are not looking for a "good home" for their pet.They are looking for victims to steal from!

March 27, 2018
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Who are is a website that was created with the sole intention of scamming people.
This website claims to sell pets but in fact they charge you for a pet that they never deliver.
They then claim to deliver the pet using a Fraudulent Delivery company which is actually another website they set up which steals your money for charging for non existent delivery.

Corgipreciouspuppies are now operating using the website
Phone Number Used: +1 6146692263



This screenshot was taken on 29/09/2017

Click to view Website

Who registered was registered on September 23, 2017 with ENOM, INC. .

It was registered using the following details:

Name: WHOIS AGENT ([email protected])
United States

These details are correct as of today (September 29, 2017) but the name and address could possibly belong to an innocent third party if the domain was registered using a stolen credit card. was registered using the email address [email protected].
It was registered and 6 days ago on September 23, 2017  and expires September 23, 2018.

To look at it another way, this “company” only started September 23, 2017 and does not plan to be using the website after September 23, 2018 as it has only a 1 year registration.

Would you trust these people enough to pay them money?

How can I shut down down a website? was registered with the domain registrar ENOM, INC..
ENOM, INC. have an email especially for domains that break their terms and conditions. Setting up a website with the sole intention of stealing money is definitely against ENOM, INC.s Terms and Conditions!

To send an abuse report to ENOM, INC. please click the red button below and complete the email to help shut down!

Send ABUSE report Now

What to do next?

As well as reporting this to the Registrar it is very important to report this crime to your local Law Enforcment. We have compiled a list of Law Enforcement agencies worldwide.You can find a link (here) as well as reporting wire fraud using money transfer agencies (here).

If you live in the US it is important to report this scam to the BBB. Click here to see why. As well as the Better Business Bureau you should report this crime to the Federal Trade Commission. See Here

12 Responses

  1. My boyfriend and I have been watching this site for weeks and he had decided it is time for a puppy so I went to log into the site to take a look, and this is the site that was at the top!! WOW I am shocked -but it doesn’t surprise me. It felt too good to be true puppies are $450 USD and currently 50% OFF – my bf is picking up beverages to celebrate tonight he is going to be HEARTBROKEN!! thank goodness we didn’t fall into this scam!

  2. Well today I almost took the bait. Thank goodness I was talking to my daughter and son-in-law and told them to look up the Website. It is a beautiful website. They did and my son-in-law said this is a scam. I don’t know if these are the same people that took advantage of the rest of you but I think they have different websites with different animals. At least the scam is the same on the French bulldog puppies I looked at.Thank goodness my son-in-law is like a dog with a bone. He just dug and dug and dug. It seems like this particular website was stolen from somebody in my state, Georgia. He was looking at the testimonials and they forgot to change the names in a few of them. The pictures on the website were from 2011 The man told me his name was Brian Walters, and in reality the person who owned the website that was stolen was named Jason And there were Dear Jason letters in the testimonial area. My son-in-law said that the Property with the address this man gave me had just sold, And was a brick condo. I actually have an appointment tomorrow at 11 AM to meet these people and pick up my puppy. I told them I was paying cash and they didn’t seem to make a really big fuss except they wanted me to send them money through Western Union or my ATM card to hold the puppy. After reading these comments it is obvious to me that they are using different websites for different puppies and I know that the address I would be going to would be false. The website is called The man’s name was Brian Walters, The phone number is 325-400-6431 The address is 242 12th St., #8, Atlanta, GA 30309 . Email Address is [email protected] My son-in-law said this site has only been up for a very short time. I do know the phone number, email address and Website were working as of about 6 PM this evening. I’m so sorry that some of you have lost money from these terrible people. They are sick and just pray on our emotions. If anyone can tell me how to report these people please Post on this site so maybe we can help each other and that was and others will go through this.

    • Hi Barbara,
      We do not allow people to post their emails on here as scammers read this website aswell 😉
      We have already found nobleclanbullies and published it here:

      The first way of reporting this scam website is to press the “Send Abuse Report Now” button at the bottom of the article.

