This is NOT a review of is part of a criminal organisation which steals money by falsly claiming to sell pets.

April 6, 2019
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Who are

Home of Teacup Puppies for Sale

Home of Teacup Puppies for Sale,,

Email used: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below
Phone number used: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below
Names used: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below
Physical address used*: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below
*Scammers use a physical address to appear more legitimate. The address will have no connection to the actual scam as they will be an innocent third  party

The trouble with a purchase like a puppy is that the internet is the most common place to look.
No-one wants to support cruel breeding farms, and most legitimate breeders have websites and also advertise online.
Criminals take advantage of this by creating their own websites and paying for advertising using stolen credit cards.

These scammers have multiple websites which sell other puppys besides yorkshire terriers. They normally go for the most popular breeds as they can find the most victims.

If you enquire about one of their puppys they will offer you huge discounts. They will even throw in the best puppy food for your new puppy! will claim to deliver the puppy using a Fake Delivery company which is actually another scam website they set up in order to steal your money by charging for non existent delivery, veternary bills, medical insurance for your puppy as well as multiple other fees.

To see more scam websites involving yorkshire terrier puppys have a look at Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Scams.



This screenshot was taken on April 6, 2019

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Who registered was registered on April 1, 2019 with NameSilo, LLC .

It was registered using the following details:

Name: Domain Administrator (
Address: 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104 PMB# 255,
United States

These details are correct as of today (April 6, 2019) but the name and address could possibly belong to an innocent third party if the domain was registered using a stolen credit card. was registered using the email address
It was registered and 5 days ago on April 1, 2019  and expires April 1, 2020.

To look at it another way, this “company” only started April 1, 2019 and does not plan to be using the website after April 1, 2020 as it has only a 1 year registration.

Would you trust these people enough to pay them money?

How can I shut down down a website? was registered with the domain registrar NameSilo, LLC.
NameSilo, LLC have an email especially for domains that break their terms and conditions. Setting up a website with the sole intention of stealing money is definitely against NameSilo, LLCs Terms and Conditions!

To send an abuse report to NameSilo, LLC please click the red button below and complete the email to help shut down!

Send ABUSE report Now

If you have any further information please post it in the comments section below. We are particularly interested in names, email address and phone numbers used by these scammers.

What to do next?

As well as reporting this to the Registrar it is very important to report this crime to your local Law Enforcment. We have compiled a list of Law Enforcement agencies worldwide.You can find a link (here) as well as reporting wire fraud using money transfer agencies (here).

If you live in the US it is important to report this scam to the BBB. Click here to see why. As well as the Better Business Bureau you should report this crime to the Federal Trade Commission. See Here

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  1. So, I was going to surprise my grandson with a puppy (he has wanted one for three years now) for Christmas. I did enquire about one of the puppies (Leila). I thought that the price was rather low compared to other puppy sites. They sent me a text this morning asking if I was interested in Leila. It bothered me that it was sent through a text and warning signs screamed “Buyer Beware.” So I did a reverse search on the phone number (520-433-8196) and the number was in Arizona. I asked where the puppy was located and the individual said Phoenix, AZ. I asked how the puppy would get to me in less than 24 hours and the total being only $800? The individual said by plane. I told the individual thank you but I was passing. I then looked up (which the name bothered me, as well) and found scam alerts. I am glad I did not send them $800. I was not going to give them a nice Christmas, at the expense of my grandson. Shame on them. I believe that what goes around – comes around. They will have to answer to all they have done, all they are doing, and I am sure, all that they are going to do in the future to their victims.

  2. Hi All,

    So before finding this site we seemed to be scammed as well. We have made contact with the company and had a discussion I was so happy to a puppy as cute as the company showed us via email. I was so happy and ran to make the payment 🙁 and now it’s all silence. It was supposed to be a gift for my wife for her birthday she has been looking fo this type of puppy for a long time. Now I am crushed and if not getting an answer and any action by morning will be filing with Chase investigation ASAP. But I will also make it my personal business to bring this guys down. Unfortunately I have found this site to late. Unbelievable how can anyone do something like this to people 🙁

    Did anyone get their money back from investigation or disputes or got their puppy from this company?

