Certified kennel, AKC registered, pedigree, health certified? None of the above. is just another pet scam.

July 30, 2019
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Who are


Email used: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below
Phone number used: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below
Names used: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below
Physical address used*: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below
*Scammers use a physical address to appear more legitimate. The address will have no connection to the actual scam as they will be an innocent third  party is not a puppy breeders website and this is not a review of This is a warning.

They claims to sell puppys but the domain was actually created by criminals in order to defraud people wanting to buy a pit bull.
Once you express interest in buying one of the puppys the scammer will send you a template email telling you a lot of details about the puppy as well as information on the best puppy food to use, and how you should take care of your new puppy.

They will even send you “proof” by showing you pictures they have stolen off the internet of pit bull puppys. will claim to deliver the puppy using a Fraudulent Delivery company.
The “delivery company” is actually another scam website they set up in order to steal your money by charging for non existent delivery, an air conditioned travel crate, medical insurance for your puppy as well as multiple other fees.

To see more scam websites involving pit bull puppy have a look at Pit Bull Puppy Scams.



This screenshot was taken on July 29, 2019

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Who registered was registered on February 21, 2019 with NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC. .

It was registered using the following details:

Name:PERFECT PRIVACY, LLC ([email protected])
Address:12808 Gran Bay Pkwy West,
United States

These details are correct as of today (July 29, 2019) but the name and address could possibly belong to an innocent third party if the domain was registered using a stolen credit card. was registered using the email address [email protected].
It was registered 5 months and 8 days ago. on February 21, 2019  and expires February 21, 2020.

To look at it another way, this “company” only started February 21, 2019 and does not plan to be using the website after February 21, 2020 as it has only a 1 year registration.

Would you trust these people enough to pay them money?

How can I shut down down a website? was registered with the domain registrar NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC..
NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC. have an email especially for domains that break their terms and conditions. Setting up a website with the sole intention of stealing money is definitely against NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC.s Terms and Conditions!

To send an abuse report to NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC. please click the red button below and complete the email to help shut down!

Send ABUSE report Now

If you have any further information please post it in the comments section below. We are particularly interested in names, email address and phone numbers used by these scammers.

What to do next?

As well as reporting this to the Registrar it is very important to report this crime to your local Law Enforcment. We have compiled a list of Law Enforcement agencies worldwide.You can find a link (here) as well as reporting wire fraud using money transfer agencies (here).

If you live in the US it is important to report this scam to the BBB. Click here to see why. As well as the Better Business Bureau you should report this crime to the Federal Trade Commission. See Here

15 Responses

  1. We just recently lost a dog and were looking for a puppy. Came across this website. Emailed them and got the same generic email as everyone else.. stated once payment was made he could ship the puppy right away. Made a payment through Venmo. Was told the dog would ship out the next day. The next morning I was told that I had to wait three days before the money was available to use before shipping The dog. This is not true because with Venmo it’s available immediately. Working with Venmo on getting my money back now. I have not
    Heard back from him after telling him that I know now this is a scam and I would be reporting him. He has not written back to me but he must be getting confused with all the lies bc he is telling my husband the dog is
    Shipping Saturday. Tried calling
    And the background is loud with a lot of noise.

  2. So glad I found this article before things got any further than an email. Here is the email response I got from him today after my inquiry:

    Hello.This is Mr Skillman from

    I got your inquiry regarding our Purebred American Pit bull Terrier Puppies For Sale.
    Our puppies are going for $600.00 for a female and $550 for male, with shipping included. We are located in Billings,Montana. Buy one puppy plus free shipping within United States and Canada.
    We offer a 30 days money back guarantee if you decide not to keep our puppy after our puppy arrives your home.

    We offer american Pit-bull Terrier Puppies of standard quality, Of various sizes and color (Blue,Red,Fawn,Brown,Grey,
    Lilac etc).Our puppies are of gentle temperament,friendly with Cats, other dog breed,Sugar gliders and monkeys. They are also going with one year health guarantee.We offer the best interns of sanitation in order to come up with healthy and Disease free puppies. They are updated with the following vaccines: DHLPP (distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvo, and parainfluenza),rabies . If you are looking for an American Pit bull Terrier with the above qualities, then without delay get back to us and buy a Puppy.Zeus is available and ready to go now, He is 9 weeks and 3 days old.
    My greatest concern is if you will be interested in shipping? We usually fly our puppies via American airlines and It is safe since they are expert in shipping animals…

    Get back with us if interested
    Thank you.

  3. Scammed

    Definitely got scammed! I wish I saw this website first.
    Normally I would say I can spot a scam, but I’m 5.5 months pregnant and my emotions definitely got the better of me with this one.

    Mr. Jefferson Skillman was going by the email address of [email protected] and +1 (406) 478-5856 BUT with google voice, you can get phone numbers from anywhere and not have it linked to your actual phone.

    He said he lived in Billings, MT and would ship the dog via American Airlines
    When he sent me the shipping “information” it was a super sketchy email that was clearly created/typed over with a fake company name, a “company email address” with a Gmail domain and a “customer service” cell phone number that had a generic voicemail greeting – didn’t even attempt to make it sound like a legit company.

    He was very quick to respond and very, very pushy when it came to the payment, which made me feel very uncomfortable but I was dumb enough to go through with it.

