Who are furrgologistics.com?

Furrgologistics.com use the email [email protected] and the phone numbers (209) 425 3161 and 7442834484 and 7442 834484.

Are you expecting a delivery from Furrgologistics.com? If you believe you are then please read the following.

You are currently being scammed in an “Advance fee fraud” scam. Furrgologistics.com is a fake delivery company. Most people reading this will already know that they are involved in a deal that is “to good to be true” or that they “knew it might be a scam but they were not quiet sure”

  • Furrgologistics.com is a scam not a delivery company
  • Any money you have paid will not be returned to you
  • You will not receive any delivery from Furrgologistics.com

Who created the website Furrgologistics.com?

Scammers have a lot of techniques to steal your money. They will sell or give items online. As they are not living locally to you, they will have to ship the item to you.

Furrgologistics.com was created by criminals in order to make you believe that the item is being shipped to you. The scammer will create an account for you so that you can log in with a fake courier tracking number to see the progress of the item being shipped.

The reality is that there is no shipment. The scammer who created Furrgologistics.com is simply changing the status of a fictional shipment to make you believe you have to pay more and more fees.

If you live in the US it is important to report this scam to the BBB. Click here to see why. As well as the Better Business Bureau you should report this crime to the Federal Trade Commission. See Here

Furrgo Logistics – We will take you on the right path.

Can I trust furrgologistics.com reviews?

Furrgologistics.com may have multiple good reviews online but can you trust them? The simple answer is “No”.

When a criminal creates a scam website like Furrgo Logistics – We will take you on the right path. they will also create fake reviews on their actual website. It is not uncommon for them to have a page devoted to these fake reviews. If you search for the text of the review you will often find identical reviews on other scam websites.

Scammers will also create fake reviews on Facebook, TrustPilot as well as any other review websites that allow unvalidated reviews.

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Is Furrgologistics.com legit?

How long has Furrgologistics.com existed?

When considering doing business with Furrgologistics.com, it’s important to be aware of red flags that indicate that the company is not legitimate. One red flag is the age of the website’s domain registration. In the case of Furrgologistics.com, a quick check of the WHOIS record shows that the domain was only registered 2 weeks ago, on the 15 of June 2024. Additionally, the expiration date of the domain registration is in in 11 months which is June 2025. This short expiration date is a strong indication that the website or company is not trustworthy. Additionally, it’s important to verify the information provided on the website, such as the company’s history, to ensure that the information the website is accurate to the WHOIS information

Where are Furrgologistics.com located?

It can be difficult to accurately determine the location of Furrgologistics.com. Scammers may claim to be located in one location, but in reality, they may be located in a different location entirely. This can be used to scam individuals out of money, such as by charging for pet transportation services.
To protect yourself, it is important to verify the location of a domain through reliable sources before conducting any transactions.

Their domain was registered with the following information:
Email address: Not Known
Name Used: Not Known
Organisation: Not Known
Physical address: Not Known
City: Not Known
Zip: Not Known
Country: Not Known

Most times the address on the WHOIS is not the location of the scammer. Very often they will use a privacy service to hide their details.

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What to do next?

Our goal is to gather as much information as possible about Furrgologistics.com and the individuals behind it. By providing us with details about the criminals, we can create a comprehensive understanding of the scammer’s network and take steps to shut it down.

We welcome any information about the scammers, even if you haven’t lost any money. Disrupting their payment methods can have a greater impact on their operations than just shutting down a website, which can easily be recreated.

Protip:  If the scammers provide you with bank account information, request that they use Bitcoin instead. If they offer a Zelle account, ask for a bank account to transfer the funds to. You can report multiple accounts to us for further investigation.

You should never give your banking information to these scammers

If you live in the US it is important to report this scam to the BBB. Click here to see why. As well as the Better Business Bureau you should report this crime to the Federal Trade Commission. See Here

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