    Please let me know

  3. I almost just scammed my these people (or person). I did pay two $1 ‘test payments’ through Zelle that “Robert” initially claimed he didn’t receive. Then it all started adding up that this might not be legit and I found this website. Thank you so much for putting it together to warn others. I also wanted to warn others. Being that I am a victim of this crime too (even though I’m only out $2, I called Chase to report fraud. They initially told me there was nothing they could do “since I willingly made payment to the recipient.” I told them people are paying hundreds or more under the premise that they will receive a puppy, and not receiving what they paid for. So how is their nothing Chase could do, I asked. After I insulted the representative a bit, she said okay, let me transfer you to the online fraud department, and maybe there’s something they can do. So, Chase’s online fraud representative did file a report (supposedly) so the “third party” Zelle could investigate. Whether this will actually happen, I’m not so sure.. but I’m glad I reported it. As for everyone else here who has been taken advantage of, I’m so sorry to hear it, and I want to personally thank you for sharing your story. Because you took the time to speak out, you saved me from being scammed. Yes, these guys did a pretty decent job of looking legitimate. The website is pretty good, and I mean, how can it be possible that they can still have their website operating after scamming a bunch of people out of lots of money? It’s so maddening, but I think I know the answer. I used to be a news reporter and did stories on scams. Law enforcement would tell me it’s almost impossible to catch these people because they are usually operating overseas. Completely out of any local jurisdiction, and it’s hard to pinpoint where they’re even operating overseas. They use fake numbers that mask the real number they’re calling from. Thus, the number they’re using to communicate with you really isn’t helpful. The addresses they provide, in my case to a small apartment in Phoenix, are also not their own, but from an unknowing victim. It was a red flag to me when their address (at which they are supposedly breeding many, many puppies) turned out to be a tiny apartment, per Google maps. By the way, they only provided the address after my asking three times and only because I was going to go pick up the puppy in person as opposed to having it shipped to me. I also found it odd that when I initially asked them to call me so we could chat about Billy the Shih Tzu, they ignored my request for a call and would only text. It was only when I said I required that we have a phone conversation before I would pay him the deposit that he called me. The guy had an accent that seemed indicative of a country in Africa where people speak French. (I hope I’m not offending anyone by saying that; that was just my impression of the general area his dialect may correlate to). When I asked him for the dog’s date of birth, he couldn’t give me a date. He would only say, “10 weeks, 3 days.” I feel like that was a sign, because you would think a breeder would be documenting dogs’ dates of birth. In addition, when I asked about how it’s possible to breed all those puppies in a small apartment, he responded, seemingly insulted, “That’s my house! It’s not a small apartment.” Well, I saw it only Google maps, and yes, it is a very small apartment. So clearly, the guy doesn’t even live there. I also told him I found it questionable that he would be allowed to breed a bunch of dogs in an apartment unit. He became quickly annoyed with me. I told him I didn’t feel comfortable moving forward with the purchase and we ended the call. The number we communicated through is 480-739-0884. I hope this is helpful for someone.

    • Hi Melissa, this is a very good write up.
      Do you mind if I publish it to our FB page as well?
      I am very glad you reported it. I will see if I can get a comment from Chase as to why it is not fraud if you “willingly made payment to the recipient.”

  4. Same here. I consider myself to be a pretty “caution” shopper of anything online especially. We have bought 2 puppies online before from reputable breeders. My daughter lost her daddy/ my husband and all she wanted was a puppy. I thought I vetted it in every way and researched and only when the “PetJet” / Aka “Global Shipping” / aka “AirPets” emailed us and started demanding 3 $500 and 1 $100 in gift cards / Am X gift cards from CVS / Rite Aid/ Family Dollar/ Freds/ Target or Walgreens for a “refundable” deposit and to take “clear pictures of front and back and receipts” that I knew it was a scam. This came from 401-825-3011 and I actually spoke to him.

    The breeder says he is Paul Tims cell 520-337-6591 in Phoenix AZ and I have videos of “purportedly” him filming the Pomerians we paid $850 via Zelle which I now have a Chase fraud investigation underway.

