Is it safe to pay with Zelle for your pet? – exercise extreme caution!

July 20, 2019

Is it safe to pay with Zelle?

We are often asked if it is safe to pay with Zelle  and while it may be secure, it is dangerous to use Zelle to make payments to people you do not know. It has come to our attention that there are a growing number of scammers using Zelle to receive payment for non-delivery fraud, specifically pet scams.

One aspect of Zelle which may confuse victims is that payment can only be sent and received in the USA. It is easy to think of it as a domestic version of Moneygram or Western Union.

How do scammers overcome this? The answer is that they use “mules”, individuals living in the USA that collect payment on behalf of scammers. The mule will then either send the cash to the scammers country of origin through a bank transfer or by ordering products online. This is how these scammers can launder the dirty money. (EG: Iphones, laptops etc).

Zelle offers no protection for fraud and is not a reliable method of payment for buying products or pets with.

Please find below some anonymous victim testimonials that we have recieved:

Got scammed by netadashund using Zelle. NEVER use Zelle to buy anything. It is money transfer and there is no protection for fraud. It’s not PayPal. It’s like western union. The name used was victor martinov

I addition to my previous post, the website was
The email : [email protected]
Sent money through the recommended app Zelle, to [email protected]


They got us for $675.00 i searched all possible websites i could and found nothing wrong with the company, the website did not throw red flags up. I even asked them to send additional pictures through text message. 240-467-4944. Our email communications with [email protected]Kenzo Mil seemed pretty normal and standard. They had a contract we needed to sign, so ownership papers could be transfered. I was a bit bumped when when they asked us to send the money western union or money gram or zelle but they were able to put my mind at ease. The phone number pulled up in Baltimore MD. The name Njokem Gladstone. It wasn’t until the shipping company contacted me that all the issues and red flags screamed so loud. [email protected]

 they asked for $1800 for a temperature controled crate. 98% would be refunded once they received the crate back. The company website was down for maintenance, and when I asked about what weather system was making it nessasary to have a temperature controled crate. They would not respond.


Identity was stolen and found Zelle transfer from my bank to a Nadege Nancy at 5pm while I’m away on vacation. Called BOA but it was after hours going to call back in the morning. Freaking out bc someone has my home laptop. The phone number with the zellebtransfer is the same as above. Called and a man asked me to use [email protected] to send a request. WTF?

What do Zelle say about scammers abusing their system?

Zelle  even warns users on their website that the service should not be used to make payments to people you do not know:

Zelle does not offer a protection program for authorized payments made through the service. So if you aren’t sure you will get what you paid for, you should use another payment method with purchase protection, such as a credit card. Or play it super safe: don’t proceed with the transaction at all.

What to do next?

As well as reporting this to the Registrar it is very important to report this crime to your local Law Enforcment. We have compiled a list of Law Enforcement agencies worldwide.You can find a link (here) as well as reporting wire fraud using money transfer agencies (here).

If you live in the US it is important to report this scam to the BBB. Click here to see why. As well as the Better Business Bureau you should report this crime to the Federal Trade Commission. See Here

29 Responses

  1. Super for Love is a scam, pure and simple. Spelling errors galore on their website, but tried to brush that off. No contact information listed, but tried to brush that off. Requested payment of $500 through Zelle, but brushed that off. On day of kitten delivery, requested additional $900 in “shipping insurance” before the kitten was even shipped. That was the breaking point. Never got the kitten. Avoid at all costs.

  2. SuperforLove site is a scam I hate to admit but I was fooled to purchase a kitten which they were going to ship to me. I used zelle 500 for kitten 150 to ship, it got worse everything was set up pending insurance 900 that they said would reimburst on delivery red flags Isaid please send money back havent heard since That site Superforlove aSCAM

  3. Be aware of a Siamese cat site “Super for Love”. Same pattern: stale pictures of few cats, few grammar errors on the site, no address, no phone ##, no names, only e-mail contact.
    Asked for $500 for the cat, and $150 for its shipment, multiple misspellings and grammar errors in communication via gmail and text messages from (682) 310-2083 claiming being in Texas. Asked for payments via Zelle. Communicated with messages about 10-12 hrs apart, like from across the globe. Stopped responding after asked for their address and video showing the cat in real time. Pure pet scam.

