Who are Joshcutegoldendoodles.com?

Joshcutegoldendoodles Joshcutegoldendoodles, http://Joshcutegoldendoodles.com, www.Joshcutegoldendoodles.com Email used: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below Phone number used: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below Names used: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below Physical address used*: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below *Scammers use a physical address to appear more legitimate. The address will have no connection to the actual scam as they will be an innocent third  party Joshcutegoldendoodles.com is not a puppy breeders website and this is not a review of Joshcutegoldendoodles.com. This is a warning. They claims to sell puppys but the domain was actually created by criminals in order to defraud people wanting to buy a golden doodle. Once you express interest in buying one of the puppys the scammer will send you a template email telling you a lot of details about the puppy as well as information on the best puppy food to use, and how you should take care of your new puppy. They will even send you “proof” by showing you pictures they have stolen off the internet of golden doodle puppys. Joshcutegoldendoodles.com will claim to deliver the puppy using a Fraudulent Delivery company. The “delivery company” is actually another scam website they set up in order to steal your money by charging for non existent delivery, an air conditioned travel crate, medical insurance for your puppy as well as multiple other fees. To see more scam websites involving golden doodle puppy have a look at Golden Doodle Puppy Scams.


Pet Scammer List Website:
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Who registered Joshcutegoldendoodles.com?

Joshcutegoldendoodles.com was registered on June 20, 2021 with Google LLC . It was registered using the following details:
Name:Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 12410465716 ([email protected])
Address:96 Mowat Ave, Toronto, ON, M4K 3K1, Canada
These details are correct as of today (July 16, 2021) but the name and address could possibly belong to an innocent third party if the domain was registered using a stolen credit card. Joshcutegoldendoodles.com was registered using the email address [email protected]. It was registered 26 days ago. on June 20, 2021  and expires June 20, 2022. To look at it another way, this “company” only started June 20, 2021 and does not plan to be using the website after June 20, 2022 as it has only a 1 year registration. Would you trust these people enough to pay them money?

How can I shut down down a website?

Joshcutegoldendoodles.com was registered with the domain registrar Google LLC. Google LLC have an email especially for domains that break their terms and conditions. Setting up a website with the sole intention of stealing money is definitely against Google LLCs Terms and Conditions! To send an abuse report to Google LLC please click the red button below and complete the email to help shut down Joshcutegoldendoodles.com! File an Abuse Report
If you have any further information please post it in the comments section below. We are particularly interested in names, email address and phone numbers used by these scammers.

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