    My daughter is devastated. I am seeing all the posts above and want to bring this to national news and all authorities possible. This must END. Look at the number of us that have been scammed and we were very cautious. We as a community that has been defrauded need to find a way to not just post the criminal actions but once and for all end this. I will support in every way.

    • Number texted from
      +1 (480) 439-1952

      He says that this site was created by hackers

      Didn’t send the money thanks to this site

  5. Don’t buy!!!!!! Dean has been sold a ton of times. It’s a scam. +1 (520) 337-6591 Is the number that texted me and began asking for cash app payment.

  6. Hello,
    I decided to engage in a conversation via text from TCMonsters.
    Here is what was texted:
    TCM: Hi, this is Teacup puppies home . We are texting In regards of dean the yorkie puppy that you are willing to purchase . Are you still interested in purchasing this puppy ?,,
    Me: Yup
    TCM: where are you located ? have you ever had a puppy before ?? Do you want to breed or as companion ?
    Me: where are you from?
    TCM: We are located in Phoenix, Arizona but we can ship without any problem .the puppy will cost you 800 including shipping and its a next day delivery.. .
    Me: I’m located in Virginia. Next day would be perfect. Just in time for Christmas
    TCM: ok u can pay now
    Me: Where on the website to I include my pay info
    TCM: We do accept payment via zelle or cash app
    Me: I prefer to use paypal when ordering online

    Plus I would like the shipping company and some Live Photo’s of Dean. I’m checking some reviews and the BB just to make sure before I go outside of using paypal. I’m sure you can understand that. Once everything checks out, I can place my order. I’m very excited
    TCM: We do accept payment via zelle or cash app only
    Me: (sent a picture of TCMonsters being a scam
    Me: Wow, Dean must have 9 lives. You won’t get my money. I will make it a personal mission to help get the word out about this company. I’m reporting this fake ass company. We are in a PANDEMIC, and your trifling ASS Is out here stealing people’s money. FUCK YOU AND YOUR TIRED ASS SCAM!!!

    The number I texted to was ‭(239) 317-6435‬

    • I wish my dad would have seen this he just got SCAMMED for $1200 to TC Monsters. For two puppies Dean and Bella. BUYER BEWARE!! The number he was texting was7053022924. I am so upset and sick to hear this. I am sorry to everyone who is getting scammed by this piece of shit!!!

  7. Thankfully I just doubled checked for reviews before I bought. Here is the email they used and number they texted me from +1 (805) 464-6330
    This is what they texted me
    this is male by name BONNY
    he is a teacup
    we are giving him for 700$
    shipping is 300$
    making a total of 1000$
    we are shipping from CA

  8. I was scammed by Tc Monsters 850. I was thinking of a tea cup poodle was being flown to me and delivered. Everything I’m reading now is exactly how they scammed me. They insisted on me using Zelle and I suppose I may not get my money back. I have cancer and was really looking forward to my new puppy. I spent days shopping for her, a dog that doesn’t exist. These com artist should all go to prison!

  9. I actually had the feeling that these people we’re suspecious because unlike other companies, they texted me instead of calling me. (480-439-4051) and I called the number the message me from and the number is from arizona yet they claim to be in houston, TX. I didn’t give any credit information but I hope these people who really want animals research before getting scammed. I am now sad cause I thought I was going to get a puppy ):! I hope these people get removed, they are a disgrace.

  10. Scammers got me
    Paul Mckinset 385-263-4035. price for puppy and shipping was $550. Then the shipping company wants $1250-$1500 to ship the dog due to a needed vaccine and special crate. They said it would be 100% refundable upon delivery of the puppy. Both seller and shipper would only take money via cash app or bitcoin or paypal or zelle. After $1000 I told them no more. When the puppy wasn’t shipped I asked for a refund from both. The seller told me it was out of his hands as he had shipped the dog. Shipper won’t respond. “shipper” is and the number of the “seller” is 213-861-0278. There were so many signs that this was a bad deal. I can’t believe I let it get to this

    • Paul McKinset 385-263-4035 also contacted me. I did not go through with the deal, but they sent me stock images of the puppies. Definitely a scam.

  11. I was adopting Julie…a tiny pom. The number i was contacted from was +1 757-276-7205. The email
    Somehow they need to be stopped…puppy was 650 with a 250 deposit. They have an ad in our local newspaper..that is how I discovered them.