  4. Add to the scammer list.

    My folks paid $500.00 through Zelle and of course then they wanted more for a shipping container. Refused to send that $960.00 through Zelle and used PayPal (which did get refunded by PayPal).

    Tried searching for their name, for pictures of the puppy on other sites, etc. before sending money and they seemed okay. My folks actually talked to them on the phone. But still just a scam.

    Looking back now at the pictures on the site, they are all different locations in the background, probably stolen from facebook or something similar.

    Payment was sent to [email protected], they also used a phone number (281) 947-3713. They also used [email protected],

    Please avoid them and use someone local.

  5. We almost go scammed by this site as well ( He now uses Nobel Frank Mills and says he is at 8229 Nathan Ave. Norfolk, VA (910) 405-8548. I pulled up the address and it is not a 120 acre ranch as advertised. He is slick and will even send additional photos and videos of the dog you are looking for. I too was looking at a pup named Ella, only this one was an AmStaff. Buyer beware.

  6. Add Tomboyish Yorkies website to the list. After my daughters payment went through they blocked our numbers. They provided video, pictures, contract and even asked us to get the food they were giving her to help the transition.

  7. The scammer from has my info such as phone number, email address and home address. Now I’m paranoid who knows where this man could be. He had given me a false address and now i have to wait and see what the police can do about it. His “address said he was from Washington DC and when I input the address on the maps it sent me to Virginia and his phone line says the call was coming from Richmond VA and the people from express24movers which I believe is the same guy playing to be the company that phone line says it’s coming from Washington DC…. these scammers are very manipulators and can be a scary situation knowing they have your address… and cell number .

  8. @Joshua Elie i was also just scammed by them Just different website so I believe they have e more than 2, on January 10th of 2020. We were looking to buy a beautiful girl pocket American bully named lindy and was 12 weeks old, we sent the money threw Zelle and they guy sounded so sure and convincing we felt for it and he had also sent us videos of the puppy playing with his “daughter” and the puppy was beautiful we felt for it all he sounded like he was aerobic. And the shippers from also sounded just like him ! And they tried charging us 700 dollars more because they tried saying the puppy needed insurance and there was gonna be a refund of 650 back once the puppy landed but we did not make the payment luckily because the lady from the bank said pets do not need insurance to fly. And we had gone to the bank because the transaction was flagged. Please be careful on where you purchase things we had to learn the hard way and we are so mad at the fact that he took money from us and mad us believe it was not a scam ! We are now about to file a report on him and the website called he had gave us tracking number and everything seemed so real! But the express24movers gave us an Id number to send the 700 on cashapp and it was not a business ID it was $lovelove101 but of course we did not make the payment 804-575-0005 is his number and email is [email protected] he said he was from Washington DC and when I searched his address it sent me straight to Virginia. The “ company number of the shippers was 202-735-3506 he played it out so well. Once the payment went threw everything was so odd and not right but it was to late. It even said the dog came with all this.

    Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee.
    -Health Guarantee.
    -Airline approved crate.
    -ISO Microchip.
    -Health Certificate.
    -Age appropriate shots.
    -Food Menu.
    -Feeding and Training Manuals 
    -Play toys and treat.
    -Blanket, collar and leash. 
    -All puppies come with a 30 days, 100% money back guarantee.
    Everything was a big huge lie.

