contact number when I noticed an address. So what did do I googled it. It was an apartment complex in the middle of Nashville, TN. The website claimed they live on a 6 acre farm. He texted me back with a totally different name again to send the money. And this time it was to a James. I had already started my deep dive on the internet to find this and all the comments! Thank you so much to everyone who has left their experience!

  3. Thank you for this site
    I did a search when they would not pick up the phone and refused to FaceTime and were trying to rush it along

  4. I am soooo thankful for this webpage. I was literally and I mean literally about to transfer them $700 for their kitten Arkadia. I include the name because many comments have been stating the names of the desired kittens which evidently have been the same kittens up for months, claiming to be 10 weeks old. Arkadia, Penton, Lyra, Boraj, etc.. I got very hesitant when the responses just didn’t directly answer my questions and had horrible formatting. Including the sales contract. I did send them a contract which was supposed to be followed by my “$700 deposit”. Kitten was to be $500 (for a purebred European Russian Blue? I’ve seen mixes these days go for over $1,000). All of these things added up and I just felt the need to check. Couldn’t find a Facebook page, couldn’t find the owners, the name for the wire transfer seemed off. Beware, I don’t understand how these people get away with what they do.

  5. Terrible experience ! Same story of their son death from cancer.
    Shame on them ! Unfortunately I didn’t find this page before, so I lost $400. They were responsive all the time and after I requested proofs to sent more money required, they just vanished.
    They said they were located in MIAMI

    I don’t understand how that website is still on !

  6. Adams Cattery just used the same scam as Russian Blue cattery. I lost a lot of $ to wire transfer. Russian Blue just sent me an email, exactly as described above. Why can’t we shut these people down?

    • Hi, i’d recommend contacting the police and filing a complaint. I would also send them the full details of the transaction “IE: who you paid the amount to”

  7. Omg I paid $1800 for this cat named “Penton”
    They were asking me for extra money for example, tax, airplane insurance, cage rent fee, and etc.
    I was stupid and kept paying all the money they asked for and at last, when I paid 1800, they told me to pay 1000 more because the cat was not feeling well and they had to do something about that.
    When I noticed this was all scam, they told me if I dont pay for this, the cat will go to the shelter unfortunately dammnnnnnn
    I reported to the police but they couldnt do anything about this and the problems are not solved yet. This happened last summer and I gave up! The funny thing is that they are still online selling the same cats lolol

  8. I just got taken for $600 plus $280 shipping!! Casimir Tafelski was the name , and Blue Village Cattery.
    I wish I had seen this website before! I sent an etransfer yesterday and now no communication! It seemed so legit, with pictures videos using my name for the cute kitten etc. All nice emails.
    Is there any repercussions at all for this??

    • Hi Elizabeth, just emailed you to explain how things work. I’m trying to keep more out of the public domain as the scammers are learning quite rapidly at the moment.

  9. My daughter got taken for $650 today. I wish I had known prior to her sending money using zelle through their bank. They claim to be in Delaware and have a Google voice number. Here is the number and name of the person who was “shipping the kitten” 302-972-9168 Casimir Tafelski

  10. After the heartbreaking experience with these scammers my husband said “ forget it.” I didn’t listen lol. I continued my search but was much more cautious. I found that there are very few legitimate breeders within the USA and the few that are legitimate have long, long waiting lists. [REDACTED]
    As scammers will also comment on our warnings we do not allow recommendations on cannot be seen to promote any particular breeder as this can be seen as a conflict of interest.
    Paul – Admin

  11. OMG tell me why I almost fell for this scam. I was about to purchase a Russian Blue from them, I gave them my name, address and age and they asked me multiple questions giving me a sob story why they started their business because their son died from cancer. Thank god I didn’t purchase. I found it very odd that they had readily available kittens while all other breeders had me on a waiting list. Something just told me Google them before I gave money my to them, I even sent them a contract. This just saved myself $700. Thank you.

  12. So glad I did a google search. Looks like they’ve changed their name to Silver Blues Cattery. I have been corresponding with them via email mail and have received the same emails. They changed name on the top of contract but left Russian Blues Cattery on the bottom.

  13. I think the same people are operating under the name of GEMSTONE BLUE.
    BEWARE……They are scammers!

  14. I was going to order from them when I noticed something peculiar, the same cats were on there for months and they said they were 10 weeks old every time I asked them, when you’ve been thinking of buying from them for months and they still stay the same age is weird, did they really think no one would notice, plus no address.

  15. Same experience here. I was puzzled when I was asked the same questions twice and complimented on explaining my experience when I had in fact said I didn’t have any. What made me check here was the strange request to pay by Western Union, and the absence of a name/address of any sort. Thank you to everyone who shared here and confirmed my suspicions.

  16. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for alerting everyone! I was about to send the payment but the answers began to sound a little “ off” so I began to look for reviews and saw this. Thank you for saving me $500 plus a heartbreak! I cannot believe how awful people are! My 5 year old granddaughter has been hopping around and about to burst from her joy in thinking we would get “Kathy” in a couple of weeks. What a bunch of deceitful bastards. Thank you again!
    PS. Have any of you found any good, reputable blue Russian breeders who are trustworthy since?

  17. Hi these people almost got me they used the email address and requested payment via PayPal to Walmart under the name Frank Wardell in Los Angeles with zip code 90006. I got suspicious when they wanted payment sent to another name than the one they gave on the website and so I told them I would actually be in LA for 3 days and would like to see kittens in person. They never responded of course. There has to be a way to report people like this and have them taken down.

  18. I wish I had found this site prior to “buying” a kitten from them. Thankfully, I was able to cancel the transaction in time.