  12. I’m about to snap …good thing I did some investigating on this company.
    I too fell for the picture of Dean. Actually all of the Yorkie puppies.
    Here is the new number they’re using 520-433-6614
    I literally want to stop my life and hunt these people down.
    I want to make it my mission in life.
    Unbelievable, insidious mentally ill humans taking advantage of people.
    I’m utterly disgusted in humanity.

  13. Ok, I have texted this person at the 424-452-8516 for TCMONSTERS.COM with puppy DEAN and others. I texted all the info I had on them, where they work, title, stated I will be contacting their work and will continue to track them anywhere in the STATES, will continue to push their SCAM to future employers. No response, I would be pissed if someone told me all of this in text, knows my name, who I live with, work, address, parents info, etc……no response, so I know Scam.

    I am the WRATH of this person that will ruin this person's life, will have to move to third world country……anywhere else….I will follow.

    I ask the audience here to do the same, start your investigating, this person has committed federal Felony offenses, which I have told them, report them to FCC, FTC, FBI, and anyone else, contact their work, be disguised, and contact their email at work or their side Life Coach business……put this guy away, and make it unbearable to where they will never do this again !!!!

    Look at the info I provided below based on the 424-452-8516, and remember this is VOIP, but this number is different and not random, it is assigned to the person named. Now of course a person can register a number with anyone's name, and maybe that is what happened here.

    I have contacted the Registrar and hosting company of this thief as well……

    Scam numbers 424-452-8516…….385-263-4035 (Paul McKinset, states moved from Utah to Phoenix, number hosted in Utah, these guys will say YES to Pay Pal, but will say only Family to Friends, this is same as CHIME, Elle, VinMo, etc…..will not guarantee money back, this guy states will Facetime at shipping agency, when you say Facetime before payment….no response)…..423-281-6937……325-268-0796 (Texas)……281-972-0178………323-207-6765……..757-276-7205 (this is Avalos Teacups)…….252-368-6547 (, has facebook with no responses from many people, there is video in Thailand with the Thai language, looks like the same lady in this website, has many PokeMan looking stuffed animals, website created in 08/2020, most these pictures are authentic but one picture where grey pups with spots is a POMSKY, this person pictures are good……but ask to Facetime with puppies)…….I provided many Scam numbers, but remember these numbers are not permanent, they get selected from many, and recycled, they assign a phone number VOIP to each potential customer, this is why you do not see the same number as SCAM, because assigned to one person where only one person would report, so when a potential customer searches number as SCAM, it does not populate because it is unique to one person, when that person catches on like me, they get rid of that number, you as new customer would not get the same number. These guys are good, but not that good

    These guys have been posting teacup breeds. DEAN (YORKIE), GODY (CHIHUAHUA), AN (POMERANIAN) they will send you pictures and video of Dean, but no others. When you ask for Gody or An…..they will not respond. The website established 2 years ago, and should have been shut down already. They have already scammed many. Know that the phone number they use is a voice over IP, it shows located in the Los Angeles area, which means nothing, they can choose any number for each customer like ZOOM meeting. So, the number they use for me will probably be different for others. They know their phone numbers are posted as Scam, and they have a directory of numbers to use.

    If you look in the website TCMONSTERS.COM, look at Shih tzu teacup, look and see the Metropolitan Museum of Art….this place in New Your City, New York. The furniture, rugs, etc in all the pictures are the same and look expensive. The set up with all these teacup breeds looks authentic being the same rugs and furniture.

    When you request to Face time or PayPal, they do not respond.

    I have checked almost all the pictures with TinEye which is a site where you copy image and past, it will search 46 billion images less than a second, these pictures do not come back as copied

    So, at one time, I believe whoever this is actually bred teacups, probably passed (died), had children take over who ran it in the ground now resulting in Scam, where you send money for the cutest teacups, but these teacups like this elsewhere are $5k.