  9. Yep. Augusta Derek Coffie Just got me too. Wow I’m too trusting. Found the perfect blue nose pitbull puppy on this site named Ella and was ready to get her. So I messaged them immediately and they were on the other side of the country from me unfortunately. He said Norfolk Virginia. So I was going to get her shipped. She was $950 with shipping and I made the mistake of using Zelle for the transfer which has absolutely no protection. Luckily I had a $500 limit and and couldn’t send the whole $950. Something was off so right after I sent it I looked up his full name Augusta Derek Coffie and immediately puppy scams popped up. I really wish I would’ve had his full name before because I would’ve found all this out. I did a lot of research and when I sent the money right before it went through “Augusta M” popped up. When I asked if this was him he said yes that’s him. Through my research I believe his real name could be “Augusta Mensah-Coffie”. But I’ll let the police sort that out cause I can’t say for sure yet. When I messaged him and told him I was going to the authorities he just laughed at me and told me he was in Nigeria… Be careful out there. He was really good. The site is pro. I even talked to him on the phone for a half hour and he answered all of my questions sent me photos of the parents and even a video of her playing. And when I told him I had serious doubts about puppy scams out there he was so reassuring and even thanked me for being so thorough and wanting a good home for his baby. Wow he was good…
    Augusta Derek Coffie

  10. BEWARE!.. WAS SCAMMED BY Silver Valley Schnauzers!! web: http://www.silvervalleyschnauzers, name: Clinton Andala, Phone: 919-780-8824 email: [email protected] !!!! We sent $680 to this Clinton Andala thru Zelle!!!. But, then as they were scheduling the shipping details, something was off, the person whose name they gave us for the pet transportation was a ‘Thomas McBride’!! ..the email was in broken English and when i called Clinton, he answered, but didn’t say he was with silver valley, he has a very thick accent!

  11. I am so thankful that I found this site before my husband sent 750.00 to a woman in California for a schnauzer puppy it broke my heart to find out the site was a scam, but was thankful my bank account wasn’t made lighter by a fraud

  12. We were scammed today in getting 2 puppies we sent them money through zelle then they came back and asked for more that would be refunded once the puppies were delivered in a special crate. The people advertising the puppies is [email protected] the phone number they used was 940-242-1953. The shipping company was pacificfreightcourier. The website looks legitimate but it is not his phone number is 410-635-0249 and his email address besides [email protected] is [email protected]

  13. Found a scammer. I know they’re a scammer because they only accept Zelle or Western union. They said I couldn’t pay any other way. I wanted to buy a puppy, they offered for only $500, really cute. But I’m glad I googled it and found out that I’m pretty sure they’re scamming. the site is Pretty discouraging that people scam other people

  14. I was scammed by using Zelle payment. Once the dog is paid for the seller will delay shipping info during the clearing process for funds. Once the funds are clear the seller will not deliver the dog or provide a refund. You’re scammed with no recourse!

    • Hi Chris – I would recommend getting in touch with the police about this. Zelle is quite unique in that it requires a “mule” (accomplice) of the scammer to be living in the USA (the actual scammer will be living in Cameroon). If you can provide the information to the police and the zelle details, they might be able to followup with the mule.

  15. If I offered Zelle as a payment option I would include a short paragraph on what you offer as proof to show you are trustworthy. (Facetime, Video chat etc)
    I would send Zelle to you Vicki 😉

  16. You can consider Zelle to be the same as “httpS” on a website. It does mean that the website is safe only because your communications are encrypted. Scammers use httpS to “prove” that there site is safe.
    In the same way, Zelle is safe ONLY when you trust the receiver.
    If a breeder were to facetime me with the puppy I wanted to buy then I could trust them.
    The article is written to show how scammers abuse Zelle, not how Zelle is abusive.

  17. I contacted zelle About animal sales and they considered it a risk purchase not covered.. We use zelle to accept credit cards and debit.. Is this not considered safe as well?

    • You can consider Zelle to be the same as “httpS” on a website. It does mean that the website is safe only because your communications are encrypted. Scammers use httpS to “prove” that there site is safe.
      In the same way, Zelle is safe ONLY when you trust the receiver.
      If a breeder were to facetime me with the puppy I wanted to buy then I could trust them.
      The article is written to show how scammers abuse Zelle, not how Zelle is abusive.

    • If I offered Zelle as a payment option I would include a short paragraph on what you offer as proof to show you are trustworthy. (Facetime, Video chat etc)
      I would send Zelle to you Vicki 😉


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