Pet Delivery Agency

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Scam Pet Delivery Agency

Why invent a fake Pet Delivery Agency?

Many times a scammer will offer pets for either well below the market price or else “Free” adoption. Scammers advertise their puppy hoax on local classified websites as well as websites such as Facebook and Craigslist. A scammer will always want to know where you live before telling you where the pet you are buying is currently so that they can use a fraudulent pet shipping to scam even more money from you.

Of course, once you agree to buy/adopt the pet the scammer will insist on their own puppy shipping service

These Scam Pet Delivery Agency are just the scammer using a different email address but more often that not scammers are now impersonating genuine pet delivery carriers.

The fake pet shipping service will consist of three things:

  1. Images taken from a search engine
  2. Text plagiarized and modified from a genuine delivery company
  3. A simple web form which allows you to “track” your pet.

The reality is that once you enter your “tracking code” you are presented with whatever information the scammer wants you to see.

This information always includes various “Pet Delivery Costs” including shipping costs, vaccinations, ventilated  Pet crate, etc etc etc.

The reality is that both the seller and the delivery company is the same person and the “Pet” you are having delivered does not exist.

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Be careful when considering extra charges from for air-conditioned travel crates and premium pet health insurance. They are part of a scam where they charge customers for products or services but never deliver them. Don’t fall for it and protect yourself from these fraudsters. Always research a company and read reviews before making any purchase, to ensure you have a pleasant and safe shopping experience.

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Be careful when using for pet shipping. They are not a legitimate company and will charge you for services such as insurance and vaccines without actually delivering your pet. Don’t be a victim of their scam.