    Here is website domain registration from ICANN results, if someone has more time follow and track the info:

    Registry Domain ID: 2375493818_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
    Domain Status:
    Registry Expiration: 2021-04-01 11:38:43 UTC
    Created: 2019-04-01 11:38:43 UTC
    Name: NameSilo, LLC
    IANA ID: 1479
    Abuse contact email:
    Abuse contact phone: tel:+1.4805240066
    Registry Server URL:
    Last updated from Registry RDAP DB: 2020-08-29 02:26:07 UTC
    Registrar Server URL: with Spokeo search: NOTHING with search: NOTHING

    424-523-8516 (Scammer phone number with Spokeo Search), associated with this number:

    Wireless AT&T number

    Use to live: Eau Claire, WI

    Current Name and Address:

    Patrick Emmett Posz (Also known as: Patricik E Posz)
    5711 Ravenspur Dr, Apt 213
    Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
    AT&T Mobility
    Hermosa Beach, CA

    Previous addresses starting 8 years ago from Spokeo with Wisconsin the being the farthest dated address:

    2015 Providence Ct
    EAU CLAIRE, WI 54703 (owned lived with Sharon Posz)

    4304 Manhattan Beach Blvd (rental)
    LAWNDALE, CA 90260

    3703 Emerald St (Rental)
    TORRANCE, CA 90503

    5711 Ravenspur Dr, Apt. 213
    Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

    4304 1/2 Manhattan Beach Blvd (Rental)
    LAWNDALE, CA 90260

    EAU CLAIRE, WISprint
    Found in 2 data sources 8 years ago
    MARINETTE, WICenturyLink
    Found in 4 data sources 8 years ago
    Found in 1 data source
    TORRANCE, CAAT&T Mobility
    Found in 2 data sources 8 years ago
    CORPORATE0 social profiles
    Found in 1 data source 10 years ago
    GMAIL0 social profiles
    Found in 1 data source 6 years ago
    ATT0 social profiles
    Found in 2 data sources 9 years ago

    More info from Spokeo: (corporate email associated with Patrick Posz)
    Cyberzone, Inc. (telecommunication company, online service provider company)
    MARINETTE, WI 54143
    (715) 735-8500

    LINKEND: patrick-posz-40827152 (New Energy Pessano)

    Patrick currently works at Posz Consulting Group as a Owner.
    Patrick currently works at Rec Solar as a Commercial Solar Sales Partner
    Patrick currently works at Unisun Solar, Incorporated as a Solar Sales Recruiter and Coach.
    Patrick currently works at Agilent Technologies as a Manufacturing Execution Systems Program Manager.
    Patrick currently works at Posz Solar Llc as a Chief Executive Officer.

    This individual above is all over the place, I have contacted the hosting company for the Teacup puppy website, informed them, copied the complaints, informed them that they have known since 2019 and continue to host this domain where this individual is stealing and scamming money, but they renewed another year of hosting. I informed them that since they have been notified before of such activity and continue to host this domain, that they also are responsible and subject to civil unlimited litigation for Negligent Retention.

    Thank You,


  14. So I am currently getting texts from 520-666-5869 about none other than Dean the Yorkie pup. I asked for pictures and got them to one of my "junk" email accounts. They told me about the home delivery option for the additional $50 as well. When I asked about how to pay, like others I was told Zelle or CashApp only. I am keeping the conversation going just to get more information to post. The texts are coming from someone using the name "Bradley" in Phoenix AZ. According to our conversation, Dean is ready to go tomorrow morning. Now that I am aware of this being a massive scam, I am just texting to see how far they will push. I asked which airport they normally use, and if there was a particular flight they use since they said it would be a morning flight. I got a repeat response about the professional pet delivery carrier and the home delivery and then a text that said "so many questions". I got a dog last year from a reputable breeder in OK and she was able to provide flight info and the air freight ticket number 2 days before my dog was shipped. I have to give it to these folks, they are trying but can't answer basic questions without trying to misdirect me with BS answers. I've been assured I will be given the flight number and "everything else you keep asking for". Painfully obvious that they know nothing about shipping pets. It's sad that they haven't been shut down yet.

  15. I was about to buy teacup pekingese but kinda weird when they told me they only accept zelle or cashapp. That's a red flag right in there. Thank God I didn't fall on this scam.
    The number they used is 520-666-5869.