      These scams are being committed on an industrial scale and in order to have the most effect, you should report it to multiple places.
      Firstly, you should report it to the Better Business Bureau here :
      This will allow the BBB to create a fuller picture of how widespread this scam is.
      You should also report it to the FTC here:

      If you have been affected by this scam it is very important that you report it to the relevant authorities.
      You can see a list of relevant law enforcement by country here:
      I cannot stress how important it is to report these crimes!

      If you have paid money to the scammer there may be a chance it has not yet been picked up.
      You can find information on how to report to the relevant companies here:

  3. Almost a victim. I was interested in one of the pups and almost bought on to this scam. When they said they would only accept a Walmart-Walmart transfer, I contacted my local Walmart and was told that this is like Western Union. Once the money arrives at the other Walmart, or Western Union and the person picks up the money, Walmart’s duty is fulfilled. They transferred the money as instructed. Anyone on the internet that will not accept PayPal is usually a scam. You may pay a little more, but buy from a local reputable breeder.

  4. So as of today March 23 2018 my son, who is a military veteran that was looking for a companion dog is the latest victim of these turds. He never found this web site nor any other information before he fell for this scam.

    My son does not have a lot of money and these turds took advantage of him. I have sent out reports to 2 different federal departments hoping they will do something and I have notified the web hosting company regarding this matter.

    The money was transferred in a Walmart to Walmart transaction and Walmart refuses to do anything and in fact the person I spoke with in their Customer Relations department, who I will not name here, was down right rude to me. They did not care who the person or the business was that got the money. He told me and I quote “it is not Walmart’s problem”. So let me understand that for just a second……..Walmart is directly and knowingly involved in supporting a scam and it’s not their problem. Really ?????

    Ria Financial who is the money transfer agent basically told me to go pound sand and could have cared less and in fact did not even bother to ask who it was that got the money. So far MoneyGram who is also in this mix somehow has not responded to my complaint.

  5. Photos of OUR dog, taken by her breeder and co-owner are prominently featured on this scam website. I texted to the phone number listed, pretending to be interested in getting a puppy from them. They replied yesterday, and when I asked about the adult female in the pictures they were more than willing to sell her to me. This would be a little difficult, as her ashes are already here in a box in my living room. They need to be shut down and prosecuted for fraud.

  6. I bought this puppy to become my Emotionally Support Animal since I’m stressing out in college along with my anxiety. I paid the holding deposit of $350 using Money gram because these people don’t use PayPal and I didn’t know how to use Money Gram. They said that they were gonna ship her out on Friday 3/2/2018 when i places the down payment on Tuesday. Once I asked them what kind of food “Lillian” ate, that’s when they stopped replying to me. That money could of went towards my college tuition but I wasn’t smart enough to look more into this thing. I hope these people get arrested.

  7. I was scammed by these peoples 2/18/2018, They ask me to pay for the puppies and after I paid for it the stopped communicate. 800$

  8. I contacted them on purchasing a dog. I live in Ohio approximately an hour from where they “say they are located”. I made arrangements to come a look at the dogs, emails were initially very friendly and replied back in a timely manner. When we discussed price of $700 + $100 to deliver the dog I told them no delivery would be required because I lived close. They said that was fine but they would require a $500 deposit on the dog to “HOLD” it. I told them I could wait and I’d contact them the day before I needed to come see the dogs. I sent and email the evening before and got no response. The next morning I was on my phone and saw this article in The Herald
    Its a story of a man who wired $1300 to them and was scammed. STAY CLEAR OF THIS SITE!!!

  9. Sounded legit until they wanted paid up front. Tried to set an appointment to see puppies in person. That’s when they stopped communication

  10. I was scammed by these people as of 12/11/2017, my puppy was supposed to arrive today but when they said the puppy was to be delivered they asked for more money for an air conditioned crate so the puppy would be comfortable. They take complete advantage of kind hearted people just looking to find a puppy. My son was so excited for his puppy and now we are down a bunch of money with no puppy to show for it! Despicable!

    • Hi, although I didn’t buy from them, I was so close to believe in them. I asked them to send pics of their environment, he just told me that he is not going to sell to me.


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