Donate to PetScams was created and is run by volunteers.
We work with Law Enforcement worldwide as well as give interviews to the media in order to raise awareness of these scams. As well as hosting several websites we spend hundreds of hours seeking out scammers websites, researching them and advising victims when they come in contact with these scammers.
We are limited as we pay for these services out of our own pockets. Your donations will help us pay for more services which will in turn let us do more to combat these criminals.


Donate $5

We spend a lot of time finding and researching scammers websites. This requires a lot of coffee! Your donation will help us from falling asleep in front of our computer.

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Donate $10

Ten dollars means that we can get doughnuts as well as coffee! This not only makes our day but it also messes up a scammers day!

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Choose an amount

Keeping online takes more than coffee and doughnuts. As well as the time we invest in helping consumers, we also pay for domains and servers to keep our websites online.
Any amount is appreciated!

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