  16. Well, I'm their latest victim. All of the comments mentioned above are accurate. After reading these comments I realized I got scammed. Their air carrier is pacific air carriers. If you notice, their seas website for shipment is a carnival cruise ship. Hmmmm. I also did a search on pacific air and it doesn't exist. The kicker is when I realized I had been scammed I done a reverse phone lookup. The lady whose phone they scammed is 85 and she lives in Basin, Wy. I immediately contacted the police prior to them disconnecting her phone only to get the biggest runaround ever. Had to file a police report in my county, open investigation, lada lada lada. Otherwords their asses are too lazy to trace the phone number and track their location to arrest them right away. That simply allows these deadbeats time to disconnect numbers, change their info and setuo for the next victim. I should have grown suspicious when I asked the guy to prove credibility and I heard about 5 cell phones going off in the process. They are making thousands a week off this scam and our law enforcement doesn't even care. Oh well, there's my 850 and 2 cents.

  17. How do we get these people reported and charged? They have been scamming people all year and this is ridiculous!

  18. I was very excited to purchase a teacup yorkie, dean, from the tcmonster website. Luckily, my boyfriend was very hesitant so we began searching for reviews and discovered this is a scam. The number they contacted me from was (520) 337-5905. I let them know that it was sad and sick to do this to innocent people. Shame on them.

  19. My family was very interested in a teacup Yorkie named Dean from Teacup Puppies website. BUT THEIR DOMAIN NAME IS TCmonters.COM. Someone sent me a text from 365-659-5184 to let me know that Dean is available. They are located in Phoenix, Arizona. Each puppy cost $800 including shipping and its next day delivery. They ship using a professional pet delivery carrier. The carrier can even do home delivery for an additional $50. I inquired about legal forms to fill out. They replied via text saying to just write full delivery details that is full names, state, house address and nearest airport to our location. All of this didnt feel right because its all too cheap. Pet was listed for $550.
    I notified that i can only pay through PAYPAL in order to avoid fraud. They have stopped texting me at all. But i am glad we didnt pay anything

  20. Something didn’t feel right. I am an Accountant and realized that the puppy deal was too good to be true. When they informed me that I had to pay with Zelle or CashAp, I asked them to stand by. I researched those 2 platforms and basically, once you pay, your money is gone. So I texted back and offered to pay with paypal. They refused. After the refusal, I figured that they were scammers. I researched TCMONSTERS SCAM and discovered this on petscams.

    They were texting me from: 623-383-9731

  21. Looking for a teacup Yorkie and stumbled upon offering me a puppy for $550. They said it would cost $800 to ship and its next day delivery. They asked that I make a deposit of $300 that is refundable, accepting it through zelle or cash app. I asked for pictures and they sent it via email ( along with a video. In addition I told them I can pickup and they sent the address that led to a house in Arizona but seeing from the comments, it’s clearly not adding up. The number used was +1 (623)-383-9731

  22. I was searching for a cute Teacup Pom, and came across Darcy Teacup Pomeranians, based out of Va. They seemed legit, they were very thorough and asked me questions to see if I would be a good fit. They were seemingly ready to move forward…so I thought! I asked if I could FaceTime to see the puppies, and they straight up told me no! You want my money, but you deny you request to even see them? I’m good! I’ll definitely beware from this point on.

  23. I have been wanting a new fur baby for 3yrs. As I was about to sent $800 for Duke on cashapp, I had a very sad feeling. “What if this is a scam?” Now I know it was. My heart is broken.

  24. At first I was not sure if that guys was fraud or not he showed me his certificate and I also made payment of total 850 and now the airlines for puppy shipping messages me that I have to buy crate for the puppy total of 1500 and I realized this is scam and I’m not paying any more money how should I claim the money back and he told me puppy will get here by tomorrow should I wait till tomorrow??

  25. I have been communicating with a Darcy from Virginia.. on a Teacup Pomeranian for $470 fir female plus $ 150 for shipping.. only accepts Cash App, Zelle or Goggle Pay wanted money upfront before sending an invoice or contract.. The form of contact also by text
    757-384-0483.. Luckily my husband was hesitant and told do a Goggle search and Bam!!
    And sure enough he was right SCAM..