  19. Thanks to all of you who were kind enough to post here. You are saving others money and heartbreak

  20. I was a little suspicious so I sent a request for more info on their website and got the following automated response:
    Thank you for contacting us about our kittens ” we still have them available and ready to go as soon as possible. We are asking $500 for each. They have great temperament and lovely personality. Our pets are 100% Europeans pedigrees. Our kittens comes up to date on shots and Worming from a licensed Veterinarian. they are 10 weeks old presently.
    They are all GCCF Registered, hips and elbows certified, Micro-chipped, potty trained, 100% domesticated and well socialized with kids, as well as other pets and animals. will have very strong bond with house hold members.And most importantly, they are HYPOALLERGENIC IN NATURE.
    However before we proceed further, We will like to know more about you.

    1-Where about are you located State and City?
    2-How soon you want the kittens?
    3-Past experience with kittens?
    4-How old are you?
    5-Do you have kids?
    6-Are you married?
    7-can we have your number?

    If you are local we can set up a day for you to visit us and pick up. Personal pick ups are appreciated but we always ask for a ($300) deposit per kitten prior to that and then fix a later date for you to visit us and pick up the kitten. Free shipping is available as well all over USA and Canada.

    Thank you for taking your time to read through this email. We awaits your respond. NOTE THAT YOU CAN TEXT US ON +15107660984 state the name of the kitten you wish to adopt so that we can respond to your text soonest


    It was the poor English (‘We awaits your respond’), plus the “free shipping” that verified his was a scam. No way they are going to sell a Blue for $500 AND provide free shipping. Plus the fact that they have all these kittens available while all the other catteries have waiting lists?

    As the saying goes, ‘if it sounds too good to be true…’

  21. Just bought the whole sad story of a family loosing their son to cancer and was promised a kitten. Please don’t have your heart broken by these horrible people and save your money. I just lost $500 . They use the same number +1 (510) 766-0984 and this time there name was Gaudalupe Rausch . I wanted “Kyle” .

    • Ha HA ! I wanted Kyle too !
      I asked them how can we insure the transaction and got immidiatelly suspecious about this tears dropping story of their passing son in respond …!? And no fee delivery and all this rush – rush money first -kitten soon , too good to be true !
      Thanks everybody for sharing this stories !
      What a scumbags !

  22. As soon you mention I’m an officer and have no issue with meeting in person they claim they can’t hold kitten anymore. ( I’m not)

  23. Thank you for this information. I was on the verge of falling for this scam. Fortunately, there was enough strange data (and lack thereof) for me to question before I went any further. Same cats on multiple websites. No phone, no address, etc. Thank goodness I decided to research before letting them steal my cash.

  24. Thanks to you I avoided sending money to Merwald Who told me they set up the cattery to honor their son who died from cancer and named it after him. I’m not sure of his name was Russian blues! Another reputable Russian blue breeder told me they never heard of them and never to send money by Western Union which is the only way they will accept payment. They said they are in Virginia yet provided the name Ryan Sanchez in California To send the money to. When asked who Ryan Sanchez was they said they can’t do everything and that’s their employee. +1 (510) 766-0984 Is the cell phone number that they insisted on texting through.

  25. welp $600 down the drain. It seemed so legit, until I got a called from some Indian with a broken English accent asking for $1,500 for a crate to have my cat delivered in. I certainly wish I knew and did more research before purchase. Don’t trust it please.

  26. I gave them my name, address, phone number, name of my vet, and other personal information to prove I was a good pet parent, then right when I was about to buy both Kathy and Kara, I was asked to wire the money via Western Union. My heart sank. I was so excited to get my kitties, then felt stupid and violated. Glad my gut feelings were corroborated via this report. They told me they were in Los Angeles and that the kittens would ship from LA to KY. They also told me they had a “free shipping” coupon that would cover shipping costs if I bought them before the coupon expired. Their emails were broken English and poor grammar. Do not send money to these con artists.

  27. Thank you for this report!! I, too, almost fell victim.

    Everything seemed very legit until the Western Union name and location did not match the email name and location where the kittens were. So, sad, that life has come to this.

    Phone number used 510-766-0984
    Location of kittens: Keysville, VA
    Location of western union: Los Angeles, CA

  28. I KNEW IT! I made an inquiry this weekend because of their posting and the more and more I emailed with them the more fishy it got. Now they are claiming to be located in Keyeville, CA. They were only willing to communicate with me via email, they demanded the deposit without any further information on their location or the kitten and even the way that they worded their emails was strange. Thank goodness for your website!!

  29. These people are in fact scammers. I fell for it myself but caught onto it while in the middle of transactions. Here are names, emails, phone numbers, and locations that they used with me for transactions and exchanges.

    Jordan Merwald
    Baltimore, Maryland
    (510) 766-0984

    “Cashier 1”
    Claude Thesing
    Ashburn, Virginia
    Zipcode provided: 20146
    (240) 624-0052

    “Cashier 2”
    Andy Martinez
    Los Angeles, California
    Zipcode provided: 90006

    Do not fall for this company. They will impersonate people, shipping companies such as FedEx, and will have fake “requirements” from made up departments in order to get more cash. If anyone else has dealt with these criminals then please submit full incident reports and turn your information over to the authorities. Thanks.

    • Thank you for this!
      Because is a direct clone on a genuine company we should get it shut down quickly.

  30. Now saying they are located in LA, California. Will only take Western Union or money gram. Saying cats are 1/2 price bc they are expecting another litter. Free shipping bc they have discount vouchers until 9/25/18.
    Notice no address on site & misspelled words. Phone number ‭(510) 766-0984‬. I almost just ordered “Kathy”.


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