    He asked to pay through Google or Apple Pay:
    – the Google Pay was for “[email protected]” / Name :Ryan Richard / Amount:$600.00 / Reason: For kara / Please send screenshot of payment confirmation.

    When the initial payment hadn’t shown up immediately he told me, “It’s pending. Please contact Google anddt them know it’s an urgency,so that they can allow it go through asap.”

    Then he tried telling me it was cancelled and to send money to another account:
    New google pay : [email protected]
    Reason/ note : For Kara
    Please send screenshot of payment confirmation”

    During the “shipping” conversation he explained how things would play out, then all of a sudden there was a “new policy” that he hadn’t mentioned the day before, requiring pet insurance and an additional shot for the puppy… to be paid to him and then he would pay it forward… another $600+

    He was quick to respond to me when I emailed and asked what these additional charges were for. I stopped feeling comfortable and reached out to him and said we’ve decided to go in another direction and that I would like a refund. He responded and said, “will do.” I gave him 20 minutes and reached back out to him again – no response. I reached out to him again 30 minutes later asking for an update/confirmation, still no response. He just responded to an email I sent him over an hour ago – he doesn’t answer emails in order, which clearly shows how many people he’s currently scamming. He can’t keep things straight.

    Reading through other reviews and the BBB reviews – there are a LOT of similarities to others’ experiences. Someone answered the phone with a deep accent and people chatting in the background, very difficult to understand, promising one thing and then providing something else, lots of excuses, very disorganized, very pushy with the money, etc.

    I went through google and am currently attempting to dispute the charge. I included email correspondence as backup and am now on the phone with my bank.

  4. tomorrow I was supposed to pay them 600 for a puppy thank god I found this page omg those puppy look to good to be that cheap

  5. Definitely a scam. We were close to buying and when they sent the Western Union information below something didn’t seem right so I decided to do a bit of research and found this article. Thanks for sharing.

    The number they provided to call was (336)496-2507 and when I called an automated person came on and stated “call rejected” and the call disconnects which was another red flag.

    Here is the western union information they sent….


    (Online payments are not acceptable)

    All payment are being made using our Cashier’s information below:

    Receiver’s Information

    Country: United States
    Zip code:20121
    Phone : +1 (336) 496 2507
    Amount: $550.00USD.
    Payment option:MONEY IN MINUTES

    Please copy the above information on a piece of paper to avoid errors,LOCATE A WESTERN UNION UNIT AT WALGREENS, pick up the Transfer send form fill in the above information on the receiver’s information space and fill in your information as ask on the sender’s space. When done Take a snap shot of the payment receipt and email to me for confirmation


    Text or Call Us @ +1 (336) 496 2507.

    “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

  6. Contacted seller, got an immediate reply. Email and text. After several texts, since I’ve never purchased a puppy online, I had many questions. “Pick up at airport, payment, invoice”, replies were quick, but got suspicious when Mr. Skillman says western union/zelle. I asked for a paypal got a [email protected], amount 400$ and 200$ separately, Memo For little Elie, Please payment options should be “Friends and Families” don’t label the puppy as goods and services. My wife informed me, that there was no protection if I paid this way. I decided to call and got someone with a deep accent, and people talking in background and then puppies barking. I asked about a secure invoice and was told 600$ wouldn’t break him or I and he’s been in business for 10 years. I explained to him I’ve been in the plumbing business for 20 and 600$ can break someone. At this point I told my wife to cancel, don’t send the money and found your website. Thanks for the confirmation, we lost our dog to cancer and I just wanted to give my boys a Christmas gift. Glad I didn’t lose 600$ and yes it is a lot of money. Shame, these people are allowed to operate.

    • Forgot one thing. Phone number on website 302-439-1258. Area code is Delaware, Mr. Skillman says he lives in Durham, N.C. When I asked, if I could drive there, 5.5 hrs away to pick up the pup. Mr. Skillman informed me, they only take people on Sundays and by that time, the puppy would be gone. I just hope this informs people to do their research. Ask for references, don’t go by comments, and never pay by western union or zelle. Hope this helps.

  7. They are most definitely a scam wish I would have saw this site first but good thing I just put a deposited and not the full purchase

  8. I am glad to have found this site! I just sent money via Zelle instead of moneygram ore western union which was the first options they gave me! The email used to send with zelle was [email protected]! Phone 984 444 4153

  9. We contacted this person to inquire about a puppy for sale. The seller claims he will only accept Money Gram or Western Union as a form of payment. That set off an alarm for me. So I did a reverse google search of images from found on his page and found this page. Here is the information that was provided to us. One name given was Jefferson Skillman then halfway through the name changed to Dominic Leon. Phone number 908-899-2381 with address of 10 Winnabow Ct., Durhan, North Carolina 27703.
    We need to stop this individual.

  10. They tried scamming me on Sunday Aug the 5th. The sent me the info on a puppy. After bantering back and forth I finally called the number listed. It was a middle eastern man who kept asking if I had sent my money of $600. He didn’t even know who I was. I asked about BBB rating. He would not reply. I told him I would just drive 9 hrs and get the puppy he said she would be gone. Lots more to the story but we need to get them off of the internet. They are definitely scammers.


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