  26. I was looking into buying a shih tzu or pekignese. I was about to pay, but something told me not to. I started thinking about how communication was only through text. The big flag was that everytime I asked for a current video of the dog, I would get a picture. I feel that if you have the dogs, or working with different breeders, and you’re texting me, then how hard was it to record or get them to record the puppy real quick and send it to me. So, when they asked me if I wanted to pay now, I decided to google the website and BAM!, was led to this page. Glad I listened to my gut.

  27. We almost bought a puppy from here (it all seemed so legit with the money back guarantee) but we found this just in time. The number they used to contact us was 623-383-9411

  28. My husband and I was in contact with Every time we asked them to call, they refused. We decided to google “reviews” for TCMonsers and came across this. They were really trying to get us to send the money to them ASAP. I’m glad this site is up for people to see. Thank you guys!

  29. Laurie L Compson | Clyde, New York
    Age: 56
    Relatives: Richard B Compson, Amy J Compson, Jocelyn M Compson
    Phone Number: 315-923-9139, 315-923-3618
    Email: darc****, laurieco********, laurieco********, laurieco********, laurie******, laurie******, laurie******, lovem*****, lovem*****, rochell*******
    Addresses: 99 Geneva St, Clyde, NY; Po Box 186, Clyde, NY; 42 E Genesee St, Clyde, NY

    A waste of time, money, and heartaches. Hopefully no one fall for it, I’m glad I didn’t. Sorry for everyone and myself whom have came cross this woman

  30. I had the ladie by laurie compson also. The pitbulls name was also Teddy. Had a feeling it was a scam typed her name in on the internet and BAM scam. Thanks to this site tall saved me heartache and 500$ Thank you

  31. Wow! This blew my mind when I saw a posting above with the same exact email I got about an “11 week, and 4 day” old pitbull named Teddy.
    I am Mrs Laurie Compson
    , owner of Teddy , the lovely pitbull puppy .Thank you for answering to our advert . Luckily our Baby Teddy is still available , before we proceed to the next step, I usually request all interested families to address a few of our worries/concerns and know what we expect of you when you become a new owner of our puppy so i hope you don’t mind .
    1st. We won’t place our puppy in homes where he will just be breeded and making money without love and care given to him.
    2nd. We do NOT let our puppy go to homes where he/she would live outside!
    3rd. We will NOT place our puppies with anyone who has any history of child or animal abuse!!
    4th. ALL our new puppy owners must take time to educate themselves on how to properly care for their unique new American pitbull puppy and always send us update pics of Teddy once you get him home . He is a very healthy puppy , American pitbull are very strong and they never have health issues unlike other breeds .
    We will probably turn down homes that have a large number of other dogs/pets as our American pitbull crave individual love & attention . As long as you can make us understand that you will share the love in your home with Teddy ,we will consider giving you our puppy, regardless of your location and note we are willing to receive our dog back at any time or reasons .If at some point you wanna move or can’t keep the dog anymore , please let us be the first to know
    He is 11 weeks 4 days old , and weighs 30 pounds now .
    As we earlier mentioned we are not in the quest for money so all we want is just the best for Teddy because he deserves it. If You make him happy he will make you happier in return.
    We will love to have you around for him , if you are not far , coming for him will cost you 420$ , but if you are far or too busy to come take him we could get him shipped to you for a complete total of 500$ , everything will cost you 500$ to have him shipped and delivered to your house address . We already shipped out 2 of his siblings to other buyers across the state and another to Canada .

    Payments is through credit card and zelle which is safe and secured

    If shipping is necessary

    Let me know so I explain more on the process .

    Thank you”

    Thank you everyone for posting! Otherwise I would have really fallen in love with the adorable puppy!!!!

  32. I HAVE BEEN TEXTING A DARCY FOR ABOUT A WEEK NOW ABOUT A FRENCH BULLDOG PUPPIE….Now that I read this I am not sure what to do. She told me that her husband and her had to relocate to Las Vegas because he has cancer. and they can not take care of the puppy. She said its $500. I told her I would ONLY pay cash, supposed to meet her today to get the puppy but I just don’t know what to do.. She sent me pictures of the puppy and a copy of her ID from NY. I am so sad right now because I feel for it. I just love the puppy. I’m just wondering now if it is the same lady.. I don’t want to believe it because the puppy is so cute. she sent me a video. CRAZY…. I am about to text her and tell her she is full of SHIT and screw you….. so bummed 🙁 People are LAME….. she is using an email

  33. OMG!!!! My son has been crying for a puppy and fell in love with this teacup. Everything sounds so legit my husband to Ltd me to respond to this lady. I was just about to answer her questions and figured I would look it up! I came across this site! No I have an angry and hurt child! How can people be so cruel????

  34. Sounds so Legit, just a bunch of no good thieves. I started searching on my way to make a payment.

    I am Darcy Compson , owner and breeder of Nelly , the lovely teacup Pomeranian puppy .
    Luckily our Baby Nelly is still available , before we proceed to the next step, I usually request all interested families to address a few of our worries/concerns and know what we expect of you when you become a new owner of our puppy so i hope you don’t mind .

    1st. We won’t place our puppy in homes where she will just be breeded and making money without love and care given to her.

    2nd. We do NOT let our puppy go to homes where he/she would live outside!

    3rd. We will NOT place our puppies with anyone who has any history of child or animal abuse!!

    4th. ALL our new puppy owners must take time to educate themselves on how to properly care for their unique new Teacup toy Pomeranian puppy and always send us update pics of Nelly once you get her home . She is a very healthy puppy , Teacup Pomeranian are very strong and they never have health issues unlike other breeds .

    We will probably turn down homes that have a large number of other dogs/pets as our Teacup Pomeranian crave individual love & attention . As long as you can make us understand that you will share the love in your home with Nelly ,we will consider giving you our puppy, regardless of your location and note we are willing to receive our dog back at any time or reasons .If at some point you wanna move or can’t keep the dog anymore , please let us be the first to know

    He is 11 weeks 4 days old , and weighs 1.5lbs now .

    When fully grown she will weigh about 3pounds

    As we earlier mentioned we are not in the quest for money so all we want is just the best for Nelly because she deserves it. If You make her happy she will make you happier in return.

    We are located in New York , Clyde , We will love to have you around for her , coming for her will cost you 600$ , but if you are far or too busy to come take her we could get her shipped to you for a complete total of 700$ , everything will cost you 709$ to have her shipped and delivered to your house address . We already shipped out 1 of her sibling to a buyer in California .

    If shipping is necessary let me know so I explain more on the process .

    Thank you

  35. I have been communicating with Darcy Compson and Laurie L from Tea cup Darcy claims to be in Virginia and yes, they will ship but I pay everything up front then they will ship. I’m upset because I really wanted the puppy.

  36. I am so glad I cam across this. I was excited about getting a new dog from a listing i saw in craigslist. The email they have been now using is, they are asking for a re homing fee for an 11 week old pitbull which they can not keep at their residence. Just like the above . Thank you al

  37. I played their game on the scam once the 11 week old pitbull was suppose to be in Houston. Then all of a sudden it was in clyde New York same email laurencompston phone number (804) 999-9280. Told her I grew up there and had family still living there and would come visit in person. I’m assuming they gave me a fake address lol

  38. I also found the website when performing an online search for teacup poodles which offered some dogs for $600 vs. the $2000+ elsewhere for the same type of dog. I was also sent the following information via text and email:
    Laurie L Compson
    99 Geneva St.
    Clyde, NY 14433
    (804) 999-9280

    A request for a $600 payment was then sent thru email using Google Pay from Brian Lofquist. At this point, we decided to end communication and the transaction never took place.

  39. I have been communicating with this email address for a 11 week old pitbull they want me to send them 500 dollars thru Google pay and they will ship the dog to me from clyde, new york they also gave me this number (804) 999-9280 so I googled the number first and realized too that it was a scam

  40. I have been communicating with these people for a poodle.

    The email they have been writing from is:
    They have also given me this info:
    Desire Rocio
    Tel : (804) 999-9280
    Virginia , Austinville

    I hope this is helpful.

    • I almost fell for this. Wow…I should have known something was off. I wanted that pet Peke so badly. Here's the number they texted me: 602.638.4985
      What I don't understand is that if it's all a scam, why is their website allowed to be?


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